Forest structure dynamics of coniferous-broad leaved mixed forests by management of control method in over-logged forest region

Kang XinGang; Hu WenLi; Dong JingLin; Wang DeSheng; Li DongLan

Journal of Beijing Forestry University 25(6): 1-5


Accession: 004167491

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A study was conducted to investigate the forest structure dynamics of spruce (Picea jezoensis var. microsperma and P. koraiensis)-fir (Abies nephrolepis) mixed stands under control method in Jingouling Forest Farm, Jilin Province, China. The Weibull distribution and negative index distribution were used to evaluate the diameter structure of over-logged natural forest and to calculate its q value. The Weibull distribution and negative index distribution was found suitable to describe the diameter structure of coniferous-broadleaved mixed stands. The distribution of q value was between 1.2-1.5 with an average value of 1.30. The volume proportion of the small- to medium-sized diameter trees showed a decreasing trend, while that of the large-sized diameter trees was increasing.