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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4207

Chapter 4207 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Influences of insecticides on toxicity and cuticular penetration of abamectin in Helicoverpa armigera
, Insect Science il; 12(2): 109-119 (2005)

Influences of land use and stream size on particulate and dissolved materials in a small Amazonian stream network
, Biogeochemistry 68(2): 135-151 (2004)

Influences of land-use change and edges on soil respiration in a managed forest landscape, WI, USA
, Forest Ecology and Management 215(1/3): 169-182 (2005)

Influences of lavender fragrance and cut flower arrangements on cognitive performance
, International Journal of Aromatherapy 14(4): 169-174 (2004)

Influences of leaf pruning on the content of the secondary phenolic metabolites barbaloin, aloeresin and aloenin, in the leaves of Aloe arborescens
, South African Journal of Botany 70(4): 582-586 (2004)

Influences of lignin from paper mill sludge on soil properties and metal accumulation in wheat
, Biology and fertility of soils 40(4): 237-242 (2004)

Influences of low temperature and poor light on photosynthetic characteristics in eggplant seedlings
, Acta Botanica Boreali Occidentalia Sinica 24(5): 831-836 (2004)

Influences of magnesium chloride on growth, chlorophyll, some photosynthetic elements and total soluble sugar contents in rice (Oryza sativa L.) leaves cv. Hom Supanburi
, Proceedings of 43rd Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Thailand, 1-4 February, 2005 Subject: Plants: 44-52 (2005)

Influences of main factors on the aroma of scented tea
, Journal of Anhui Agricultural University 31(4): 440-445 (2004)

Influences of maternal dietary intake and suckling on breast milk lipid and fatty acid composition in low-income women from Brasilia, Brazil
, Early Human Development 81(3): 303-311 (2005)

Influences of maternal weight on the secondary sex ratio of human offspring
, Human Reproduction 19(2): 442-444 (2004)

Influences of meteorological and vegetational factors on the partitioning of the energy of a rice paddy field
, Hydrological Processes 19(8): 1567-1583 (2005)

Influences of mineral nutrition on growth and elemental composition of hydroponically grown zucchini plants
, Acta Horticulturae (644): 399-407 (2004)

Influences of nano-TiO2 on the chloroplast aging of spinach under light
, Biological Trace Element Research 104(3): 249-260 (2005)

Influences of native (Megascolecidae) and exotic (Lumbricidae) earthworms on ryegrass production in acidic pasture soils from south-eastern Australia
, Pedobiologia 47(5/6): 830-834 (2003)

Influences of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer on the quality of 'Jupiter' pepper (Capsicum annuum) under storage
, Acta Horticulturae (628(Vol 1)): 135-140 (2003)

Influences of nitrogen rates on biomass, nitrate and oxalate accumulation in spinach
, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science 10(5): 494-498 (2004)

Influences of organic compounds and nitric acid solutions on release of copper, zinc and lead from a mixed metal-polluted agricultural soil
, Acta Pedologica Sinica 41(2): 237-244 (2004)

Influences of overload in the highway transport on the vehicle's service life and reliability
, Nongye Jixie Xuebao = Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery 36(1): 18-21 (2005)

Influences of pH and hydraulic retention time on anaerobes converting beer processing wastes into hydrogen
, Water Science and Technology 52(1-2): 123-129 (2005)

Influences of paper birch competition on growth of understory white spruce and subalpine fir following spacing
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33(10): 1962-1973 (2003)

Influences of photoperiod and alternate days of feeding on plasma growth hormone and thyroid hormone levels in juvenile rainbow trout
, Journal of Fish Biology 63(1): 197-212 (2003)

Influences of pine needles from different pine forests on the growth and development of masson pine caterpillar, Dendrolimus punctatus Walker
, Acta Entomologica Sinica 46(6): 720-726 (2003)

Influences of plant extract supplementation on performance and blood characteristics in weaned pigs
, Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 17(3): 374-378 (2004)

Influences of population density of Plantago virginica on its morphological characters of underground and aboveground organs
, Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Botany 12(5): 419-424 (2004)

