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Effect of livol on the growth and performance of broilers fed aflatoxin-contaminated feed

Nath, R.; Mohapatra, M.; Bisoi, P.C.; Parida, S.; Dehuri, P.K.

Indian Journal of Indigenous Medicines 19(2): 144-146


Accession: 004123637

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A total of 180 day-old chicks was randomly divided into 6 groups. Group I was the control group. The other five groups were fed aflatoxin-contaminated feed (AF) at a rate of 2 ppm. Groups III and IV were given livol powder at a rate of 0.1 and 0.2%, respectively. Group V was given livol liquid at 1.5 ml/100 chicks daily (0-2 weeks of age), 3 ml/100 chicks daily (3-4 weeks of age) and 5 ml/100 chicks daily (5-6 weeks of age).

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