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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4140

Chapter 4140 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tinzaara, W.; Gold, C.S.; Kagezi, G.H.; Dicke, M.; Huis, A. van; Nankinga, C.M.; Tushemereirwe, W.; Ragama, P.E., 2005:
Effects of two pheromone trap densities against banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus, populations and their impact on plant damage in Uganda

Cvelek, H.S.; Weintraub, P.G., 2004:
Effects of two plant extracts on larval leafminer Liriomyza trifolii (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in tomatoes

Praveena, R.; Naseema, A., 2003:
Effects of two potent biocontrol agents on water hyacinth

Pham Thi Ngoc Lan; Sakamoto, M.; Benno, Y., 2004:
Effects of two probiotic Lactobacillus strains on jejunal and cecal microbiota of broiler chicken under acute heat stress condition as revealed by molecular analysis of 16S rRNA genes

Grajkowski, J.; Ochmian, I.; Mikiciuk, G.; Ostrowska, K.; Skwarska, I., 2004:
Effects of two regeneration cutting heights in 'Titania' cultivar of black currant on shoot growth and their suitability for machine harvesting

Higashino, T.; Miura, T.; Miura, C.; Yamauchi, K., 2003:
Effects of two sex steroid hormones on early oogenesis in Japanese huchen (Hucho perryi)

Moore, J.D.; Ouimet, R.; Houle, D.; Camire, C., 2004:
Effects of two silvicultural practices on ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a northern hardwood forest, Quebec, Canada

Aira, M.; Monroy, F.; Dominguez, J., 2003:
Effects of two species of earthworms (Allolobophora spp.) on soil systems: a microfaunal and biochemical analysis

Mendez Natera, J.R., 2003:
Effects of two stand population and two fertilization levels on seed cotton yield and its components in three cotton cultivars (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in the savanna of Jusepin

Blazkova, J.; Hlusickova, I., 2005:
Effects of two terms of pruning on tree vigour, yields and fruit weight of sweet cherries

Jackson, C.R.; Fedorka-Cray, P.J.; Barrett, J.B.; Ladely, S.R., 2004:
Effects of tylosin use on erythromycin resistance in enterococci isolated from swine

Kim MinJa; Kim InJae; Nam SangYoung; Lee CheolHee; Song BeomHeon, 2004:
Effects of type and amounts of sulfur fertilizer on growth and seed yield of safflower

Cachaldora, P.; Blas, J.C. de; Garcia Rebollar, P.; Alvarez, C.; Mendez, J., 2005:
Effects of type and level of supplementation with dietary n-3 fatty acids on yolk fat composition and n-3 fatty acid retention in hen eggs

Qian Yun; Shi WeiQun; Ding JiaTong; Liu JiaYin; Sha JiaHao; Fan BiQin, 2005:
Effects of type and state of co-culture cells on in-vitro development of porcine oocytes matured and fertilized in vitro

Bazinet, L.G.ndron, C.I.persiel, D.R.ne-Paradis, J.T.treault, C.B.audry, J.B.itten, M.M.hdavi, B.A.iot, J.L.marche, F., 2002:
Effects of type of added salt and ionic strength on physicochemical and functional properties of casein isolates produced by electroacidification

Leach, K.A.; Offer, J.E.; Svoboda, I.; Logue, D.N., 2005:
Effects of type of forage fed to dairy heifers: associations between claw characteristics, clinical lameness, environment and behaviour

Niwinska, B.; Strzetelski, J.A., 2004 :
Effects of type of liquid feed and feeding frequency on calf performance

Niwinska, B.; Strzetelski, J., 2005:
Effects of type of liquid feed and feeding frequency on rumen development and rearing performance of calves

Kauffold, J.; Beckjunker, J.; Scheller, R.; Schwarz, B.A.; Beynon, N.; Sobiraj, A., 2005:
Effects of type of machine and covering on viruses and microorganisms recovered from dust in ultrasound machines used in German swine production operations

Jacobsson, A.; Nielsen, T.; Sjoholm, I., 2004:
Effects of type of packaging material on shelf-life of fresh broccoli by means of changes in weight, colour and texture

Stella, S.G.; Vilar, A.P.; Lacroix, C.; Fisberg, M.; Santos, R.F.; Mello, M.T.; Tufik, S., 2005:
Effects of type of physical exercise and leisure activities on the depression scores of obese Brazilian adolescent girls

Arroquy, J.I.; Cochran, R.C.; Wickersham, T.A.; Llewellyn, D.A.; Titgemeyer, E.C.; Nagaraja, T.G.; Johnson, D.E., 2004:
Effects of type of supplemental carbohydrate and source of supplemental rumen degradable protein on low quality forage utilization by beef steers

