Section 5
Chapter 4,151

Evaluation of different intervention levels in the development of the basal area and number of trees of a Brazilian savanna-stricto sensu

Scolforo, J.R.S.; Mello, J.M. de; Oliveira, A.D. de; Mello, A.A. de; Ferreira, D.F.

Cerne 6(2): 25-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0104-7760
Accession: 004150980

This study compared statistically the changes in the number of trees and the growth of basal area after 10 years of applying different levels of intervention in the vegetation of the savannah sensu stricto in the Alvacao farm, in Coracao de Jesus county, north of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Evaluations were accomplished in 1986, 1996 and 1998 in 30 plots (600 m2) each installed in an area of 30 ha subjected to 6 treatments.

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