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Epidemiology of the Meloidogyne javanica - Pasteuria penetrans complex: application to biological and crop technical management of root-knot nematodes in tomato in Senegal

Mateille, T.; Diop, M.T.; Dabire, K.R.

Colloque international tomate sous abri, protection integree agriculture biologique, Avignon, France, 17-18 et 19 septembre 2003: 122-125


Accession: 004145878

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Trials comparing various crop rotations including hosts susceptible and non-susceptible to Meloidogyne javanica were established in a field naturally infested with the nematode and an associated isolate of the bacteria Pasteuria penetrans in Senegal. Analysis of the modified mortality K-factor indicated a delayed infestation of M. javanica by P. penetrans on the susceptible crops and a more direct dependence on the non-susceptible crops.

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