Erkmen, O.D.gan, C., 2004:
Effects of ultra high hydrostatic pressure on Listeria monocytogenes and natural flora in broth, milk and fruit juices

Praeger, U.; Ernst, M.K.; Weichmann, J., 2003:
Effects of ultra low oxygen storage on postharvest quality of onion bulbs (Allium cepa L. var. cepa)

Sun AiQing; Gao RongQi; Yin YanPing; Zhang ChunQing; L.S.engFu, 2004:
Effects of ultra-dry storage on vigour and physiological characteristics of cotton seeds

Phunchaisri, C.; Apichartsrangkoon, A., 2005 :
Effects of ultra-high pressure on biochemical and physical modification of lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Sandra, S.; Dalgleish, D.G., 2005:
Effects of ultra-high-pressure homogenization and heating on structural properties of casein micelles in reconstituted skim milk powder

Sun HongMei; Jing XinMing; Xin Xia; Lin Jian; Zheng GuangHua, 2004:
Effects of ultradry storage on the stability of antioxidation system of the seed of Brassica caulorapa Pasq

Minematsu, T.; Kanai, Y.; Tajima, A., 2004:
Effects of ultraviolet irradiation on the migratory ability of primordial germ cells (PGCs) in the domestic chicken

Copinet, A.; Bertrand, C.; Govindin, S.; Coma, V.; Couturier, Y., 2004:
Effects of ultraviolet light (315 nm), temperature and relative humidity on the degradation of polylactic acid plastic films

Nagar, B.L.; Dashora, L.K.; Yadava, L.P., 2002:
Effects of ultraviolet radiation, cytokinin and vapor gard on the shelf life of Kagzi lime (Citrus aurantiifolia Swingle)

Sutherland, G.D.; Eng, M.; Fall, S.A., 2004:
Effects of uncertainties about stand-replacing natural disturbances on forest-management projections

Manomaiphiboon, K.; Russell, A.G., 2004:
Effects of uncertainties in parameters of a Lagrangian particle model on mean ground-level concentrations under stable conditions

Lee YeoJin; Lee HaeMi; Park TaeSun, 2003:
Effects of uncooked powdered food on antioxidative system and serum mineral concentrations in rats fed unbalanced diet

de Souza, K.B.; Feoli, A.Maria.; Krüger, A.H.; de Souza, M.R.; Perry, C.T.; Rotta, L.N.; Souza, D.O.; Perry, M.L.S., 2004 :
Effects of undernutrition on glycine metabolism in the cerebellum of rats

Santos, A.Marcelly.de.Souza.; Ferraz, M.R.; Teixeira, C.V.; Sampaio, F.J.; da Fonte Ramos, C., 2004:
Effects of undernutrition on serum and testicular testosterone levels and sexual function in adult rats

Gakis, S.; Mantzanas, K.; Alifragis, D.; Papanastasis, V.P.; Papaioannou, A.; Seilopoulos, D.; Platis, P., 2004:
Effects of understorey vegetation on tree establishment and growth in a silvopastoral system in northern Greece

Takahashi, K.; Uemura, S.; Suzuki, J.I.hirou; Hara, T., 2003:
Effects of understory dwarf bamboo on soil water and the growth of overstory trees in a dense secondary Betula ermanii forest, northern Japan

Montgomery, R.A., 2004:
Effects of understory foliage on patterns of light attenuation near the forest floor

Maruyama, R.; Maruyama, M.; Konno, Y., 2004:
Effects of understory vegetation and litter on the establishment of Abies sachalinensis and Picea jezoensis seedlings in a conifer forest in Hokkaido, northern Japan

Mori, A.; Takeda, H., 2004:
Effects of undisturbed canopy structure on population structure and species coexistence in an old-growth subalpine forest in central Japan

Wiemann, M.C.; Schuler, T.M.; Baumgras, J.E., 2004:
Effects of uneven-aged and diameter-limit management on West Virginia tree and wood quality

Schwartz, J.W.; Nagel, L.M.; Webster, C.R., 2005:
Effects of uneven-aged management on diameter distribution and species composition of northern hardwoods in Upper Michigan

Maccracken, James, G., 2005:
Effects of uneven-aged timber harvest on forest floor vertebrates in the Cascade Mountains of southern Washington

Gonzalez Megias, A.; Gomez, J.M.; Sanchez Pinero, F., 2004:
Effects of ungulates on epigeal arthropods in Sierra Nevada National Park (southeast Spain)

