Effect of integrated nutrient supply on growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Suman Mehta

Annals of Agricultural Research 25(2): 289-291


Accession: 004123080

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An experiment was conducted during winter season of 2001-02 on clay loam soil in Jammu and Kashmir, India, to determine the effects of organic residues (farmyard manure (FYM) at 5 t/ha on oven dry weight basis, Leucaena (Ls) and paddy straw (Ps)) and different rates of chemical fertilizers (50, 100 (100 kg N, 50 kg P and 40 kg K/ha) and 150% of the recommended dose (RFD)) in combination with each other, on wheat cv. PBW343. Conjunctive use of FYM at 2.5 t/ha + Ls with 150% RFD significantly produced taller plants, higher dry matter accumulation, more effective tillers and increased the number of days taken for 75% heading and maturity. Similarly, application of FYM at 2.5 t/ha + Ls + 150% RFD resulted in significantly higher grain and straw yields of wheat. However, these results remain at par with those recorded with the application of FYM at 5 t/ha + 150% RFD and Ls + 150% RFD.