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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 4204

Chapter 4204 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Legleiter, L.R.; Spears, J.W.; Lloyd, K.E., 2005:
Influence of dietary manganese on performance, lipid metabolism, and carcass composition of growing and finishing steers

E.H.sseiny, O.; Reda, M.A.; Michael, M.A., 2000:
Influence of dietary oil and calcium sources on broiler performance

Onibi, G.E.; Atibioke, O.O., 2004:
Influence of dietary oils and cold storage conditions on oxidative stability of pork

Ergun, S.; Yontem, M.; Yerlikaya, A.; Ozata, A.; Uysal, K.; Kurt, Hülyam., 2005:
Influence of dietary oils on liver and blood lipid peroxidation

Kapica, M.; Puzio, I., 2004:
Influence of dietary phytase and 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol supplementation on the activity of digestive enzymes in chickens

Pattanaik, A.K.; Sastry, V.R.B.; Katiyar, R.C., 2005:
Influence of dietary protein and energy sources on the rumen environment of crossbred calves

Kerr, B.J.; Southern, L.L.; Bidner, T.D.; Friesen, K.G.; Easter, R.A., 2003:
Influence of dietary protein level, amino acid supplementation, and dietary energy levels on growing-finishing pig performance and carcass composition

Swain, R.K.; Harjit Kaur, 2003:
Influence of dietary protein on growth, certain blood metabolites and metabolic hormones in crossbred calves

Hartvigsen, M.; Mu, H.H.ugaard, K.; Lund, S.; Xu, X.H.y, C., 2004:
Influence of dietary triacylglycerol structure and level of n-3 fatty acids administered during development on brain phospholipids and memory and learning ability of rats

Wang Qun; Ding YinDi; Zhao YunLong; Chen LiQiao, 2004:
Influence of dietary vitamin C on reproduction of male Chinese mitten-handed crab (Eriocheir sinensis)

Eichenberger, B.; Pfirter, H.P.; Wenk, C.; Gebert, S., 2004:
Influence of dietary vitamin E and C supplementation on vitamin E and C content and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in different tissues of growing pigs

Skrivanova, V.; Skrivan, M.; Tumova, E.; Sevcikova, S., 2004:
Influence of dietary vitamin E and copper on fatty acid profile and cholesterol content of raw and cooked broiler meat

Romero, M.G.; Mendonca, A.F.; Ahn, D.U.; Wesley, I.V., 2005:
Influence of dietary vitamin E on behavior of Listeria monocytogenes and color stability in ground turkey meat following electron beam irradiation

Konjufca, V.K.; Bottje, W.G.; Bersi, T.K.; Erf, G.F., 2004:
Influence of dietary vitamin E on phagocytic functions of macrophages in broilers

Hassan, R.A.; E.G.nzoury, E.H.; E.G.any, F.A.A.; Shehata, M.A., 2003:
Influence of dietary zinc supplementation with methionine or microbial phytase enzyme on the productive and reproductive performance of Mandarah strain

Visentainer, J.V.; Souza, N.E. de; Makoto, M.; Hayashi, C.; Franco, M.R.B., 2005:
Influence of diets enriched with flaxseed oil on the alpha -linolenic, eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic fatty acid in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Takekura, K.; Kawamura, S.; Itoh, K., 2004:
Influence of difference in hulling systems on quality of brown rice after storage

Kushwah, S.S.; Banafar, R.N.S., 2003:
Influence of different N and P levels with and without bio-fertilizer on N, P content, uptake and yield of potato cv. Kufri Jyoti

Zhu HongHui; Yao Qing; Long LiangKun; Yang SonngZhen, 2004:
Influence of different N forms on spore germination and hyphal growth of AM fungus

Kutasi, J.; Jurkovich, V.; Brydl, E.; Konyves, L.; Tirian, A.E.; Bata, A., 2004:
Influence of different Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains on the oxygen concentration in the rumen fluid

Vinod Kumar; Varshney, A.C.; Sharma, S.K.; Singh, M., 2005:
Influence of different anaesthetic combinations on clinical and haemato-biochemical status in hepatopathic dogs

Bette, M.; Schlimme, S.; Mutters, R.; Menendez, S.; Hoffmann, S.; Schulz, S., 2004:
Influence of different anaesthetics on pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in rat spleen