Xiang ZuFen; Yang WenYu; Ren WanJun; Wang XiaoChun, 2004:
Effects of uniconazole (5% WP) on grain filling and grain yield of rice

Sohn KwanHwa; Song JiSook; Sun SunWoo; Kim KiSun, 2003:
Effects of uniconazole on aromatic compounds of Elsholtzia ciliata and E. splendens

Sohn KwanHwa; Song JiSook; Sun SunWoo; Kim KiSun, 2003:
Effects of uniconazole on content of aromatic compounds and number of peltate glandular trichomes of potted Elsholtzia ciliata and E. splendens

Fan GaoQiong; Yang WenYu; Ren WanJun, 2004:
Effects of uniconazole waterless-dressed seeds on enzyme activity during leaf senescence of wheat

Yang WenYu; Han HuiFang; Ren WanJun; Zhao Li; Fan GaoQiong, 2005:
Effects of uniconazole waterless-dressing seed on endogenous hormones and C/N ratio at tillering stage of wheat

Yang WenYu; Y.Z.enWen; Y.S.ngLie; Fan GaoQiong; Han HuiFang; Dong ZhaoYong; Liang XueLian, 2004:
Effects of uniconazole waterless-dressing seed on yield of wheat

Suda, A.; Kato, T.; Sakai, K., 2005:
Effects of uniconazole-P and paclobutrazol application on the growth and flowering of Duranta repens L. 'Takaraduka'

Zheng, H-Feng.; Li, X-Lan.; Jin, Z-Yuan.; Sun, J-Bin.; Li, Z-Liu.; Xu, W-Xie., 2005:
Effects of unsaturated fatty acids on calcium-activated potassium current in gastric myocytes of guinea pigs

Donta, A.A., 2004:
Effects of untreated wastewater sprinkling on nitrates in soil, groundwater and on soil activity in areas used for agriculture in northern Germany

Matsui, A.; Katsuki, R.; Fujikawa, H.; Kai, M.; Kubo, K.; Hiraga, A.; Asai, Y., 2004:
Effects of uphill exercise on digestible energy intake and energy expenditure during exercise in yearling horses

Blewett, C.M.; Marzluff, J.M., 2005:
Effects of urban sprawl on snags and the abundance and productivity of cavity-nesting birds

Zanette, L.; Martins, R.; Ribeiro, S., 2005:
Effects of urbanization on Neotropical wasp and bee assemblages in a Brazilian metropolis

Koteswari, Y.N.; Ramanibai, R., 2005:
Effects of urbanization on water quality variables along urban-suburban gradients of Chennai City, South India

Shen Yanjun; Tang Changyuan; Xiao Jieying; Oki Taikan; Kanae Shinjiro, 2005:
Effects of urbanization on water resource development and its problems in Shijiazhuang, China

Pholsen, S.; Lowilai, P.; Sai ngarm, Y., 2005:
Effects of urea and cattle manure on yield and quality of signal grass (Brachiaria decumbens Stapf. cv. Basilisk) in Northeast Thailand

Dong, S.; Cheng, L.; Fuchigami, L.H., 2004:
Effects of urea and defoliant-CuEDTA in a single or a mixed application in the autumn on N reserves and regrowth performance of young 'Fuji'/M26 apple trees

Guak, S.; Beulah, M.; Neilsen, D.; Quamme, H.A.; Looney, N.E., 2005:
Effects of urea and plant bioregulators (Ethephon and PromalinReg.) on tissue nitrogen levels, cold hardiness, and cropping of sweet cherry trees

Rhoads, M.L.; Gilbert, R.O.; Lucy, M.C.; Butler, W.R., 2004:
Effects of urea infusion on the uterine luminal environment of dairy cows

Wang LiMing; X.D.ngMei; Liu GuangShen; Wang ShenFa, 2004:
Effects of urea on activity and conformation of acid phosphatase from wheat germ

Talukder, M.A.H.; Mannaf, M.A.; Jabber, S.M.A.; Islam, M.B.; Kamal, S.M.A.H.M.; Saha, A.K., 2004:
Effects of urea super granule as a source of nitrogen on the growth and yield of tomato

Islam, R.; Ahmad, N.; Majumder, S.; Islam, K.; Barek, M.A., 2003:
Effects of urea supplemented feed on growth and haematobiochemical values in broiler chicks

H.X.aoMing; Suzuki, A., 2004:
Effects of urea treatment on litter decomposition in Pasania edulis forest soil

L.J.e; L.D.Gang, 2004:
Effects of urease inhibitors on the diet nutrient degradability and VFA concentration in the rumen of goats

