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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4211

Chapter 4211 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mather, K.J.; Lteif, A.; Steinberg, H.O.; Baron, A.D., 2004:
Interactions between endothelin and nitric oxide in the regulation of vascular tone in obesity and diabetes

Furlong, M.J.; Pell, J.K., 2005:
Interactions between entomopathogenic fungi and arthropod natural enemies

Schreiber, L.; Krimm, U.; Knoll, D., 2004:
Interactions between epiphyllic microorganisms and leaf cuticles

Pierik, R.; Cuppens, M.L.C.; Voesenek, L.A.C.J.; Visser, E.J.W., 2004:
Interactions between ethylene and gibberellins in phytochrome-mediated shade avoidance responses in tobacco

Bansal, V.; Syres, K.M.; Makarenkova, V.; Brannon, R.; Matta, B.; Harbrecht, B.G.; Ochoa, J.B., 2005:
Interactions between fatty acids and arginine metabolism: implications for the design of immune-enhancing diets

Makoni, P.; Chimbari, M.J.; Madsen, H., 2005:
Interactions between fish and snails in a Zimbabwe pond, with particular reference to Sargochromis codringtonii (Pisces: Cichlidae)

Arts, M.J.T.J.; Haenen, G.R.M.M.; Wilms, L.C.; Beetstra, S.A.J.N.; Heijnen, C.G.M.; Voss, H-Peter.; Bast, A., 2002:
Interactions between flavonoids and proteins: effect on the total antioxidant capacity

Choi, S-Woon.; Friso, S., 2005:
Interactions between folate and aging for carcinogenesis

Wang Deli; Han GuoDong; Bai YuGuang, 2005:
Interactions between foraging behaviour of herbivores and grassland resources in the eastern Eurasian steppes

Fausch, K.D.; Young, M.K., 2004:
Interactions between forests and fish in the Rocky Mountains of the USA

Stansbury, C.D.; Vivian Smith, G., 2003:
Interactions between frugivorous birds and weeds in Queensland as determined from a survey of birders

Valone, T.J.; Kaspari, M., 2005:
Interactions between granivorous and omnivorous ants in a desert grassland: results from a long-term experiment

Lambs Luc, 2004:
Interactions between groundwater and surface water at river banks and the confluence of rivers

Foster, B.J.; Shults, J.; Zemel, B.S.; Leonard, M.B., 2004:
Interactions between growth and body composition in children treated with high-dose chronic glucocorticoids

Fortun Lamothe, L.; Boullier, S., 2005:
Interactions between gut microflora and digestive mucosal immunity, and strategies to improve digestive health in young rabbits

Pyke, C.R., 2005:
Interactions between habitat loss and climate change: implications for fairy shrimp in the Central Valley ecoregion of California, USA

Weber, E.D.; Fausch, K.D., 2003:
Interactions between hatchery and wild salmonids in streams: differences in biology and evidence for competition

Vannini, L.; Lanciotti, R.; Baldi, D.; Guerzoni, M.E., 2004 :
Interactions between high pressure homogenization and antimicrobial activity of lysozyme and lactoperoxidase

Struck, E.; Ebssa, L.; Ehlers, R.U.o; Poehling, H.M.chael; Gaigl, A.; Borgemeister, C., 2004:
Interactions between host plants, the subterranean burrower bug, Cyrtomenus bergi, and the entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis megidis

Cheng ICheng; Yang RouLing; Horng ShwuBin, 2003:
Interactions between host preference and offspring survivorship of Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.)