Mohanti, A.K.; Sunil Kumar; Jha, S.K.; Sanjeev Malaiya; Chandrakar, B.L., 2004:
Influence of different application rate of sulphur and boron on different nutrients and energy use efficiency of soybean (Glycine max)

Zhang PingHu; Tang YingHua; Qiu XuSheng; Xue Feng; Cao YongZhong; Gao Song; Liu XiuFan, 2005:
Influence of different avian red blood cells on the detection of HI antibody against avian influenza

Nadeem, S.; Muzammil, H.M.; Chaudhry, T.M.; Zubair, H.; Asghar, M.; Hassan, B., 2004:
Influence of different carbon and nitrogen sources on the production of glutamic acid by locally isolated bacteria

Riyaphan, P.; Pipattanawong, N.; Subhadrabandu, S., 2005:
Influence of different climatic conditions on growth and yield of strawberry plants in Thailand

Dwivedi, B.K.; Gopal Pandey; Hemlata Pant; Pandey, R.C.; Ruchi Logani, 2002:
Influence of different concentration of yeast fungus (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) against anthracnose disease (Gloeosporium psidii) of the guava fruit (Psidium guajava L.)

Badhe, V.T.; Magar, S.S., 2004:
Influence of different conservation measures on runoff, soil and nutrient loss under cashew nut in lateritic soils of south Konkan region

Greenberg, S.M.; Sappington, T.W.; Setamou, M.; Coleman, R.J., 2004:
Influence of different cotton fruit sizes on boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) oviposition and survival to adulthood

Jain, R.K., 2003:
Influence of different cropping sequences on population and incidence of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica)

Bonsembiante, M.; Chiericato, G.M.; Rizzi, C., 2004:
Influence of different dietary levels of sodium bicarbonate on production parameters at the start of lay

E.W.fa, S.A.; E.H.sseiny, O.M.; Shabaan, M., 2000:
Influence of different dietary oil and fat sources on broiler performance

Shahayaraj, K.; Sathiamoorthi, P., 2002:
Influence of different diets of Corcyra cephalonica on life history of a reduviid predator Rhynocoris marginatus (Fab.)

Neeraj Kumar; Sunil Kumar; Hari Chand; Ramashrit Singh, 2004:
Influence of different diets on queen production and performance in Apis mellifera and Apis cerana indica

Chaves, A. da C.; Schuch, M.W.; Fachinello, J.C., 2003:
Influence of different disinfectant solution concentrations in the establishment in vitro of Prunus explants

Liu ZhongKuan; Wang YanFang; Wang ShiPing; Han JianGuo; Chen ZuoZhong, 2004:
Influence of different drying methods on nutrition quality of forage

Petrov, P.; Germanova, L.; Kanev, D.; Doichev, V., 2003:
Influence of different energy levels of compound feeds on the growth rate and the beginning of the puberty in gilts

Joshi, M.A.; Mahal, G.S., 2004:
Influence of different environmental conditions on heritability estimates of morphological characters in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum var durum)

Paal, T.; Starast, M.; Karp, K., 2004:
Influence of different fertilisers and fertilising frequency on the development of Vaccinium angustifolium seedlings

Marghitas, M.; Rusu, M.; Balutiu, C., 1997:
Influence of different fertilization upon weight losses of potato tubers, after storage in equipped storehouse

Jia ZhiHong; Sun Min; Yang ZhenPing; Miao GuoYuan, 2004:
Influence of different fertilizers to crop rhizosphere microorganisms

Kremer, P.; Nuske, S.; Scholz, A.; Forster, M., 2004:
Influence of different floor conditions on claw development, metabolism and milk yield in dairy cows housed in stalls with free cow traffic

Garcia, J.A.; Fragoso, C., 2003:
Influence of different food substrates on growth and reproduction of two tropical earthworm species (Pontoscolex corethrurus and Amynthas corticis)

Dolui, A.K.; Bera, M., 2004:
Influence of different forms of iron and aluminium on nature of soil acidity in ultisol and inceptisol of Mizoram

Kucukoner, E.; Tarakc, Z., 2004:
Influence of different fruit additives on some properties of stirred yoghurt during storage

Volk, B.; Biedermann, G.; Kuhn, M.; Jatsch, C., 2004:
Influence of different genetic origins on the fattening and carcass performance, meat and fat quality and fatty acid pattern of phospholipids of pigs, F.; Miceli, A.; Caruso, P., 2003:
Influence of different greenhouse volume/area ratios on zucchini and eggplant production

Wang Li; W.X.aoHua, 2004:
Influence of different growth regulators on rooting of Osmanthus fragrans cuttings

Kiss, Z.O.; Mandy, A., 2003:
Influence of different growth regulators on the in vitro morphogenesis of an ornamental variety of carnation

Jiang JieZeng; Huang KaiFeng; Cao BeiSheng; Shuai JianHua; Zhu QingSen, 2004:
Influence of different harvest manners on creeping stems and shoots of water bamboo (Zizania latifolia Turcz.)