Vaden, S.L.; Pressler, B.M.; Lappin, M.R.; Jensen, W.A., 2004:
Effects of urinary tract inflammation and sample blood contamination on urine albumin and total protein concentrations in canine urine samples

Ohata, H.; Shibasaki, T., 2004:
Effects of urocortin 2 and 3 on motor activity and food intake in rats

Fan, J-Gao.; Zhong, L.; Tia, L-Yan.; Xu, Z-Jie.; Li, M-Sheng.; Wang, G-Liang., 2005:
Effects of ursodeoxycholic acid and/or low-calorie diet on steatohepatitis in rats with obesity and hyperlipidemia

Cárdenas, C.; Quesada, A.R.; Medina, M.Angel., 2004:
Effects of ursolic acid on different steps of the angiogenic process

Lee, C.Jae.; Seok, J.Ho.; Hur, G.Min.; Lee, J.Heun.; Park, J.Sun.; Seol, I.Chan.; Kim, Y.Hee., 2005:
Effects of ursolic acid, betulin and sulfur-containing compounds on mucin release from airway goblet cells

Aoyama, M.; Yoshimura, N.; Sugita, S.; Kusunose, R., 2004:
Effects of used bedding straw and drying it in sunshine on lying behavior in stable horses

Rosa, R.C.T. da; Moura, R.M. de; Pedrosa, E.M.R., 2003:
Effects of using Crotalaria juncea and carbofuran in sugarcane

Pourmeidani, A.; Khakdaman, H., 2005:
Effects of using aquasorb polymer on irrigation of Pinus eldarica, Olea europea and Atriplex canescens

Guzel Seydm, Z.B.; Korkusuz, N.; Sezgn, E., 2005:
Effects of using glucono delta -lactone (GdL) on set type plain yogurt quality

Kocar, G.; Gul, A.; Madanlar, N.; Yoldas, Z.; Durmusoglu, E., 2003:
Effects of using natural pesticides against pests on yield and fruit quality of cucumbers grown under greenhouse conditions

Shittu, A.M.; Olayode, G.O.; Bamiro, O.M.; Aderemi, F.M., 2004:
Effects of using non-conventional feedstuffs on the productivity and costs of egg farms in Ibadan, Nigeria

Isk, M.; Ekimler, F.; Ozen, N.; Frat, M.Z., 2004:
Effects of using probiotics on the growth performance and health of dairy calves

Loneragan, G.H.; Brashears, M.M. , 2005:
Effects of using retention-pond water for dust abatement on performance of feedlot steers and carriage of Escherichia coli O157 and Salmonella spp

Najafi, P.; Mousavi, S.F.; Feizi, M., 2003:
Effects of using treated municipal wastewater in irrigation of tomato

Giovannini, A.; Conte, A.; Panichi, G.; Calistri, P.; Dessì, M.; Foddis, F.; Schintu, A.; Caporale, V., 2004:
Effects of vaccination against bluetongue on milk production and quality in cattle vaccinated with live-attenuated monovalent type 2 vaccine

Calvete, C.; Estrada, R.; Lucientes, J.; Osacar, J.J.; Villafuerte, R., 2004:
Effects of vaccination against viral haemorrhagic disease and myxomatosis on long-term mortality rates of European wild rabbits

Davies, R.; Breslin, M., 2003:
Effects of vaccination and other preventive methods for Salmonella enteritidis on commercial laying chicken farms

Gungor, O.; Bastan, A., 2004:
Effects of vaccination on colostrum and calf blood serum IgG concentrations in pregnant cows

L.W.n; Shao YuanZhi; Chen WeiXin, 2005:
Effects of vacuum infiltration with calcium on banana fruit calcium content and flesh firmness

Rahemi, M.; Bahrani, A., 2003:
Effects of vacuum infiltration, dipping in calcium chloride and postharvest heat treatment on firmness and calcium content of apples

Park YounMoon; Park SeWon; Hong SaeJin, 2003:
Effects of vacuum packaging and shelf temperature on the quality changes of golden mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) during simulated shipment and marketing

Lua, A.Chong.; Yang, T., 2004:
Effects of vacuum pyrolysis conditions on the characteristics of activated carbons derived from pistachio-nut shells

Shinomiya, K.; Fujimura, K.; Kim, Y.; Kamei, C., 2005:
Effects of valerian extract on the sleep-wake cycle in sleep-disturbed rats

Yanardag, R.; Bolkent, S.; Karabulut-Bulan, Oür.; Tunali, S., 2003:
Effects of vanadyl sulfate on kidney in experimental diabetes

