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Evaluation of inoculum of Candida guilliermondii grown in presence of glucose on xylose reductase and xylitol dehydrogenase activities and xylitol production during batch fermentation of sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate

da Silva, Débora.Danielle.Virgínio.; das Graças de Almeida Felipe, M.; de Mancilha, I.Maciel.; da Silva, Sílvio.Silvério.

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 121-124: 427-437


ISSN/ISBN: 0273-2289
PMID: 15917619
DOI: 10.1385/abab:121:1-3:0427
Accession: 004151624

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The effect of glucose on xylose-xylitol metabolism in fermentation medium consisting of sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate was evaluated by employing an inoculum of Candida guilliermondii grown in synthetic media containing, as carbon sources, glucose (30 g/L), xylose (30 g/L), or a mixture of glucose (2 g/L) and xylose (30 g/L). The inoculum medium containing glucose promoted a 2.5-fold increase in xylose reductase activity (0.582 IU/mg(prot)) and a 2-fold increase in xylitol dehydrogenase activity (0.203 IU/mg(prot)) when compared with an inoculum-grown medium containing only xylose. The improvement in enzyme activities resulted in higher values of xylitol yield (0.56 g/g) and productivity (0.46 g/[L.h]) after 48 h of fermentation.

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