Gui MingYing; Guo YongHong; Liu Bei; Wang LongXiang, 2004:
Influence of different harvest maturities of Boletus speciosus on storage and freshness

Carvalho Junior, C. de; Borem, F.M.; Pereira, R.G.F.A.; Silva, F.M. da, 2003:
Influence of different harvest systems on quality of coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

Ghaffari, A., 2003:
Influence of different inorganic fertilizer rates and plant density on the yield of winter wheat (SXL/Glenson, SXL/VeeS and Sardari) in rainfed conditions

Santanu Giri, 2005 :
Influence of different intercrops on the incidence of borer pests, productivity and profitability of autumn planted sugarcane in gangetic alluvial zone of West Bengal

Alam, M.Z.; Haider, S.A.; Paul, N.K., 2004:
Influence of different irrigation regimes on the phenology and accumulated heat units in four bread wheat cultivars

Zhao QiangZhong; Zhao MouMing; Yang XiaoQuan; Lin WeiFeng; Jiang WenZhen, 2004:
Influence of different kinds of calcium enhancers on the stability of high calcium milk

Stoicheva, D.; Koleva, V., 2003:
Influence of different land-use on the humus content of alluvial-meadow soil and organic carbon in the soil solution

Lattemae, P.; Tamm, U., 2004:
Influence of different legume-grass mixtures and the use of additives on nutritive value and fermentation of silage

Guo YingYan; Jiang YuanMao; Peng FuTian, 2003:
Influence of different level of nitrogen on amino acid and protein in strawberry

Sarir, M.S.; Sharif, M.; Ahmed Zeb; Akhlaq, M., 2005:
Influence of different levels of humic acid application by various methods on the yield and yield components of maize

Singh, S.N.; Lallu, 2005:
Influence of different levels of nitrogen on its uptake and productive efficiency of paddy varieties

Sannappa, B.; Devaiah, M.C.; Govindan, R.; Ramakrishna Naika, 2003:
Influence of different levels of nitrogen on larval traits and cocoon yield of silkworm

Pandey, Sk, 2003:
Influence of different levels of nitrogen on the incidence of major insect pests of rice

Rishi Kumar; Gill, R.S.; Gurbax Singh, 2005:
Influence of different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and row orientation on yield attributes and seed yield of toria (Brassica campestris var. toria)

Utlu, N.; Kaya, N., 2004:
Influence of different levels of sunflower oil containing diets on saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids composition of serum, subcutaneous and adipose tissues of geese

Ali, M.R.; Iftikhar Ahmed; Maqbool Ahmed; Lubna Sahar, 2003:
Influence of different levels of supplementary feeding on the growth performance of major carps

Budic Leto, I.; Lovric, T.; Vrhovsek, U., 2003:
Influence of different maceration techniques and ageing on proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins of red wine cv. Babic (Vitis vinifera, L.)

Poussier, M.; Guilloux Benatier, M.; Torres, M.; Heras, E.; Adrian, M., 2003:
Influence of different maceration techniques and microbial enzymatic activities on wine stilbene content

Alves, M.C.; Suzuki, L.E.A.S., 2004:
Influence of different management systems of soil in its physical properties recuperation

Burs, W.; Martyniak, L., 2004:
Influence of different methods of sward irrigation on pasture yield and nitrate content in percolating water

Kumar, P.S.S.; Geetha, S.A.; Savithri, P.; Mahendran, P.P., 2004:
Influence of different micronutrient treatments on nutrient status of the soil, yield, growth and quality parameters in Muscat grapes (Vitis vinifera var. L.)