Influences of porous pipe depth on dynamic of soil water and salt and growth of tomato in protected field
, Scientia Agricultura Sinica 36(12): 1508-1514 (2003)

Influences of preceding cover crops on slug damage and biological control using Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita
, Annals of Applied Biology 145(3): 279-284 (2004)

Influences of primed and pelleted flue-cured tobacco seeds on the growth of tobacco seedlings produced by float system
, Journal of Hunan Agricultural University 31(4): 388-391 (2005)

Influences of recovery from clear-cut, climate variability, and thinning on the carbon balance of a young ponderosa pine plantation
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 130(3/4): 207-222 (2005)

Influences of rice straw and rice straw compost on yield and nutrient uptake of sweet corn grown on Pimai soil series
, Proceedings of 43rd Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Thailand, 1-4 February, 2005 Subject: Plants: 354-360 (2005)

Influences of root restriction on the growth and fruiting of young nectarine trees cultivated in greenhouse
, Acta Agriculturae Shanghai 20(3): 37-41 (2004)

Influences of salinity and desiccation on development of first-stage larvae in the egg of Eustrongylides ignotus and their impact on the epizootiology of Eustrongylides ignotus in Florida, U.S.A
, Comparative Parasitology 71(2): 262-263 (2004)

Influences of salinity and light on germination of three Sarcocornia taxa with contrasted habitats
, Aquatic Botany 78(3): 255-264 (2004)

Influences of salinity and shade on seedling photosynthesis and growth of two mangrove species, Rhizophora mangle and Bruguiera sexangula, introduced to Hawaii
, Aquatic Botany 77(4): 311-324 (2003)

Influences of sedimentary organic matter quality on the bioaccumulation of 4-nonylphenol by estuarine amphipods
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry il; 23(4): 865-873 (2004)

Influences of seed age and storage conditions on germination ability of hemp seed (Cannabis sativa L. var. sativa)
, Acta Agriculturae Slovenica 83(1): 85-94 (2004)

Influences of several commonly used pesticides on Bemisia tabaci population
, Journal of South China Agricultural University 25(1): 40-43 (2004)

Influences of silicon on phenolic metabolism in Chinese white-flowered gourd and its relation to resistance to powdery mildew
, Acta Phytophylacica Sinica 31(2): 185-189 (2004)

Influences of simulated grazing and water-depth on the growth of juvenile Bolboschoenus caldwellii, Phragmites australis and Schoenoplectus validus plants
, Aquatic Botany 78(3): 233-242 (2004)

Influences of some organic biostimulants on runner production of strawberry
, Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi, Ataturk Universitesi 35(1/2): 31-34 (2004)

Influences of soyabean root rot pathogen on physiological and biochemical indicators in soyabean seedlings
, Chinese Journal of Oil Crop Sciences 26(3): 57-61 (2004)

Influences of stage of lactation, teat position and sequential milk sampling on the composition of domestic cat milk (Felis catus)
, Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 88(1/2): 46-58 (2004)

Influences of stand composition and age on forest floor processes and chemistry in pure and mixed stands of Douglas-fir and paper birch in interior British Columbia
, Forest Ecology and Management 219(1): 29-42 (2005)

Influences of structure in seed-setting period on the agronomic characters of summer seeding soyabean
, Acta Agriculturae Boreali Sinica 19(3): 26-30 (2004)

Influences of suspended particles on the runoff of pesticides from an agricultural field at Askim, SE-Norway
, Environmental Geochemistry and Health 26(2): 295-302 (2004)

Influences of temperature and photoperiod on rosetting characteristics of Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinn. cultivars grown in growth chambers
, Environment Control in Biology 42(2): 131-136 (2004)

Influences of temperature, relative humidity, and heat sources on ignition: a laboratory test
, Taiwan Journal of Forest Science 20(1): 89-93 (2005)

Influences of temperature, salinity and starvation on the motility and chemotactic response of Vibrio anguillarum
, Microbiology 150(Pt 5): 1283-1290 (2004)