Nyengaard, J.R.; Ido, Y.; Kilo, C.; Williamson, J.R., 2004:
Interactions between hyperglycemia and hypoxia: implications for diabetic retinopathy

Espe, M.R.ohonen, K.B.ornevik, M.F.oyland, L.N.rtvedt, R.K.essling, A., 2004:
Interactions between ice storage time, collagen composition, gaping and textural properties in farmed salmon muscle harvested at different times of the year

Cattanach, B.M.; Beechey, C.V.; Peters, J., 2004:
Interactions between imprinting effects in the mouse

Seivwright, L.J.; Redpath, S.M.; Mougeot, Fçois.; Leckie, F.; Hudson, P.J., 2005:
Interactions between intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms in a cyclic species: testosterone increases parasite infection in red grouse

Kwong, W.T.; Friello, P.; Semba, R.D., 2004:
Interactions between iron deficiency and lead poisoning: epidemiology and pathogenesis

Poussin, J.C.; Neuts, T.; Mateille, T., 2005:
Interactions between irrigated rice (Oryza sativa) growth, nitrogen amendments and infection by Hirschmanniella oryzae (Nematoda, Tylenchida)

Giraudoux, P.; Craig, P.; Delattre, P.; Bao, G.; Bartholomot, B.; Harraga, S.; Quere, J P.; Raoul, F.; Wang, Y.; Shi, D.; Vuitton, D A., 2003:
Interactions between landscape changes and host communities can regulate Echinococcus multilocularis transmission

Gomes, M. de M. de A.; Lagoa, A.M.M.A.; Medina, C.L.; Machado, E.C.; Machado, M.A., 2004:
Interactions between leaf water potential, stomatal conductance and abscisic acid content of orange trees submitted to drought stress

Reyes, Jé.L.; Chua, N-Hai., 2004:
Interactions between light and carbon signaling pathways in Arabidopsis

Tomlinson, J.E.; Blikslager, A.T., 2004:
Interactions between lipopolysaccharide and the intestinal epithelium

Eckstein, R.; Donath, T., 2005:
Interactions between litter and water availability affect seedling emergence in four familial pairs of floodplain species

Zebrowska, J.; Jackowska, I., 2004:
Interactions between macro- and microelement content in plants from in vitro culture

Engwerda, C.R.; Good, M.F., 2005:
Interactions between malaria parasites and the host immune system

Siden-Kiamos, I.; Louis, C., 2004:
Interactions between malaria parasites and their mosquito hosts in the midgut

Bebawi, F.F.; Campbell, S.D., 2004:
Interactions between meat ants (Iridomyrmex spadius) and bellyache bush (Jatropha gossypiifolia)

Ohnishi, N.; Yokoyama, T., 2004:
Interactions between medicines and functional foods or dietary supplements

Marcos, E.; Tarrega, R.; Luis Calabuig, E., 2004:
Interactions between mediterranean shrub species eight years after experimental fire

Ravichandran, M., 2004:
Interactions between mercury and dissolved organic matter--a review

Pizl, V.; Novakova, A., 2003:
Interactions between microfungi and Eisenia andrei (Oligochaeta) during cattle manure vermicomposting

Lonnerdal, B., 2004:
Interactions between micronutrients: synergies and antagonisms

Courtin, P.; Rul, F., 2004:
Interactions between microorganisms in a simple ecosystem: yoghurt bacteria as a study model

Rehage, J.; Kaske, M., 2004:
Interactions between milk yield and production diseases in dairy cows

Tang, J.; Faustman, C.; Hoagland, T.A.; Mancini, R.A.; Seyfert, M.; Hunt, M.C., 2005:
Interactions between mitochondrial lipid oxidation and oxymyoglobin oxidation and the effects of vitamin E

Peery, C.A.; Bjornn, T.C., 2004:
Interactions between natural and hatchery chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha parr in a laboratory stream channel

Obrycki, J.J.; Ruberson, J.R.; Losey, J.E., 2004:
Interactions between natural enemies and transgenic insecticidal crops

Villenave, C.E.schmitt, K.N.zaret, S.B.ngers, T., 2004:
Interactions between nematodes and microbial communities in a tropical soil following manipulation of the soil food web

