Section 5
Chapter 4,182

Growth, yield and pruning requirements of sweet cherry as affected by rootstocks

Simon, G.; Hrotko, K.; Magyar, L.

Acta Horticulturae 658: 265-272


ISSN/ISBN: 0567-7572
Accession: 004181220

The results of the first 11 years of sweet cherry rootstock trials from Hungary are presented, with the aim of selecting efficient rootstocks for the local ecological conditions. The trial was established in 1989 with 'Van' and 'Germersdorfi orias' cultivars on the following rootstocks: P. mahaleb 'Sainte Lucie 64', 'Colt', P. mahaleb x Mazzard hybrids 'MaxMa 14' and 'MaxMa 97'. After planting, the trees were headed at 80 cm and trained to a modified Brunner-spindle system (MBS).

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