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Effect of the stock plant shading on rooting of stem cuttings in Ficus benjamina 'Daniell' and 'Starlight'

Pacholczak, A.; Szydo, W.

Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University, Horticulture Landscape Architecture 25: 11-15


Accession: 004128652

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The effect of stock plant shading on the rooting of stem cuttings of F. benjamina Daniell and Starlight was investigated during 2002 in Poland. Light was reduced by net shading: 50% by one layer; and 96% by 4 layers. Stock plants were shaded for 8 weeks and subsequently acclimatized under natural light for 4 weeks. The cuttings collected from stock plants were rooted in peat:perlite at 1:1.

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