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Enzymatic synthesis of short chain citronellyl esters by a new lipase from Rhizopus sp

Macedo, G.A.; Soberon Lozano, M.M.; Pastore, G.M.

EJB, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 6(1): article 2


Accession: 004145213

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Short chain citronellyl esters were synthesized using a new microbial lipase from Rhizopus sp. Direct esterification and transesterification reactions were performed to produce the citronellyl acetate and butyrate in a free-solvent system and with n-hexane in the reaction medium. Direct esterification and transesterification were carried out at 45 degrees C in equimolar concentrations of substrates: acid or ester and alcohol. Citronellyl butyrate was synthesized by direct esterification, with yields of 95-100% after 24 h of reaction time, with or without n-hexane.

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