Qiu ChangEn; Kuang QiJun; Liu GuoXiang; H.Z.engYu, 2005:
Influence of different nitrogen concentrations on the growth and physiological characteristics of Chlorococcum sp

Kll, F., 2004:
Influence of different nitrogen levels on productivity of oilseed and confection sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.) under varying plant populations

Malik, M.A.; Saleem, M.F.; Cheema, M.A.; Shamim Ahmed, 2003:
Influence of different nitrogen levels on productivity of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) under varying planting patterns

Turan, M.; Sevml, F., 2005:
Influence of different nitrogen sources and levels on ion uptake of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitate)

Kirova, E.; Ignatov, G., 2004:
Influence of different nitrogen sources on the membrane permeability of different organ cells of inoculated and uninoculated soybean plants grown under gradual water stress

Kirova, E.; Ignatov, G., 2003:
Influence of different nitrogen sources on the membrane permeability of different organ of inoculated and uninoculated soybean grown under greduel water stress

Kirova, E.; Ignatov, G., 2004:
Influence of different nitrogen sources on the pigment content, leaf area and relative water content of inoculated and uninoculated soybean grown under moderate water stress

Kirova, E.; Georgieva, V., 2003:
Influence of different nitrogen sources on the pigment content, leaf area and water holding ability of inoculated and uninoculated soybean grown under graduel water stress

Bian YunLong; Deng DeXiang; Jiang ShouHua; Kan GuiZhen, 2004:
Influence of different nuclear composition on sterile cytoplasm effect in hybrid maize

Archana, B.; Swadija, O.K., 2000:
Influence of different organic manures, P levels and biofertilizer on the growth and yield of coleus

Christensen, F.H.; Andersen, A.M., 2004:
Influence of different parameters on the quality of bottom-filled moulded ice cream sticks

Chaves, A. de S.; Paiva, H.N. de, 2004:
Influence of different periods of shading on quality of Senna macranthera (Collad.) Irwin et Barn (fedegoso) seedlings

Kanakov, D.T.; Petkov, P.I.; Stojanchev, K.T., 2005:
Influence of different phosphorus diets on bone parameters of growing pigs

Muthumanickam, D., 2003:
Influence of different phosphorus sources and zinc spray on the yield and quality of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) under acid soils

H.Y.Hui; Kosaka, S., 2004:
Influence of different planting method on the growth of willows cuttings

Singh, K.K.; Jat, A.S.; Lohan, S.K.; Tulsa Rani, 2003:
Influence of different planting methods on wheat production after harvest of rice

Jadhav, Y.B.; Patil, M.T.; Gaikwad, A.M.; Patil, J.J., 2003:
Influence of different pruning levels on growth and flowering of roses under greenhouse

Janjecic, Z.; Muzic, S.; Salajpal, K., 2005:
Influence of different quantities of rapeseed meal and calcium on production results of broiler chicks

Maroto, J.V.; Pascual, B.; Miguel, A.; San Bautista, A.; Lopez Galarza, S.; Baixauli, C.; Aguilar, J.M., 2003:
Influence of different rootstocks and cycles on serpent melon (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus) production in soilless cultivation

Freitas, R.B. de; Oliviera, L.E.M. de; DeluFilho, N.; Soares, A.M., 2003:
Influence of different shading levels on the physiological behavior of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) cultivars

Vits, A.; Weitzenburger, D.; Hamann, H.; Distl, O., 2005:
Influence of different small-group-systems on performance traits, egg quality and bone breaking strength of laying hens. 2nd Communication: Bone breaking strength

Vits, A.; Weitzenburger, D.; Hamann, H.; Distl, O., 2005:
Influence of different small-group-systems on the production traits, egg quality and bone breaking strength of laying hens. 1st Communication: production traits and egg quality

Filipovic, D.; Kosutic, S.; Gospodaric, Z., 2004:
Influence of different soil tillage systems on fuel consumption, labour requirement and yield in maize and winter wheat production

Samalieva, A.; Tosheva, E., 2002:
Influence of different soil types nutrition regime on the economic effectiveness of wheat production

Yang GuiYu; Luo YuanPei; L.B.oGuo, 2004:
Influence of different soil water in seedling stage on root and shoot biomass accumulation of winter wheat

Chen BingHua; Liu JianQiu, 2003:
Influence of different solvents and storage conditions on extraction and stability of anthocyanin from Rubus caudifolius Wuzhi fruit

Sahu, T.D.; Mandal, S.R., 2004:
Influence of different sources of phosphate on micronutrient content of green manure crops and their availability during winter season

Shirshikar, S.P., 2003:
Influence of different sowing dates on the incidence of sunflower necrosis disease