Fan MingSheng; Jiang RongFeng; Liu XueJun; Zhang FuSuo; L.S.iHua; Zeng XiangZhong; Christie, P., 2005:
Interactions between non-flooded mulching cultivation and varying nitrogen inputs in rice-wheat rotations

Hoste, H.; Torres Acosta, J.F.; Paolini, V.; Aguilar Caballero, A.; Etter, E.; Lefrileux, Y.; Chartier, C.; Broqua, C., 2005:
Interactions between nutrition and gastrointestinal infections with parasitic nematodes in goats

Johnson, B.A.; Farahbod, H.; Leon, M., 2005:
Interactions between odorant functional group and hydrocarbon structure influence activity in glomerular response modules in the rat olfactory bulb

Peters, R.; Abraham, R., 2004:
Interactions between parasitoid Hymenoptera (Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) and Diptera: Cyclorrhapha in nests of cavity-nesting birds

Hicks, B.; Watt, A., 2003:
Interactions between parasitoids and fungal disease of a forest lepidopteran

Brieger, W.R.; Osamor, P.E.; Salami, K.K.; Oladepo, O.; Otusanya, S.A., 2004:
Interactions between patent medicine vendors and customers in urban and rural Nigeria

Tillmann, Urban, 2004:
Interactions between planktonic microalgae and protozoan grazers

Puupponen Pimia, R.; Aura, A.M.; Karppinen, S.; Oksman Caldentey, K.M.; Poutanen, K., 2004:
Interactions between plant bioactive food ingredients and intestinal flora - effects on human health

Marschner, P.; Timonen, S., 2005:
Interactions between plant species and mycorrhizal colonization on the bacterial community composition in the rhizosphere

Ter Hovhannesyan, A.; Azizyan, A., 2003:
Interactions between plants and codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.)

Fetter, K.; Van Wilder, Vérie.; Moshelion, M.; Chaumont, Fçois., 2003:
Interactions between plasma membrane aquaporins modulate their water channel activity

Pinon, J.; Frey, P., 2005:
Interactions between poplar clones and Melampsora populations and their implications for breeding for durable resistance

Horgan, F.G.; Myers, J.H., 2004:
Interactions between predatory ground beetles, the winter moth and an introduced parasitoid on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia

Nylander, T., 2004:
Interactions between proteins and polar lipids

Li, C.; Wang, G., 2004:
Interactions between reactive oxygen species, ethylene and polyamines in leaves of Glycyrrhiza inflata seedlings under root osmotic stress

Poma, A.; Spanò, L.; Pittaluga, E.; Tucci, A.; Palladino, L.; Limongi, T., 2005:
Interactions between saporin, a ribosome-inactivating protein, and DNA: a study by atomic force microscopy

Kaup, G.; Janowicz, K.; Mazurkiewicz Zapaowicz, K.; Paruch, K.; Gajewicz, P., 2004:
Interactions between selected saprophic fungi and phytophagous nematodes

Zhu YongGuan; Huang YiZong; H.Y.ng; Liu YunXia; Christie, P., 2004:
Interactions between selenium and iodine uptake by spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) in solution culture

Liu Qin; Cao ZhiHong, 2003 :
Interactions between selenium and phosphorus in paddy soil and its effects on selenium uptake and accumulation in rice

White, P.J.; Bowen, H.C.; Parmaguru, P.; Fritz, M.; Spracklen, W.P.; Spiby, R.E.; Meacham, M.C.; Mead, A.; Harriman, M.; Trueman, L.J.; Smith, B.M.; Thomas, B.; Broadley, M.R., 2004:
Interactions between selenium and sulphur nutrition in Arabidopsis thaliana

Evdokimova, G.; Zenkova, I.; Mozgova, N.; Pereverzev, V., 2004:
Interactions between soil microorganisms and invertebrates in the course of the transformation of plant residues in soils of northern Fennoscandia

