Effects of dry season and year-round feed supplementation on reproductive performance and body weight of Guzera breed cattle and their crossbreds grazing guineagrass (Panicum maximum Jacq.)

Tedeschi, L.O.; Nardon, R.F.; Boin, C.; Leme, P.R.

Boletim de Industria Animal 59(2): 185-195


Accession: 004133371

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Reproductive performance of 137 first calving Guzera (GU) females and their crossbreeds with Brown Swiss (PS), Nellore (NE), Chianina (CH) e Caracu (CA) (3/4GU1/4PS, 1/2NE1/4PS1/4GU, 1/2PS1/2GU, 1/2CH1/4PS1/4GU, 1/2CA1/2GU, 1/2CA1/4PS1/4GU) were evaluated in two experiments (1 and 2). The treatments were without supplementation, supplemented only during the dry season, or supplemented all year-round. The impact of supplementation type was evaluated by measuring shrunk body weight (PVj) before and after the breeding season (EC), and at calving. The calving status and calving recurrence were also observed over two consecutive years. There was a significant and positive influence of supplementation on the calving recurrence (P(X2)<0.09). The feed supplementation enhanced the calving status from 42% to 62% for females that were supplemented during the dry season. The calving recurrence was greater for females that received the supplement all year-around than those that were fed only during the dry season periods (70% vs 50%, respectively). Guzera females had consistently lower PVj in the beginning of the experiments (P<0.05). In experiment 1, the PVj in the beginning of EC was lower for females with no supplementation (P<0.05). The females GU and 1/2CH1/4PS1/4GU had lower PVj in the beginning and ending of the EC and at calving (P<0.05), compared to females 1/2NE1/4PS1/4GU. In experiment 2, there was an interaction between supplementation and time of EC (P<0.06). We conclude that there are significant effects of supplementation in the breeding and weight gain performance of females GU e their crossbreds with NE, CA, PS, and CH.