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Isopathic and pluralist homeopathic treatment of commercial broilers with experimentally induced colibacillosis

Velkers, F.C.; te Loo, A.J.H.; Madin, F.; van Eck, J.H.H.

Research in Veterinary Science 78(1): 77-83


ISSN/ISBN: 0034-5288
PMID: 15500843
DOI: 10.1016/j.rvsc.2004.06.005
Accession: 004216286

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This study sought to determine the efficacy of isopathic and pluralist homeopathic treatment of colibacillosis in broiler chickens and thereby contribute to the evaluation of homeopathy in general. In each of two experiments three groups of broilers, infected intratracheally at 8 days of age with E. coli (O78:K80), were treated with different combinations of homeopathic remedies. Control groups and an infected, doxycyline-treated group were included. Experiments differed only in the dose of E. coli. Efficacy of treatment was evaluated based on the parameters mortality, body weight gain and colibacillosis lesions. In both experiments doxycyline prevented mortality and reduced E. coli lesions and stunting. None of the homeopathically treated groups differed significantly with respect to any of the parameters from the non-medicated, infected control group. It is concluded that the results of this study do not justify use of these homeopathic remedies for treatment of colibacillosis in broilers. Furthermore, no significant effects of this homeopathic treatment were established.

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