Ritz, K.; Young, I.M., 2004:
Interactions between soil structure and fungi

Van Ruijven, J.; D.D.yn, G.B.; Raaijmakers, C.E.; Berendse, F.; Van Der Putten, W.H., 2005:
Interactions between spatially separated herbivores indirectly alter plant diversity

Bell, M.J.; Garside, A.L.; Halpin, N.V.; Berthelsen, J.E., 2004:
Interactions between stalk number and stalk weight and the implications for cane yield

Svehlíková, V.; Wang, S.; Jakubíková, J.; Williamson, G.; Mithen, R.; Bao, Y., 2004:
Interactions between sulforaphane and apigenin in the induction of UGT1A1 and GSTA1 in CaCo-2 cells

Fieser, B.G.; Vanzant, E.S., 2004:
Interactions between supplement energy source and tall fescue hay maturity on forage utilization by beef steers

Zeyl, A.; Stocks, J.M.; Taylor, N.A.S.; Jenkins, A.B., 2004:
Interactions between temperature and human leptin physiology in vivo and in vitro

Khan, I.A.; Deadman, M.L.; A.N.bhani, H.S.; A.H.bsi, K.A., 2003:
Interactions between temperature and yield components in exotic potato cultivars grown in Oman

Cameron, D.D.; Hwangbo JunKwon; Keith, A.M.; Geniez, J.M.; Kraushaar, D.; Rowntree, J.; Seel, W.E., 2005:
Interactions between the hemiparasitic angiosperm Rhinanthus minor and its hosts: from the cell to the ecosystem

Burillo, S.; Luque, I.; Fuentes, I.; Contreras, Aón., 2004:
Interactions between the nitrogen signal transduction protein PII and N-acetyl glutamate kinase in organisms that perform oxygenic photosynthesis

Galvis, R.D.; Correa, H.J.; Ramirez, N.F., 2003:
Interactions between the nutritional balance, the indicators of energetic and protein metabolism, and the concentration of plasmatic insulin and IGF-1 in early-lactating cows

Gan Ming; Miao XueXia; Ding DeCheng, 2003:
Interactions between the parasitoid Lysiphlebus japonicus Ashmead and its host Aphis craccivora Koch: host-stage selection and its effect on development

Matthews, H.J.; Smith, I.; Bell, H.A.; Edwards, J.P., 2004:
Interactions between the parasitoid Meteorus gyrator (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and a granulovirus in Lacanobia oleracea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Down, R.E.; Smethurst, F.; Bell, H.A.; Edwards, J.P., 2005:
Interactions between the solitary endoparasitoid, Meteorus gyrator (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and its host, Lacanobia oleracea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), infected with the entomopathogenic microsporidium, Vairimorpha necatrix (Microspora: Microsporidia)

Dechert, G.; Ulber, B., 2004:
Interactions between the stem-mining weevils Ceutorhynchus napi Gyll. and Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus (Marsh.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in oilseed rape

Lopez Alonso, M.; Prieto Montana, F.; Miranda, M.; Castillo, C.; Hernandez, J.; Benedito, J.L., 2004:
Interactions between toxic (As, Cd, Hg and Pb) and nutritional essential (Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe Mn, Mo, Ni, Se, Zn) elements in the tissues of cattle from NW Spain

Diserens, E.; Spiess, E., 2004:
Interactions between tractor undercarriages and arable soils. TASC a PC-tool to assess and optimise soil usage

Perrin, A-Elisabeth.; Dallongeville, J.; Ducimetière, P.; Ruidavets, J-Bernard.; Schlienger, J-Louis.; Arveiler, D.; Simon, C., 2005:
Interactions between traditional regional determinants and socio-economic status on dietary patterns in a sample of French men

Akpo, L.E.; Grouzis, M., 2004:
Interactions between tree and understory herbaceous vegetation in semiarid Sahelian and Soudanian zones: the influence of grazing

