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Integrated coastal systems management in Tamil Nadu: a case study of the Cuddalore to Chidhambaram area, eastern coastal region of Tamil Nadu, India

Ramanathan, A.L.

Low lying coastal areas hydrology and integrated coastal zone management International Symposium, Bremerhaven, Germany, 9-12 September 2002: 323-329


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Coastal ecosystems strongly modulate land-ocean interactions. Population pressures, inevitably affecting its use by future generations, are constantly altering the coastal environment. By the year 2003, it was estimated that approximately 75-80% of the human population will live in the coastal regions of the world (UN, 1985). In SE Asia 65% of the cities with populations greater than 2.5 million are located along the coastline. Coastal areas are the management for tourists as is evident from the fact that the Mediterranean coastline alone attracts one third of the world's tourism (UNDPUNCED, 1992).

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