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Influence of the date of sowing and row plant density on agronomic characters of the soybean

Komori, E.; Hamawaki, O.T.; Souza, M.P. de; Shigihara, D.; Batista, A.M.

Bioscience Journal 20(3): 13-19


ISSN/ISBN: 1981-3163
Accession: 004205456

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The performance of soyabean cultivars DM-118, DM-247, DM-309, DM-Victoria, DM-603, DM-339, DM-Nobre and DM-570, sown on 30 October, 15 and 30 November and 15 December at different densities was evaluated in a field experiment conducted in Brazil. Sowing on 5 December resulted in smaller plants and yield losses particularly in short-cycle cultivars such as DM-118 which recorded a 37.13% grain yield losses. DM-570 recorded the highest incidence of lodging. Denser populations gave higher number of plants at flowering, and higher insertion of the first pod and lodging, although lodging did not result in yield losses.

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