Koyuturk, M.; Tunali, S.; Bolkent, S.; Yanardag, R., 2005:
Effects of vanadyl sulfate on liver of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Clarke, E.; Wiseman, J., 2005:
Effects of variability in trypsin inhibitor content of soya bean meals on true and apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids and pancreas size in broiler chicks

Mirmosadegh Jamali; Lawrence, G.A., 2005:
Effects of variable river geometry on longitudinal dispersion

Helms, S.; Connelly, S.; Hunter, M., 2004:
Effects of variation among plant species on the interaction between a herbivore and its parasitoid

Fehr, C.; Rausher, M.D., 2004:
Effects of variation at the flower-colour A locus on mating system parameters in Ipomoea purpurea

Cheng ShanHan; S.Z.enHong; Xie CongHua; Liu Jun, 2004:
Effects of variation in activities of starch-sugar metabolic enzymes on reducing sugar accumulation and processing quality of potato tubers

Sehm, J.; Polster, Jürgen.; Pfaffl, M.W., 2005:
Effects of varied EGCG and (+)-catechin concentrations on proinflammatory cytokines mrna expression in cona-stimulated primary white blood cell cultures

Zhou Qin; Jiang Dong; Dai TingBo; Cao WeiXing; Jing Qi, 2004:
Effects of varied carbon and nitrogen supply on starch and protein accumulation in grain during early filling of wheat

Jackson, P.A.; O.S.ea, M.G.; Lindeman, P.F.; Rattey, A.; Vickers, J.; Bonnett, G., 2004:
Effects of varieties and nitrogen fertiliser rate on colour and conductivity levels in sugarcane

Kedar Prasad; Rajendra Prasad, 2003:
Effects of varieties and sulphur doses on the productivity and economics of field pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Saito, M.; Kudo, H.; Mandarino, J.M.G.; Benassi, V. de T., 2004:
Effects of variety and cultivating region on the color of soymilk and other soybean processing foods in Brazil

Esti, M.; Cinquanta, L.; Panfili, G.; Manzi, P.; Marconi, S.; Pizzoferrato, L., 2004:
Effects of variety and olive ripeness on nutritional quality and oxidative stability of extra virgin olive oils

Islam, M.K.; Mondal, M.A.A.; Mannaf, M.A.; Mondal, M.A.A.; Talukder, M.A.H.; Karim, M.M., 2004:
Effects of variety, inoculum and phosphorus on the performance of soybean

Bungo, T.; Dodo, K-Ichi.; Kawamura, K.; Izumi, T.; Ueda, H., 2005:
Effects of various mu- and delta-opioid ligands on food intake in the meat-type chick

Kimura, Y.; Sumiyoshi, M., 2004:
Effects of various Eleutherococcus senticosus cortex on swimming time, natural killer activity and corticosterone level in forced swimming stressed mice

Sugiyama, T.; Shinozuka, K.; Sano, A.; Yamada, S.; Endoh, K.; Yamada, K.; Umegaki, K., 2004:
Effects of various Ginkgo biloba extracts and proanthocyanidin on hepatic cytochrome P450 activity in rats

Machida, I.; Matsuse, H.; Kondo, Y.; Kawano, T.; Saeki, S.; Tomari, S.; Obase, Y.; Fukushima, C.; Kohno, S., 2005:
Effects of various anti-asthmatic agents on mite allergen-pulsed murine bone marrow-derived dendritic cells

Feng, X.Q.; Biasi, B.; Mitcham, E.J., 2004:
Effects of various coatings and antioxidants on peel browning of 'Bartlett' pears

Pruetz, G.; Dettner, K., 2005:
Effects of various concentrations of Bacillus thuringiensis-corn leaf material on food utilization by Chilo partellus larvae of different ages

Fernandez, M.M.F.; Garcia, A.E.; Lieutier, F., 2004:
Effects of various densities of Ophiostoma ips inoculations on Pinus sylvestris in north-western Spain

Azman, M.A.; Cerci, I.H.; Birben, N., 2005:
Effects of various dietary fat sources on performance and body fatty acid composition of broiler chickens

Coskun, M.; Ozalp, P.; Sulanc, M.; Emre, I., 2005:
Effects of various diets on the oviposition and sex ratio of Pimpla turionellae L

Li, Y-Hui.; Cai, K-Jun.; Kovacs, A.; Ji, W-Zhi., 2005:
Effects of various extenders and permeating cryoprotectants on cryopreservation of cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis) spermatozoa