Ming, K.; Gu, D.J.u; Wei,; Zhang, W.Q.u, 2005 :
Influence of different stages of Diaeretiella rapae on development of Pachyneuron aphidis

Carneiro, R.M.D.G.; Neves, D.I. das; Mesquita, L.F.G. de, 2003:
Influence of different substrata on the percolation of Pasteuria penetrans endospores in coffee seedlings

Cavallaro, V.; Castiglione, V.; Avola, G.; Finocchiaro, E., 2004:
Influence of different substrates on the in vitro rhizogenesis process of early artichoke

Sun QiYing, 2004:
Influence of different thermoresistant stress additives on production performance of dairy cow

Tormena, C.A.; Vidigal Filho, P.S.; Goncalves, A.C.A.; Araujo, M.A.; Pintro, J.C., 2004:
Influence of different tillage systems in physical properties of a dystrophic red latosol

Feckova, J.; Cerny, I.; Pacuta, V., 2002:
Influence of different tillage systems on yield and selected qualitative parameters of sugar beet

Pal, A.K., 2004:
Influence of different types of container on growth and development of four foliage house plants

Mohammad Ayub, 2004:
Influence of different types of milk and stabilizers on sensory evaluation and whey separation of yoghurt

Stimbirys, A.; Antanavicius, L., 2005:
Influence of different types of pig crossing on carcass lean meat content

Jahnecke, S.; Weiss, C.; Rehagen, M.; Brune, A.; Traeder, W., 2004:
Influence of different vaccination protocols with gE-negative modified live BHV1 vaccines on the immune response of calves with and without maternally acquired antibodies under field conditions

Topisirovic, G., 2003:
Influence of different ventilation systems on inhalable and respirable dust particles concentrations distribution in weaning and finishing fattening pig houses

Pujol Osle, P.; Boicet Fabre, T.; Verdecia Salgado, J.; Boudet Antomarchi, A.D., 2002:
Influence of different water deficit treatments on sweet potato clone CEMSA 78-354 in two growing seasons

Biswas, M.K.; De, B.K.; Nath, P.S.; Mohasin, M., 2004:
Influence of different weather factors on the population build up of vectors of potato virus

Makaveeva, M.; Petrova, I.I.; Angelow, L., 2004:
Influence of different zinc-iodine-selenium supplements to the diet of ewes during pregnancy and lactation on the milk performance and trace element content

Zagrai, L.; Rusu, M.; Marghitas, M.; Zagrai, I.; Maxim, A.; Balutiu, C.; Mihaiescu, T., 2002:
Influence of differentiated fertilization of the soil on the growth and fructification process in Florina apple variety

Koper, J.; Lemanowicz, J., 2005:
Influence of differentiated organic-mineral fertilization on soil phosphatase activity and phosphorus content in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) rhizosphere

Schneeberger, W.; Eder, M., 2003:
Influence of direct payments on the farm classification system

Sagardoy, M.A.; Gomez, H.E.; Montero, F.A.; Zoratti, C.; Quiroga, A.R., 2001:
Influence of direct sowing system on soil microorganisms

Sukanya, T.S.; Meli, S.S., 2004:
Influence of distillery effluents on growth, yield and quality of wheat

Duca, M.; Port, A.; Rotaru, T., 2003:
Influence of diverse factors on the variability in auxin and gibberellin contents in Helianthus annuus L

Gehlen, H.; Becker, J.; Deegen, E.; Stadler, P., 2004:
Influence of dobutamine on cardiac function and hemodynamic in horses with and without heart valve insufficiencies

Hadi, K.M.; A.R.waih, F.M., 2005:
Influence of dolomitization on the geochemistry of carbonate and elastic aquifers induced by vertical flow, Kuwait

Jia LiJun; Zhang YanMei; Peng DaXin; Liu HongQi; Cheng Jian; Zhang RuKuan; Liu XiuFan, 2004:
Influence of dosage and maternal antibody on responses of chickens to recombinant fowl pox virus vaccine against H5 subtype avian influenza

Nielsen, C.M.; Steele, K.D.; Forster, W.A.; Zabkiewicz, J.A., 2005:
Influence of dose and molecular weight on foliar mass uptake of surfactant

Breitling Utzmann, C.M.; Hrenn, H.; Haase, N.U.; Unbehend, G.M., 2004:
Influence of dough ingredients on 3-MCPD formation in toast