Influences of the drainage day after seeding on emergence and establishment of submerged direct-sown rice plants
, Japanese Journal of Crop Science 74(2): 134-140 (2005)

Influences of the electrode dimension of the dielectric seed separator on the separation effect
, Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 20(5): 142-146 (2004)

Influences of the proportion of solid fat in a shortening on loaf volume and staling of bread
, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 28(5): 359-367 (2004)

Influences of the soils on the morphological characteristics of an autochthonous Norway spruce on the Pokljuka plateau
, Glasnik za Sumske Pokuse 38: 137-147 (2001)

Influences of the vegetation mosaic on riparian and stream environments in a mixed forest-grassland landscape in Mediterranean northwestern California
, Ecography 28(4): 537-551 (2005)

Influences of thermal acclimation and acute temperature change on the motility of epithelial wound-healing cells (keratocytes) of tropical, temperate and Antarctic fish
, Journal of Experimental Biology 206(Pt 24): 4539-4551 (2003)

Influences of traditional Chinese medicine on non-specific immunity of Jian Carp (Cyprinus carpio var. Jian)
, Fish and Shellfish Immunology 16(2): 185-191 (2004)

Influences of vermicomposts on field strawberries: 1. effects on growth and yields
, Bioresource Technology 93(2): 145-153 (2004)

Influences of watershed urbanization and instream habitat on macroinvertebrates in cold water streams
, Journal of the American Water Resources Association 39(5): 1181-1196 (2003)

Influences of worm casting organic fertilizer on weed invasion on the creeping bentgrass sward
, Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland Science 25(3): 211-216 (2005)

Influences on air quality and odor from mechanically ventilated swine finishing buildings in Illinois
, Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 2(2): 353-360 (2004)

Influences on excretion of antibiotic residues in milk with special emphasis on milking frequency
, Mastitis in dairy production: current knowledge and future solutions: 677-683 (2005)

Influences on food choice and dietary behavior
, Diet diversification and health promotion Conference of the European Academy of Nutritional Sciences EANS, Vienna, 14-15 May 2004 : 36-43 (2004)

Influences on mercury bioaccumulation factors for the Savannah River
, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 46(2): 236-243 (2004)

Influences on release-site fidelity of translocated elk
, Restoration Ecology ch; 12(1): 97-105 (2004)

Influences on residential yard care and water quality: Tualatin watershed, Oregon
, Journal of the American Water Resources Association 41(1): 93-106 (2005)

Influences on sportspersonship orientations - contextual and motivational
, Youth Studies Australia 24(1): 48-53 (2005)

Influences on timeliness costs and their variability on arable farms
, Biosystems engineering 92(1): 1-13 (2005)

Influences on tocopherol biosynthesis in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
, Journal of Plant Physiology 162(7): 758-766 (2005)

Influencing US environmental policy: players and strategies
, Australian Journal of Dairy Technology 59(2): 110-115 (2004)

Influencing factors of dyeing depth on Castanopsis sclerophylla
, Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 21(1): 6-9 (2004)

Influencing factors of infestation of endo and ectoparasites on hair sheep in tropical Ecuador
, Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics 104(2): 167-172 (2003)

Influencing mechanisms of several shrubs on soil chemical properties in semiarid Horqin Sandy Land, China
, Arid Land Research and Management 18(3): 251-263 (2004)

Influential Dutch cheeses
, Maelkeritidende 118(6): 174-176 (2005)

Influential factors on indoor air dustiness in woodworking companies
, Drvna Industrija 53(3): 131-140 (2002)

Influenza A viruses in feral Canadian ducks: extensive reassortment in nature
, Journal of General Virology 85(Pt 8): 2327-2337 (2004)

Influenza A viruses of migrating wild aquatic birds in North America
, Vector Borne and Zoonotic DiseasesFall; 4(3): 177-189 (2004)

Influenza DNA vaccine: an update
, Chinese Medical Journal 117(1): 125-132 (2004)

Influenza a common viral infection among Hajj pilgrims: time for routine surveillance and vaccination
, Journal of Travel Medicine 11(2): 82-86 (2004)

Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination as a model to assess C-reactive protein response to mild inflammation
, Vaccine 23(3): 362-365 (2004)

Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination of the elderly in Taiwan
, Vaccine 22(21-22): 2806-2811 (2004)

Influenza as a model system for studying the cross-species transfer and evolution of the SARS coronavirus
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 359(1447): 1067-1073 (2004)

Influenza burden of illness, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention: what is the evidence in children and where are the gaps?
, Archives of Disease in Childhood 90(5): 532-536 (2005)

Influenza epidemiologic and virologic surveillance in Antananarivo from 1995 to 2002
, Archives de l' Institut Pasteur de Madagascar 69(1/2): 20-26 (2003)

Influenza in Thailand: a case study for middle income countries
, Vaccine 23(2): 182-187 (2004)

Influenza infections after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: risk factors, mortality, and the effect of antiviral therapy
, Clinical Infectious Diseases 39(9): 1300-1306 (2004)

Influenza pandemics and avian flu
, BMJ 331(7524): 1066-1069 (2005)

Influenza surveillance in birds in Italian wetlands (1992-1998): is there a host restricted circulation of influenza viruses in sympatric ducks and coots?
, Veterinary Microbiology 98(3-4): 197-208 (2004)

Influenza vaccination coverage and related factors among Spanish patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
, Vaccine 23(28): 3679-3686 (2005)

Influenza vaccination in patients with asthma: effect on the frequency of upper respiratory tract infections and exacerbations
, Journal of Asthma 41(3): 279-283 (2004)

Influenza vaccination with 1/10th the full dose
, New England Journal of Medicine 351(22): 2339-2340 (2004)

Influenza vaccine in healthy children: a meta-analysis
, Vaccine 23(22): 2851-2861 (2005)

Influenza virus infection in travelers to tropical and subtropical countries
, Clinical Infectious Diseases 40(9): 1282-1287 (2005)

Influenza viruses detected from quails in the poultry markets in south China
, Chinese Journal of Zoonoses 21(2): 185-186 (2005)

Influenza-related hospitalisations among children aged less than 5 years old in the Basque Country, Spain: a 3-year study (July 2001-June 2004)
, Vaccine 23(34): 4302-4306 (2005)

Influenza: changing approaches to prevention and treatment in travelers
, Journal of Travel Medicine 12(1): 36-44 (2005)

Infochemical-mediated niche use by the predatory mites Typhlodromalus manihoti and T. aripo (Acari: Phytoseiidae)
, Journal of Insect Behavior 16(4): 523-535 (2003)

Infochemical-mediated preference behavior of the parasitoid Microctonus hyperodae when searching for its adult weevil hosts
, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata ust; 112(2): 117-124 (2004)

Infochemically-mediated interaction networks in the plant-insect community
, Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology 48(3): 169-176 (2004)

Informal activities, standardisation and development: pig breeding in Guadeloupe (French West Indies)
, Cahiers Agricultures 13(3): 263-270 (2004)

Informal confidential voting interview methods and temporal changes in reported sexual risk behaviour for HIV transmission in sub-Saharan Africa
, Sexually Transmitted Infections 80(Suppl. 2): Ii36 (2004)

Informal labor and social relations in northern Malawi: the theoretical challenges and implications of ganyu labor for food security
, Rural Sociology 70(2): 167-187 (2005)

Informal network utilisation and water distribution in two districts in the Khorezm Province, Uzbekistan
, Local Environment 9(4): 337-352 (2004)

Informal savings mechanisms for maintaining a rural water system, Ghana
, Waterlines 24(2): 8-9 (2005)

Informal sector business travellers in the developing world: a borderlands perspective
, Journal of Tourism Studies 16(1): 82-92 (2005)

Informatics system aided diagnostic process of electrical devices used in agriculture
, Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering 48(4): 52-55 (2003)

Information about the current state of the sugar industry in Poland
, Gazeta Cukrownicza 112(2/3): 34-41 (2004)

Information about transmission opportunities triggers a life-history switch in a parasite
, Evolution 57(12): 2899-2903 (2003)