Jakobsen, L.; Enkegaard, A.; Brodsgaard, H.F., 2004:
Interactions between two polyphagous predators, Orius majusculus (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) and Macrolophus caliginosus (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Zhu, M-Xu.; Jiang, X.; Ji, G-Liang., 2004:
Interactions between variable-charge soils and acidic solutions containing fluoride: an investigation using repetitive extractions

Stevens, M., 2005:
Interactions between virus yellows and rhizomania

Charles-Bernard, M.; Kraehenbuehl, K.; Rytz, A.; Roberts, D.D., 2005:
Interactions between volatile and nonvolatile coffee components. 1. Screening of nonvolatile components

Charles-Bernard, M.; Roberts, D.D.; Kraehenbuehl, K., 2005:
Interactions between volatile and nonvolatile coffee components. 2. Mechanistic study focused on volatile thiols

Kojola, I.; Ronkainen, S.; Hakala, A.; Heikkinen, S.; Kokko, S., 2004:
Interactions between wolves Canis lupus and dogs C. familiaris in Finland

Nacher, M., 2004:
Interactions between worm infections and malaria

Badalyan, S.M.; Innocenti, G.; Garibyan, N.G., 2004:
Interactions between xylotrophic mushrooms and mycoparasitic fungi in dual-culture experiments

Carpentier, B.; Chassaing, D., 2004:
Interactions in biofilms between Listeria monocytogenes and resident microorganisms from food industry premises

Kranz, J., 2005:
Interactions in pest complexes and their effects on yield

Urade, R., 2004:
Interactions of beta -conglycinin and phosphatidylcholine with dough components

Lorkovic, Z.J.; Lopato, S.; Pexa, M.; Lehner, R.; Barta, A., 2004:
Interactions of Arabidopsis RS domain containing cyclophilins with SR proteins and U1 and U11 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-specific proteins suggest their involvement in pre-mRNA Splicing

Rind, B.; Losel, D.M.; Daly, L.; Skidmore, M.; Rind, M.I., 2005:
Interactions of Armillaria mellea with Armillaria gallica and other fungi on agar medium

Raphael, B.H.; Monteville, M.R.; Klena, J.D.; Joens, L.A.; Konkel, M.E., 2005:
Interactions of Campylobacter jejuni with non-professional phagocytic cells

El-Azizi, M.A.; Starks, S.E.; Khardori, N., 2004:
Interactions of Candida albicans with other Candida spp. and bacteria in the biofilms

Ghatak, H.; Mukhopadhyay, S.K.; Jana, T.K.; Sen, B.K.; Sen, S., 2004:
Interactions of Cu (II) and Fe (III) with mangal humic substances studied by synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy and potentiometric titration

Jablasone, J.; Warriner, K.; Griffiths, M., 2005:
Interactions of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes plants cultivated in a gnotobiotic system

Eckhardt, L.C.; Goyer, R.A.; Klepzig, K.D.; Jones, J.P., 2004:
Interactions of Hylastes species (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) with Leptographium species associated with loblolly pine decline

Ubner, M.; Kaljurand, M.; Lopp, M., 2004:
Interactions of Pb2+ with fulvic acid by electrophoretically mediated on-capillary microanalysis

Ahmad Ashouri; Norbakhsh Arzanian; Hassan Askary, 2003:
Interactions of Verticillium lecanii (Zimm.) Viegas and Adonia variegata (Col.: Coccinellidae), pathogen and predator of aphids

Hinnebusch, B.J., 2004:
Interactions of Yersinia pestis with its flea vector that lead to the transmission of plague

Pourtau, N.; Marès, M.; Purdy, S.; Quentin, N.; Ruël, A.; Wingler, A., 2004:
Interactions of abscisic acid and sugar signalling in the regulation of leaf senescence

Carrizosa, M.; Koskinen, W.; Hermosin, M.D.l, C., 2004:
Interactions of acidic herbicides bentazon and dicamba with organoclays