Mohri, M.; Seifi, H.A.; Farzaneh, N.; Haddadpour, H., 2001:
Effects of various factors on serum total protein and failure of passive transfer in neonatal dairy calves

Vanhatalo, A.; Varvikko, T.; Huhtanen, P., 2003:
Effects of various glucogenic sources on production and metabolic responses of dairy cows fed grass silage-based diets

Josan, J.S.; Sharma, J.N.; Monga, P.K., 2003:
Effects of various herbicides on weed population in citrus nursery

Müller, T.; Váradi, B.; Horn, P.; Bercsényi, M., 2004:
Effects of various hormones on the sexual maturity of European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) females from farm and lakes

Yeshitela, T.; Robbertse, P.J.; Stassen, P.J.C., 2004:
Effects of various inductive periods and chemicals on flowering and vegetative growth of 'Tommy Atkins' and 'Keitt' mango (Mangifera indica) cultivars

Ebaid, G.H., 2004:
Effects of various insecticide groups on the European corn borer and some natural enemies

White, M.M.; Chejlava, M.; Fried, B.; Sherma, J., 2005:
Effects of various larval digeneans on the calcium carbonate content of the shells of Helisoma trivolvis, Biomphalaria glabrata, and Physa sp

Chanjula, P.; Wanapat, M.; Wachirapakorn, C.; Rowlinson, P., 2004:
Effects of various levels of cassava hay on rumen ecology and digestibility in swamp buffaloes

Benado, M.A.cantara, C.D.-La-Rosa, R.A.brose, M.M.sier, K.K.rn, M., 2004:
Effects of various levels of dietary fructose on blood lipids of rats

Leterrier, C.; Favreau, F.; Constantin, P.; Picard, M., 2005:
Effects of various lysine levels on growth and leg problems in meat-type chickens during sequential feeding

Mika, A.; Buler, Z.; Krawiec, A., 2003:
Effects of various methods of pruning apple trees after planting

Skrzypek, R.; Wojtowski, J.; Fahr, R.D., 2004:
Effects of various methods of udder and teat preparation for milking on the hygienic quality of milk

Xing ShiHe; Xiong DeZhong; Zhou BiQing; X.Q.an; Liu ChunYing, 2004:
Effects of various modifiers on soil fertility properties and tobacco yields and qualities

M.Y.Wei; Wang Zhong; Liang GuoBin; Qian ShanQin; Chen Gang; G.Y.nJie, 2004:
Effects of various nitrogen applications on the quality of the progeny seedlings in rice

Martin, B.; Varela, I.; Cabaleiro, C., 2004:
Effects of various oils on survival of Myzus persicae Sulzer and its transmission of cucumber mosaic virus on pepper

Aslan, R.; Dundar, Y.; Eryavuz, A.; Bulbul, A.; Kucukkurt, I.; Fdan, A.F.; Aknc, Z., 2005:
Effects of various quantities of Yucca schidigera powder (Deodorase) added to diets on the performance, some hematological and biochemical blood parameters, and total antioxidant capacity of laying hens

Kaska, N.; Sutyemez, M.; Yilmaz, U., 2005:
Effects of various rootstocks on the growth of '0900 Ziraat' sweet cherry

Shi DeCheng; Wang Deli, 2005:
Effects of various salt-alkaline mixed stresses on Aneurolepidium chinense (Trin.) Kitag

Kaneda, T.; Shimizu, K.; Urakawa, N.; Nakajyo, S., 2004:
Effects of various selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors on carbachol-induced contraction and cyclic nucleotide contents in guinea pig taenia coli

Kaneda, T.; Watanabe, A.; Shimizu, K.; Urakawa, N.; Nakajyo, S., 2005:
Effects of various selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors on carbachol-induced contraction and cyclic nucleotide contents in the guinea pig gall bladder

Orun, I.; Ates, B.; Selamoglu, Z.; Yazlak, H.; Ozturk, E.; Yilmaz, I., 2005:
Effects of various sodium selenite concentrations on some biochemical and haematological parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Carvalho, A.S.; Silva, J.; Ho, P.; Teixeira, P.; Malcata, F.Xavier.; Gibbs, P., 2004:
Effects of various sugars added to growth and drying media upon thermotolerance and survival throughout storage of freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus

Kurakake, M.H.giwara, H.K.maki, T., 2004:
Effects of various surfactants on rheological properties of maize starch granules

Noormohammadi, D.; Zareian, S., 2003:
Effects of various tillage and planting methods on the emergence of irrigated wheat

Lokendra Singh; Khan, M.H., 2004:
Effects of various treatments on seed germination of Albizzia sp

