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Light dynamics of economically important Lepidoptera in the Sombor area during 2004 and a forecast for 2005

Vajgand, D.; Forgic, G.; Tosev, M.; Radin, Z.

Biljni Lekar Plant Doctor 33(4): 412-418


Accession: 004221924

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Since year 1980 we have been using light trap type "RO Agrobecej" for monitoring Lepidoptera in locality of Sombor, Serbia and Montenegro. Following a number of collected adults in 2004 and in comparison to information from authors data base, we made a conclusion that Loxostege sticticalis, Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera exigua, Lacanobia oleracea, Mamestra brassicae and Hyphantria cunea were in small numbers. Number of Autographa gamma, Agrotis ipsilon and Agrotis segetum was a little bit smaller in comparison to average for last several years. Number of Ostrinia nubilalis was in average level. Only Agrotis exclamationis was in larger number then average for last several years.

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