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Effect of inclusion of Mucuna pruriens and Dolichos lablab forage in Napier grass silage on silage quality and on voluntary intake and digestibility in sheep

Mbuthia, E.W.; Gachuiri, C.K.

Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 1(2/3): 123-128


Accession: 004122866

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Two high protein legume forages were added to Napier grass silage to determine their effect on silage quality. Each silage was also assessed for its intake by and digestibility in sheep. Napier grass regrowth was harvested at 8 weeks, wilted and chopped. The two legumes, Dolichos lablab and Mucuna pruriens, were harvested at 12 and 17 weeks, respectively, and were wilted and chopped. Napier grass was ensiled alone or mixed with either legume (at 20% of total weight) to make three treatments: Napier ensiled alone (NG), Napier ensiled with D. lablab (NGD), and Napier ensiled with M. pruriens (NGM). During ensiling, molasses was mixed at 3% w/w to each of the 3 silages.

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