Thevissen, K.; Ferket, K.K.A.; François, I.E.J.A.; Cammue, B.P.A., 2004:
Interactions of antifungal plant defensins with fungal membrane components

Saito, S.; Yamauchi, H.; Yoshida, K., 2004:
Interactions of arsenic with fluorine, selenium, barium, and strontium in human hepatic cells

Wu, J.; Laird, D.A., 2004:
Interactions of chlorpyrifos with colloidal materials in aqueous systems

Nishijo, J.; Moriyama, S.; Shiota, S., 2003:
Interactions of cholesterol with cyclodextrins in aqueous solution

Jiang, H-Q.; Thurnheer, M.C.; Zuercher, A.W.; Boiko, N.V.; Bos, N.A.; Cebra, J.J., 2004:
Interactions of commensal gut microbes with subsets of B- and T-cells in the murine host

Balling, R.C.Jr, 2005:
Interactions of desertification and climate in Africa

Neggers, Y.H.; Singh, J., 2004:
Interactions of diet and carbon monoxide and pregnancy outcomes

Sosa, G.A.; E.D.eb, E.D.; E.S.bagh, K.M., 2003:
Interactions of diluents, cryoprotective agents and straw filling capacity on quality and fertilizing ability of buffalo semen

Jenerette, G.D.rrel; Wu, J., 2004:
Interactions of ecosystem processes with spatial heterogeneity in the puzzle of nitrogen limitation

Ye, A.; Singh, H.; Taylor, M.W.; Anema, S.G., 2004:
Interactions of fat globule surface proteins during concentration of whole milk in a pilot-scale multiple-effect evaporator

Chabrillon, M.; Balebona, M.C.; Morinigo, M.A., 2003:
Interactions of fish pathogenic Vibrio species with the mucous surfaces of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata)

Ashouri, A.; Askary, H., 2003:
Interactions of genetically engineered potato resistance to Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata and nontarget organisms: effects on the biology of potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae and its parasitoid, Aphidius nigripes

Singh, I.P.; Bharate, S.B.; Bhutani, K.K., 2005:
Interactions of herbs and food products with drugs: Grapefruit juice as an example

Den Hertog, A.L.; Wong Fong Sang, H.W.; Kraayenhof, R.; Bolscher, J.G.M.; Van't Hof, W.; Veerman, E.C.I.; Nieuw Amerongen, A.V., 2004:
Interactions of histatin 5 and histatin 5-derived peptides with liposome membranes: surface effects, translocation and permeabilization

Andrade, E.Rabelo.; Marcondes Seneda, M.; Alfieri, A.Alcindo.; de Oliveira, Jão.Ademir.; Frederico Rodrigues Loureiro Bracarense, A.Paula.; Figueiredo, Jé.Ricardo.; Toniolli, R., 2005:
Interactions of indole acetic acid with EGF and FSH in the culture of ovine preantral follicles

Reddy, G.V.P.; Guerrero, A., 2004:
Interactions of insect pheromones and plant semiochemicals

Ferrari, S.L.; Karasik, D.; Liu, J.; Karamohamed, S.; Herbert, A.G.; Cupples, L.Adrienne.; Kiel, D.P., 2004:
Interactions of interleukin-6 promoter polymorphisms with dietary and lifestyle factors and their association with bone mass in men and women from the Framingham Osteoporosis Study

Liedgens, M.; Soldati, A.; Stamp, P., 2004:
Interactions of maize and Italian ryegrass in a living mulch system: (1) shoot growth and rooting patterns

Liedgens, M.; Frossard, E.; Richner, W., 2004:
Interactions of maize and Italian ryegrass in a living mulch system: (2) Nitrogen and water dynamics

Leroy, Fédéric.; Lievens, K.; D.V.yst, L., 2005:
Interactions of meat-associated bacteriocin-producing Lactobacilli with Listeria innocua under stringent sausage fermentation conditions