Breitling-Utzmann, C.M.; Hrenn, H.; Haase, N.U.; Unbehend, G.M., 2005:
Influence of dough ingredients on 3-chloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) formation in toast

Raghuwanshi, K.S.; Dake, G.N.; Sawant, D.M., 2004:
Influence of downy mildew on morphological characters and yield parameters of sunflower

Furuhata, M.; Kusuda, O.; Fukushima, A., 2005:
Influence of draining after direct seeding of rice under submerged conditions on seedling emergence and establishment in relation to three-phase structure of soil

Dobicki, A.; Pres, J.; uczak, W.; Szyrner, A., 2005:
Influence of dried brewery's yeast on body weight gains, physiological and biochemical indicators of blood and development of the rumen microorganisms in calves

Jaka, F.; Thaqi, M.; Gashi, A., 2004:
Influence of drill working speed on the wheat sowing quality

Gromysz Kakowska, K.; Kanoniuk, D.; Szubartowska, E.; Unkiewicz Winiarczyk, A., 2004:
Influence of drinking water-administered aluminium on morphology and respiratory function of blood in rats

Dhanapal, R.; Maheswarappa, H.P.; Subramanian, P., 2004:
Influence of drip irrigation on nut characters and yield of coconut (Cocos nucifera) in laterite soil

Zhu JinWen; Shi JiAng; Zhu GuoNian et al., 2003:
Influence of droplet size and spray volume on retention of chlorpyrifos on cabbage leaves

Abdou, E.S., 2004:
Influence of drought and salinity on the interaction between sunflower plants and rust fungus Puccinia helianthi

Dorry, M.A.; Norinia, A.A., 2004:
Influence of drought stress on some traits of seedling growth of Plantago ovata Forsk

Mao, L.X.; Jett, L.E.; Story, R.N.; Hammond, A.M.; Peterson, J.K.; Labonte, D.R., 2004:
Influence of drought stress on sweetpotato resistance to sweetpotato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Coleoptera: Apoinidae), and storage root chemistry

Nagase, H.; Endo, T.; Ueda, H.; Nagai, T., 2003:
Influence of dry conditions on dehydration of alpha , alpha -trehalose dihydrate

Fageria, Nk, 2004:
Influence of dry matter and length of roots on growth of five field crops at varying soil zinc and copper levels

Lopes, D.; Strobl, H.; Kolodziejczyk, P., 2005:
Influence of drying and distilling procedures on the chemical composition of Valerian oil (Valeriana officinalis L.)

Leeuwen, P.J. van; Trompert, J.P.T., 2005:
Influence of drying conditions and storage temperature on desiccation and loss of tubers during storage and subsequent growth of Zantedeschia tubers

Nautiyal, P.C.; Zala, P.V., 2004:
Influence of drying method and temperature on germinability and vigour of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) seed harvested in summer season

Omidbaigi, R.; Sefidkon, F.; Kazemi, F., 2004:
Influence of drying methods on the essential oil content and composition of Roman chamomile

Guarte, R.C.; Pott, I.; Muhlbauer, W., 2005:
Influence of drying parameters on beta -carotene retention in mango leather

Piga, A.; Caro, A. del; Fenu, P., 2004:
Influence of drying parameters on phenolics and antioxidant activity of prunes

Cesare, L.F. di; Forni, E.; Viscardi, D.; Nani, R.C., 2004:
Influence of drying techniques on the volatile phenolic compounds, chlorophyll and colour of oregano (Origanum vulgare L. ssp. Prismaticum gaudin)

Udroiu, A.; Muller, J., 1999:
Influence of drying temperature on drying time and quality of Valeriana officinalis

Lee, K-Jae.; Vos, R.; Janssens, J.; Tack, J., 2003:
Influence of duodenal acidification on the sensorimotor function of the proximal stomach in humans

Swaminathan, C.; Bhavanisanker, K.; Hann, J., 2004:
Influence of duration of FA resin preservative treatment on heartwood of Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Chatterjee, P.N.; Harjit Kaur; Neelam Kewalramani; Tyagi, A.K., 2005:
Influence of duration of prepartum and postpartum vitamin E supplementation on mastitis and milk yield in crossbred cows

Pocius, A.; Bozys, J., 2003:
Influence of dynamical factors to quality work of mineral fertilizer spreader

