Section 5
Chapter 4,204

Influence of endospore concentration and agitation period of the suspension on the attachment of Pasteuria penetrans to Meloidogyne javanica

Alves, F.R.; Freitas, L.G.; Martinelli, P.R.P.; Campos, A.V.S.; Oliveira, R.D.L.; Ferraz, S.

Nematologia Brasileira 28(2): 235-237


Accession: 004203230

To promote the reproduction of P. penetrans, it is important to inoculate plants with nematodes bearing at least 3 endospores in their cuticles since the rate of endospore germination is about 30%. However, high numbers of endospores attached per juvenile may reduce or impede their penetration into the roots of the host plants.

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