Han, Q.; Hansson, B.S.; Anton, S., 2005:
Interactions of mechanical stimuli and sex pheromone information in antennal lobe neurons of a male moth, Spodoptera littoralis

Weis, J.S.; Glover, T.; Weis, P., 2004:
Interactions of metals affect their distribution in tissues of Phragmites australis

Kaldorf, M.; Zhang Chi; Nehls, U.; Hampp, R.; Buscot, F., 2004:
Interactions of microbes with genetically modified plants

Chabrillón, M.; Rico, R.M.; Arijo, S.; Díaz-Rosales, P.; Balebona, M.C.; Moriñigo, M.A., 2005:
Interactions of microorganisms isolated from gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata L., on Vibrio harveyi, a pathogen of farmed Senegalese sole, Solea senegalensis (Kaup)

Hanson, M.R.; Bentolila, Séphane., 2004:
Interactions of mitochondrial and nuclear genes that affect male gametophyte development

Leaf, A.; Xiao, Y.F.; Kang, J.X., 2002:
Interactions of n-3 fatty acids with ion channels in excitable tissues

Spagnuolo, M.; Baveye, P.; Jacobson, A.; Pizzigallo, M.D.R.; Ruggiero, P., 2004:
Interactions of neutral and cationic spin probes with a smectite and a smectite-humic acid complex

Lang, T.T.; Young, J.D.; Cass, C.E., 2004:
Interactions of nucleoside analogs, caffeine, and nicotine with human concentrative nucleoside transporters 1 and 2 stably produced in a transport-defective human cell line

Ilani, T.; Schulz, E.; Chefetz, B., 2005:
Interactions of organic compounds with wastewater dissolved organic matter: role of hydrophobic fractions

Kinjo, J.; Tsuchihashi, R.; Morito, K.; Hirose, T.; Aomori, T.; Nagao, T.; Okabe, H.; Nohara, T.; Masamune, Y., 2004:
Interactions of phytoestrogens with estrogen receptors alpha and beta (III). Estrogenic activities of soy isoflavone aglycones and their metabolites isolated from human urine

Liu, D.G.; Trumble, J.T., 2005:
Interactions of plant resistance and insecticides on the development and survival of Bactericerca cockerelli (Homoptera: Psyllidae)

Everett, D.W.; McLeod, R.E., 2005:
Interactions of polysaccharide stabilisers with casein aggregates in stirred skim-milk yoghurt

Kuchar, M.; Fajkus, Jí., 2004:
Interactions of putative telomere-binding proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana: identification of functional TRF2 homolog in plants

Hunt-Joshi, T.R.; Blossey, B., 2004:
Interactions of root and leaf herbivores on purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)

Gassenmeier, K., 2004:
Interactions of selected flavor compounds with selected dairy products

Wang, J.; Huang, C.P.; Pirestani, D., 2003:
Interactions of silver with wastewater constituents

Lacombe, Véronique.A.; Hinchcliff, K.W.; Taylor, L.E., 2003:
Interactions of substrate availability, exercise performance, and nutrition with muscle glycogen metabolism in horses

King HenBian; Liu ChiungPin; Hsia YueJoe; Hwong JeenLian, 2003:
Interactions of the Fushan hardwood forest ecosystem and the water chemistry of precipitation

Thomsen, M.S.; Franssen, L.; Launholt, D.; Fojan, P.; Grasser, K.D., 2004:
Interactions of the basic N-terminal and the acidic C-terminal domains of the maize chromosomal HMGB1 protein

Dutkiewicz, S.; Follows, M.J.; Parekh, P., 2005:
Interactions of the iron and phosphorus cycles: a three-dimensional model study

Sengupta, B.; Banerjee, A.; Sengupta, P.K., 2005:
Interactions of the plant flavonoid fisetin with macromolecular targets: insights from fluorescence spectroscopic studies

