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Evaluation of grain, yield components and physiological characters of five safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) genotypes in spring and summer planting season

Nassiri, B.M.; Karimi, M.; Noormohamadi, G.; Ahmadi, M.R.

Journal of Agricultural Sciences Islamic Azad University 9(4): Pe3-Pe18, en 1


Accession: 004151438

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Five safflower genotypes were evaluated for grain and yield components in Iran. Two lines from Estafahan landrace and the cultivars Arak 2811, Gilla and Kooseh were sown on 4 April and 6 July at densities of 40, 20 and 13 plants/m2. Decreasing plant density resulted in the increase in heads/plant, seed weight, seeds/plant, pith percentage and plant grain yield; and in the reduction of the seeds/head and plot grain yield. The head and seed number/plant, pith and oil percentage, harvest index, and plot and plant grain yields were higher in line 1 than the other genotypes.

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