Information and access to health care: is there a role for trust?
, Social Science and Medicine 61(7): 1452-1462 (2005)

Information and communication in society
, Acta Paediatrica, Suppl. 94(448): 38-39 (2005)

Information and communication management in agricultural research for development: the ICM4ARD proposal from the regional fora and GFAR as a global framework for action
, Quarterly Bulletin of IAALD 49(3/4): 99-104 (2004)

Information and communication technologies (ICT) and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR): a discussion paper
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information 4(4): 35-64 (2002)

Information and communication technologies and poverty alleviation
, Current Science 87(7): 960-966 (2004)

Information and communication technologies in Turkish agriculture
, Outlook on Agriculture 34(1): 49-53 (2005)

Information and communication technology (ICT) strategy for the Nature and Development Group of Africa: towards an ICT enabled collaboration for free ranging poultry development amongst resource poor households
, The potential of free ranging poultry development in improving the livelihoods and food security of rural households Proceedings of the 1st National Workshop on indigenous poultry development, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 29-30 October 2003: 46-51 (2003)

Information and communication technology in cardiovascular disease prevention in developing countries: hype and hope
, International Journal of Cardiology 92(2/3): 105-111 (2003)

Information and communications technologies for tourism
, The management of tourism: 232-245 (2005)

Information and educational activities for prophylaxis of respiratory diseases in the Krasnoyarsk region
, Gigiena i Sanitariia (1): 64-65 (2005)

Information and family planning as measures of health promotion
, Ciencia and Saude Coletiva 9(4): 1023-1032 (2004)

Information and knowledge management at ICIMOD - a strategy framework
, ICIMOD, Newsletter of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (47): 7-10 (2005)

Information and managerial prerequisites of current liquidity controlling
, Ekonomika Pol' nohospodarstva (3): 35-40 (2003)

Information and regulation in the Senegalese vegetable commodity chain
, Cahiers Agricultures 13(1): 148-157 (2004)

Information and training needs of non-timber forest products' operators in Southern Nigeria
, Journal of Sustainable Forestry 20(1): 43-52 (2005)

Information architecture framework for agri-food networks
, Dynamics in chains and networks: Proceedings of the sixth International Conference on chain and network management in agribusiness and the food industry, Ede, 27-28 May 2004: 159-165 (2004)

Information asymmetry and agricultural credit: the case of Coamo Cooperative, Toledo, Parana
, Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural 42(2): 267-291 (2004 )

Information asymmetry and the role of traceability systems
, Agribusiness: an international journaltumn 20(4): 397-415 (2004)

Information communication technology revolutionizing tourism
, Tourism Recreation Research 30(3): 7-16 (2005)

Information cues of agricultural advertisements in Nigerian daily newspapers
, Moor Journal of Agricultural Research 4(2): 260-265 (2003)

Information dissemination for development: an impact study
, Information Development 19(2): 111-125 (2003)

Information effects on consumers' willingness to purchase irradiated food products
, Review of Agricultural Economics Boston 27(1): 37-48 (2005)

Information entropy measures for stand structural diversity: joint entropy
, Forestry Studies in China 6(2): 12-15 (2004)

Information flow and group decision making in social bees
, Apidologie 35(2): 97-226 (2004)

Information flow and organization of stingless bee foraging
, Apidologie ch; 35(2): 143-157 (2004)

Information flow and regulation of foraging activity in bumble bees (Bombus spp.)
, Apidologie 35(2): 183-192 (2004)

Information flow in lamb supply chains - implications for terminal sire breeding
, 50 years of DNA: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference, Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Melbourne, Australia, 7-11 July 2003: 334-337 (2003)

Information for human resource management
, South African Health Review 2005: 190-199 (2005)

Information from the MSA on pesticides and health
, Phytoma (585): 8-11 (2005)

Information impacts of a land reclamation extension program conducted to farmers in El-Salhia El-Gadida area of Sharkia Governorate
, Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research 81(1): 353-372 (2003)

Information literacy for GIS curricula: an instructional model for faculty
, Journal of Map and Geography Libraries 1(1): 41-58 (2004)