Rowe, L.J.; Maddock, K.R.; Lonergan, S.M.; Huff-Lonergan, E., 2004:
Influence of early postmortem protein oxidation on beef quality

Dozier, W.A.I.I.I.; Lien, R.J.; Hess, J.B.; Bilgili, S.F., 2003:
Influence of early skip-a-day feed removal on live performance and carcass yield of broilers of different sexes and strain sources

Castillo, A.E.; Benito, S.G.; Iglesias, M.C., 2005:
Influence of earthworms on organic waste composting and characterisation of vermicompost end products

Rajashekhar, A.V.; Reddy, Y.N., 2003:
Influence of ecological factors on mermithid parasitism in Anopheles sp. of natural population

Spiess, E., 2004:
Influence of ecological measures on nitrate content of groundwater

Sawadogo, M.; Ouedraogo, J.; Belem, M.; Balma, D.; Dossou, B.; Jarvis, D., 2005:
Influence of ecosystem components on cultural practices affecting the in situ conservation of agricultural biodiversity

Bailey, S.; Horsley, S.; Long, R.; Hallett, R., 2004:
Influence of edaphic factors on sugar maple nutrition and health on the Allegheny Plateau

Hien, O.C.; Diarra, B.; Boly, H.; Sawadogo, L., 2005:
Influence of egg weight on hatchability and performances of keets

Panayiotopoulos, K.P.; Barbayiannis, N.; Papatolios, K., 2004:
Influence of electrolyte concentration, sodium adsorption ratio, and mechanical disturbance on dispersed clay particle size and critical flocculation concentration in alfisols

Pozeliene, A.; Staselis, A.; Lynikiene, S., 2003:
Influence of electromagnetic fields on seed germination dynamics

Paula, F.R.; Serrano, S.H.P.; Tavares, L.C., 2004:
Influence of electronic distribution on the reducing potential of 5-nitro-heterocyclic compounds with anti-chagasic activity

Kwan, W.P.; Voelker, B.M., 2004:
Influence of electrostatics on the oxidation rates of organic compounds in heterogeneous Fenton systems

Saxon, M.; Davis, M.; Pritchard, S.; Runion, G.; Prior, S.; Stelzer, H.; Rogers, H.; Dute, R., 2004:
Influence of elevated CO2, nitrogen, and Pinus elliottii genotypes on performance of the redheaded pine sawfly, Neodiprion lecontei

Oliveira, A.A.; Magalhaes, N., 2004:
Influence of elevation and slope exposure upon productivity and must quality of 'Touriga Nacional' (sub-Region of Douro Superior)

Dokht, H.A.; Mazaheri, D.; Chaichi, M.R., 2004:
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Influence of extensive farming on the segetal flora of sandy sites taking into account of phenological aspects

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Influence of fertilization on potato growth functions

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Influence of fire on litter production and root and litter turnover in a semiarid grassland of South Africa

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Influence of flavomycin on ruminal fermentation and microbial populations in sheep

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Influence of floc structure on membrane permeability in the coagulation-MF process

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Influence of flocculation conditions in the performance of an experimental domestic sewage treatment plant consisting of an anaerobic expanded bed reactor followed by dissolved air flotation

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Influence of flooding on the degradation of linuron, isoproturon and metolachlor in soil

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Influence of flowers per cluster, fruit-set and berry weight on cluster weight in Verdejo grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)

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Influence of fluorine on the human organism

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Influence of footbathing on prevalence of digital dermatitis after introduction of diseased animal into healthy dairy herd

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Influence of forest on hydrological parameters

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Influence of freezing time on the quality of beef

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Influence of frequency and voltage of electric excitation signal on electric property of fruits

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Influence of fungicides and insectofungicides applied in bean seeds, on the attack of pathogens from soil and wire worms

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Influence of genotype and culture medium on in vitro culture of Thuja orientalis

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Influence of growth habit on some qualitative and quantitative features to peanuts grown on sandy soils

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Influence of gypsum treatment on extractability of nutrients from soils

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Influence of heavy agricultural machines on the physico-mechanical soil properties

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Influence of heavy metal and SO2 pollution on ectomycorrhizas of Picea obovata and Abies sibirica

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Influence of heavy rate of nitrogen fertilizer on oil content and fatty acid composition of different varieties and hybrids

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Influence of joining strength on fatigue performance of chains

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Influence of kernel maturity, milling degree, and milling quality on rice bran phytochemical concentrations

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