Alper, N.; Bahceci, K.S.; Acar, J., 2005:
Effects of various ultrafiltration treatments on some quality parameters of pomegranate juice

Schulz, C.; Knaus, U.; Wirth, M.; Rennert, B., 2005:
Effects of varying dietary fatty acid profile on growth performance, fatty acid, body and tissue composition of juvenile pike perch (Sander lucioperca)

Khan, M.A.; Jafri, A.K.; Chadha, N.K., 2005:
Effects of varying dietary protein levels on growth, reproductive performance, body and egg composition of rohu, Labeo rohita (Hamilton)

Roberts, A.J.; Klindt, J.; Jenkins, T.G., 2005:
Effects of varying energy intake and sire breed on duration of postpartum anestrus, insulin like growth factor-1, and growth hormone in mature crossbred cows

Ijaiya, A.T.; Fasanya, O.O.A., 2004:
Effects of varying levels of dietary protein on the carcass characteristics of growing rabbits

Nursoy, H.; Kaplan, O.; Oguz, M.N.; Yilmaz, O., 2004:
Effects of varying levels of live yeast culture on yield and some parameters in laying hen diets

Ekelund, A.; Sporndly, R.; Valk, H.; Murphy, M., 2005:
Effects of varying monosodium phosphate intake on phosphorus excretion in dairy cows

Dehgan, B.; Almira, F.C.; Dudeck, A.E.; Schutzman, B., 2004:
Effects of varying shade and fertilizer on the growth of Zamia floridana A. DC

Jousan, F.D.; Utt, M.D.; Whitman, S.S.; Hinshaw, R.H.; Beal, W.E., 2004:
Effects of varying the holding temperature and interval from collection to freezing on post-thaw development of bovine embryos in vitro

Park, S.; Chung, O.; Seib, P., 2005:
Effects of varying weight ratios of large and small wheat starch granules on experimental straight-dough bread

Pompodakis, N.E.; Joyce, D.C.; Terry, L.A.; Lydakis, D.E., 2004:
Effects of vase solution pH and abscisic acid on the longevity of cut 'Baccara' roses

Jinadasa, K.B.S.N.; Tanaka, N.; Yutani, K.; Seki, W., 2005:
Effects of vegetation and litter on flow

Lloret, F.; Penuelas, J.; Estiarte, M., 2005:
Effects of vegetation canopy and climate on seedling establishment in Mediterranean shrubland

Mills, A.J.; Fey, M.V., 2004 :
Effects of vegetation cover on the tendency of soil to crust in South Africa

Patterson, W.B.; Sword Sayer, M.A.; Haywood, J.D.; Brooker, S., 2004:
Effects of vegetation management with prescribed fire on soil physical properties in a young longleaf pine stand

Coulthard, T.J., 2005:
Effects of vegetation on braided stream pattern and dynamics

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Efficacy of Formyl in the fattening of pigs

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Efficacy of Gardenia gummifera in roundworm infection in goats

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Efficacy of Herbiotic FS, a herbal antimicrobial growth promoter on performance of broiler birds

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Efficacy of Hyptis suaveolens against lepidopteran pests

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Efficacy of IPM-technology over farmers/traditional practices in management of sweet potato weevil (SPW) in tribal areas of Orissa

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Efficacy of Ipomoea batatas (Caiapo) on diabetes control in type 2 diabetic subjects treated with diet

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Efficacy of Jasminum abyssinicum treatment against Haemonchus contortus in sheep

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Efficacy of NegFry decision support system in control of late blight in Poland

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Efficacy of PSB with phosphatic fertilizers on the yield of chickpea grown on calcareous soil of north Bihar

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Efficacy of Paecilomyces lilacinus (strain 251) for the control of root-knot nematodes

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Efficacy of Porcilis BPM polyvalent vaccine in controlling mixed infections in the respiratory tract of pigs

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Efficacy of Rumec powder in the treatment of acidotic goats

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Efficacy of Spark, Bacillus thuringiensis and azadirachtin in different sequences against pest complex of brinjal

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Efficacy of Starner in controlling the bacterial soft rot pathogen in onion

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Efficacy of Steinernema feltiae in combination with insect growth regulators against larvae and pupae of Delia antique (Meig.) in the laboratory

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Efficacy of Trichoderma harzianum after multiplication on different substrates in the control of root rot fungi

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Efficacy of Trichoderma spp. against Sclerotium rolfsii causing stem rot of groundnut

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Efficacy of UV light for the reduction of Listeria monocytogenes in goat's milk