Information management in pig production: 2. Reports
, SUIS (9): 42-50 (2004)

Information management in pig production: 3. Information analysis
, SUIS (10): 42-50 (2004)

Information management partnerships for development: some experiences and virtual perspectives
, Quarterly Bulletin of IAALD 49(3/4): 105-113 (2004)

Information management system for quality assurance in forage harvest and conservation
, Schriftenreihe der Eidgenossischen Forschungsanstalt fur Agrarwirtschaft und Landtechnik (62): 75-82 (2004)

Information meeting of the DLR Rheinpfalz. Eco-cultivation analysed
, Gemuse Munchen 40(12): 35-36 (2004)

Information needs with regard to Improved Dairy Breeding Practices (IDBPs) in hilly areas of Uttaranchal State - a gender perspective
, Indian Journal of Dairy Science 56(6): 387-393 (2003)

Information on Brazilian ornamental species of the genus Tillandsia L. (Bromeliaceae)
, Acta Horticulturae (683): 293-300 (2005)

Information on new milk recording methods. A milk recording method according to preference
, Schweizer Fleckvieh (1): 4-5 (2004)

Information on resource quality mediates aggression between male Madagascar hissing cockroaches, Gromphadorhina portentosa (Dictyoptera: Blaberidae)
, Ethology 111(6): 626-637 (2005)

Information on selected water quality characteristics for the production of black sea bass, Centropristis striata juveniles
, Journal of Applied Aquaculture 15(3/4): 183-190 (2004)

Information on the andromeda lace bug (Stephanitis takeyai Drake et Maa) - a new pest of Japanese pieris in Germany
, Rhododendron und immergrune Laubgeholze Jahrbuch (2004): 43-50, 101-103 (2004)

Information pooling and collusion: implications for the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization 1: article 14 (2003)

Information provision for allergic consumers - where are we going with food allergen labelling?
, Allergy 59(12): 1262-1268 (2004)

Information resource use and uncertainty reduction at visitor information centres
, Information and communication technologies in tourism 2004, the 11th ENTER International Conference in Cairo, Egypt 2004: 118-128 (2004)

Information search behavior and tourist characteristics: the internet vis-a-vis other information sources
, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 17(2/3): 15-25 (2004)

Information search behavior of mainland Chinese air travelers to Hong Kong
, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 16(1): 41-49 (2004)

Information searching system for natural enemies of agricultural insect pests in China
, Chinese Journal of Biological Control ust; 21(3): 159-162 (2005)

Information seeking behaviour and opinion leadership of fruits and vegetable growers marketing through HOPCOMS and other channels
, Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 36(2): 175-179 (2002)

Information seeking behaviour of shrimp farmers
, Indian Veterinary Journal 80(12): 1261-1264 (2003)

Information service and voluntary inspection of greenhouse sprayers
, Acta Horticulturae (672): 137-144 (2005)

Information service and voluntary testing of spray guns and other types of sprayers in horticulture
, Aspects of Applied Biology (71(1)): 41-48 (2004)

Information sharing - the way ahead for agriculture
, Quarterly Bulletin of IAALD 49(3/4): 96-98 (2004)

Information sharing models for flood frequency estimation
, Hydrology: science and practice for the 21st century, Volume 1 Proceedings of the British Hydrological Society International Conference, Imperial College, London, July 2004: 194-202 (2004)

Information sources and decision making on precision farming
, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Precision Agriculture and Other Precision Resources Management, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 14-17 July 2002: 1763-1775 (2003)

Information sources for decision making on precision farming
, DIAS Report, Plant Production (100): 179-185 (2003)

Information sources for travel decisions: toward a source process model
, Journal of Travel Research 42(4): 357-371 (2004)

Information sources, transfer and processing in a sugar company
, Listy Cukrovarnicke a Reparske 121(1): 25-28 (2005)

Information supply in tourism management by marketing decision support systems
, Tourism Management 24(3): 241-255 (2003)

Information surveillance research
, Rabies Bulletin Europe 27(4): 27 (2003)

