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Livfit and AV/HTP/36 feeding and performance of broilers

Jadhav, N.V.; Waghmare, P.G.; Madhavprasad, C.B.; Ramchandra, B.; Biradar, U.S.; Honnappagol, S.S.

Indian Journal of Poultry Science 39(2): 175-178


ISSN/ISBN: 0974-8180
Accession: 004223333

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Effect of livifit and AV/HTP/36 incorporation in feed on performance and nutrient utilization in broilers was studied from 0 to 6 weeks of age. Non-significant moderate improvement was observed in body weight gain, feed consumption and FCR in Livifit and AV/HTP/36 supplemented groups. Incorporation of previously mentioned products also enhanced retention of nutrients like protein, fat, fibre, NFE, Ca & P supported by lower figures of these nutrients in faeces. Numerical improvement in most of the carcass parameters and meat quality was also noted. As compared to the control, the livifit fed group showed a higher net return in economic benefit analysis. In short, livifit supplementation at the rate of 1/2/kg of feed showed overall improvement in performance of broilers along with enhanced carcass yield.

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