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Genotype x environment interaction effects on yield of rainfed lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties

Mall, C.N.; Sharma, M.K.

Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding 65(2): 125-126


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5200
Accession: 004176405

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Field experiments were conducted in Uttar Pradesh, India, during the 1999 kharif season, to study genotype environment (G x E) interactions and to identify both high yielding and stable rice cultivars in different rainfed lowland conditions. A total of 18 rainfed lowland rice cultivars (NDR 4001, NDR 4008, NDR 4010, NDR 4031, NDR 4062, NDR 4073, NDR 4082, NDR 4084, NDR 4105, NDR 4106, NDR 4111, NDR 4112, NDR 4179, NDR 4182, NDR 4207, Jal Lahari, Mahsuri and Swarna) were grown in 4 locations (Masodha I, Masodha III, Tissuhi and Gograghat). The nature and magnitude of G x E interaction effects on grain yield in diverse production environments were analysed by the additive main effects and multiplication interaction (AMMI) analysis. The AMMI analysis of variance indicated that genotypes and environments were significant. The grain yield in the 4 locations ranged from 1.61 to 5.48 mt/ha. The first principal component score was dominated by high interaction effects on the yield of NDR 4008 and Swarna. These cultivars, which have less G x E interaction, were more widely adaptable. Mahsuri, NDR 4179 and NDR 4112 had general adaptability in the 4 locations. NDR 4031 was specifically adapted to favourable locations. NDR 4105 and Jal Lahari were most adapted to Masodha III, Masodha I and Tissuhi. Masodha III had negative PCA scores and exhibited high yield potential and therefore was most suitable for growing specific lowland rice cultivars. Masodha I and Tissuhi exhibited moderate interaction effects but their yield potentials were average and below average, respectively. Tissuhi exhibited high interaction and was most suitable for specifically adapted genotypes, while all genotypes evaluated were not suitable in Gograghat.

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