Wicker-Planquart, C.; Stoppin-Mellet, V.; Blanchoin, L.; Vantard, M., 2004:
Interactions of tobacco microtubule-associated protein MAP65-1b with microtubules

Levitz, S.M., 2004:
Interactions of Toll-like receptors with fungi

Carrizosa Maria Jose; Hermosin Maria del Carmen; Koskinen William, C.; Cornejo Juan, 2004:
Interactions of two sulfonylurea herbicides with organoclays

Neill, J.D., 2005:
Interactions of virus and host

Vladusich, T.; Hemmi, J.M.; Srinivasan, M.V.; Zeil, J., 2005:
Interactions of visual odometry and landmark guidance during food search in honeybees

Wang ShaoHua; Cao WeiXing; Ding YanFeng; Tian YongChao; Jiang Dong, 2003:
Interactions of water management and nitrogen fertilizer on nitrogen absorption and utilization in rice

Jiménez-Flores, R.; Ye, A.; Singh, H., 2005:
Interactions of whey proteins during heat treatment of oil-in-water emulsions formed with whey protein isolate and hydroxylated lecithin

Y.A.Qian; Harjinder Singh; Taylor, M.W.; Anema, S., 2004:
Interactions of whey proteins with milk fat globule membrane proteins during heat treatment of whole milk

Muñoz-Antoli, C.; Trelis, Mía.; Gozalbo, Mónica.; Toledo, R.; Haberl, B.; Esteban, Jé-Guillermo., 2003:
Interactions related to non-host snails in the host-finding process of Euparyphium albuferensis and Echinostoma friedi (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) miracidia

Gudgen, M.; Chandrasekaran, A.; Frazier, T.; Boyd, L., 2004:
Interactions within the ubiquitin pathway of Caenorhabditis elegans

Bengen, D.G.; Dutton, I.M., 2004:
Interactions: mangroves, fisheries and forestry management in Indonesia

Wise, A., 2004:
Interactive Web-based programs for teaching nutrition

MacKay, B.R.; Fisher, P.R., 2005:
Interactive case studies on the internet: the Ramosus maze tool

Durdu, O.F., 2005:
Interactive computer-aided design software for level basin irrigation systems

Maria, J.F.; Coutinho Rodrigues, J.; Current, J.R., 2005:
Interactive destination marketing system for small and medium-sized tourism destinations

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Interdigitated microelectrode (IME) impedance sensor for the detection of viable Salmonella typhimurium

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Interest in rapid methods for the detection of mould spoilage on malting barley

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Interest of tests based on phytotoxin and pyoverdin production and of the rep-PCR and AP-PCR techniques for identifying and characterizing Pseudomonas syringae strains

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Interferon tau (INF tau ) on pregnancy recognition

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Interferon- gamma as a key cytokine in immunological process

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Interferon-gamma responses to Plasmodium falciparum liver-stage antigen-1 and merozoite-surface protein-1 increase with age in children in a malaria holoendemic area of western Kenya

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Interferon-inducing properties of dry birch bark extract and its effect on experimental infection caused by hepatitis C virus

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Interfertility between North American and European strains of Phlebiopsis gigantea

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Interfertility of two mating populations in the Gibberella fujikuroi species complex

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Intergenerational effects on seed potato physiological ageing

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Intergenerational opportunity - the impact of a community of women on encouraging physical activity

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Intergeneric hybrid between Brassica napus and Diplotaxis harra through ovary culture and the cytogenetic analysis of their progenies

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Intergeneric hybrids between cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and Verbesina helianthoides (genus Verbesina) - morphological and biochemical aspects

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Intergenotypic competition in pigeon pea

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Intergovernmental working group for the elaboration of a set of voluntary guidelines to support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security. Third Session, Rome, Italy, 5-10 July 2004

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Intergradation of habitats of non-volant small mammals in the patchy Cerrado landscape

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Interim guidance for minimizing risk for human lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection associated with rodents

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Interkingdom host shift in the Cordyceps fungi

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