Information system on justification of irrigation systems reconstruction
, Irrigation in a total catchment context sharing the river Proceedings 2nd ICID Asian Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage, Moama NSW, Australia, 14-17 March 2004: 2-8 (2004)

Information systems for rural areas - background, principles and goals
, Landlicher Raum print (5): 14-16 (2003)

Information systems in Czech agriculture: implications for research and the study of agricultural extension
, Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 9(4): 177-184 (2003)

Information technologies as factors of autonomy for tourism destinations in the South
, Teoros, Revue de Recherche en Tourisme 23(2): 68-72 (2004)

Information technology and accountability system for produce
, Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery 66(4): 16-20 (2004)

Information technology and agro-modernization
, Acta Pedologica Sinica 41(3): 449-455 (2004)

Information technology and broad-based development: preliminary lessons from North India
, World Development Oxford 32(4): 591-607 (2004)

Information technology and electronics as tools for optimising business management - state of the art and prospects
, Schriftenreihe der Eidgenossischen Forschungsanstalt fur Agrarwirtschaft und Landtechnik (59): 27-32 (2004)

Information technology and rural development
, Progress in Development Studies 4(3): 230-244 (2004)

Information technology and the newsprint demand in Western Europe: a Bayesian approach
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33(9): 1644-1652 (2003)

Information technology and the performance effect of managers' participation in budgeting: evidence from the hotel industry
, International Journal of Hospitality Management 24(1): 21-39 (2005)

Information technology in health care - what the future holds
, Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 16(1): 64-71 (2004)

Information technology in small Scottish hotels: is it working?
, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 15(4/5): 243-247 (2003)

Information technology in watershed management decision making
, Journal of the American Water Resources Association 40(2): 347-357 (2004)

Information technology on coffee farms
, Agricultura em Sao Paulo 52(1): 77-82 (2005)

Information theory for evaluating environmental classification systems
, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 380(3): 475-483 (2004)

Information transfer during recruitment in the ant Lasius niger L. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 55(3): 242-250 (2004)

Information use and abuse in the local governance of common-pool forest resources
, Forests, Trees and Livelihoods 14(2/4): 295-312 (2004)

Information use by the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis (Acari: Phytoseiidae), a specialised natural enemy of herbivorous spider mites
, Applied Entomology and Zoology 40(1): 1-12 (2005)

Information used for decision-making of farming investment in the south of Chile
, Agro Sur 32(1): 1-15 (2004)

Information, communication and participation. The case for biotechnology
, QA Questione Agraria (2): 149-168 (2004)

Informatization of agricultural sector after accession of Slovakia to the EU
, Acta Oeconomica et Informatica 8(1): 21-23 (2005)

Informed consent in bariatric surgery and anesthesia
, Morbid obesity: peri operative management: 27-42 (2004)

Informed consent in oral health care
, East African Medical Journal 82(4): 216-220 (2005)

Informed debate: the contribution of animal welfare science to the development of public policy
, Animal Welfare 13(Suppl.): S171-S174 (2004)

Informing natural resources policy making using participatory rapid economic valuation (PREV): the case of the Togean Islands, Indonesia
, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 104(1): 99-111 (2004)

Infra red drying and hot air drying of potato: a theoretical consideration
, Journal of Food Science and Technology Mysore 41(5): 580-584 (2004)

Infra-red images of heat field around a linear heater and sap flow in stems of lime trees under natural and experimental conditions
, Annals of Forest Science 61(3): 203-213 (2004)

Infra-red thermography as a tool to evaluate the influence of liner characteristics and over-milking
, Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation (388): 53-57 (2004)

Infraciliature and morphogenesis in three rumen Diplodinium ciliates, Diplodinium polygonale, Diplodinium leche, and Diplodinium nanum, observed by light microscopy
, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 52(1): 44-51 (2005)

Infracommunity level aggregation in the monogenean communities of crucian carp (Carassius carassius)
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Infrageneric phylogenies: a comparison of chloroplast-expressed glutamine synthetase, cytosol-expressed glutamine synthetase and cpDNA maturase K in Passiflora
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