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Efficacy of VAM (Glomus fasciculatum) at various phosphorus levels for managing Meloidogyne incognita in mungbean (Vigna radiata)

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Efficacy of Vibrio anguillarum antigen administered by intraperitoneal injection route in Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus (Temminck et Schlegel)

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Efficacy of Yekang cockroach gel bait against Blattella germanica under laboratory conditions

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Efficacy of Zilixin preparation against yellow and white scour in piglets

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Efficacy of Zotrim: a herbal weight loss preparation

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Efficacy of Zycox as herbal anticoccidial and growth promoter in broiler rabbits

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Efficacy of a comfrey root extract ointment in comparison to a diclofenac gel in the treatment of ankle distortions: results of an observer-blind, randomized, multicenter study

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Efficacy of a DNA vaccine delivered in attenuated Salmonella typhimurium against Eimeria tenella infection in chickens

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Efficacy of a cloxacillin dry cow product for treatment of heifers on farms with a low and a high prevalence of heifer mastitis in The Netherlands

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Efficacy of a copper(II)/oxine copper wood preservative mixture after 69 months of outdoor ground-contact exposure and a proposed mechanism to explain the observed synergism

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Efficacy of a few IPM modules against the gram pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hubn.) in Bengal gram under imphal agro-ecological conditions

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Efficacy of a fixed antiparasitic strategy on the short cycle of fattening cattle

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Efficacy of a high- and low-frequency ultrasonic probe for measuring ovary volume and estimating fecundity of striped bass Morone saxatilis in the Savannah River Estuary

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Efficacy of a live equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) strain C147 vaccine in foals with maternally-derived antibody: protection against EHV-1 infection

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Efficacy of a long-acting formulation of ceftiofur crystalline-free acid for the treatment of naturally occurring infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis

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Efficacy of a management plan based on severity assessment in longitudinal and case-controlled studies of 747 children with nut allergy: proposal for good practice

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Efficacy of a modified live intranasal bovine respiratory syncytial virus vaccine in three-week-old calves experimentally challenged with BRSV

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Efficacy of a new boron-based wood preservative compound against fungal decay and insect attack

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Efficacy of a new neo-nicotinoid and its selectivity to Bombus terrestris

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Efficacy of a phytase derived from Escherichia coli and expressed in yeast on phosphorus utilization and bone mineralization in turkey poults

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Efficacy of a pyrethroid and systemic neonicotinoid to manage an insect and pathogen complex

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Efficacy of a rapid test to diagnose Plasmodium vivax in symptomatic patients of Chiapas, Mexico

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Efficacy of a recombinant equine influenza vaccine against challenge with an American lineage H3N8 influenza virus responsible for the 2003 outbreak in the United Kingdom

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Efficacy of a reduced application time of Ovide lotion (0.5% malathion) compared to Nix creme rinse (1% permethrin) for the treatment of head lice

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Efficacy of a saponin-adjuvanted inactivated respiratory syncytial virus vaccine in calves

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Efficacy of a second generation progestin, proligestone, for interrupting pro-oestrus in bitches

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Efficacy of a single milbemycin oxime administration in combination with praziquantel against experimentally induced heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infection in cats

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Efficacy of a traditional Korean medicine, Chung-Sang-Bo-Ha-Tang, in a murine model of chronic asthma

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Efficacy of a treatment of retained placenta in dairy cows with Prostaglandin F2 alpha in addition to a local antibiotic treatment

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Efficacy of abamectin-levamisol pour-on combination against macrocyclic lactone-resistant Cooperia spp. and other common gastrointestinal parasites in cattle

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Efficacy of acaricides for control of four tick species of agricultural and public health significance in the United States

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Efficacy of acetic acid in improving the utilization of low protein-low energy broiler diets

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Efficacy of acidic electrolyzed water for microbial decontamination of cucumbers and strawberries

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Efficacy of acidic electrolyzed water ice for pathogen control on lettuce

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Efficacy of acidified sodium chlorite treatments in reducing Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Chinese cabbage

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Efficacy of acupuncture sites for delivery of agents to control estrus and ovulation in mares

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Efficacy of administering estradiol with a CIDR for estrous synchronization and fertility improvement in sub-fertile cattle

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Efficacy of albendazole ointment on cutaneous larva migrans in 2 young children

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Efficacy of amodiaquine alone and combined with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine and of sulfadoxine pyrimethamine combined with artesunate

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Efficacy of amphotericin B and flucytosine against fluconazole-resistant Candida inconspicua clinical isolates

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Efficacy of amprolium and maduramicin against sarcocystosis in experimentally infected pups

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