Section 5
Chapter 4,229

Mapping the cold tolerance gene in near-isogenic lines of japonica rice at the booting stage

Shen ShiQuan; Zeng YaWen; Li ShenChong; Wen GuoSong; Pu XiaoYing

Chinese Journal of Rice Science 19(3): 217-222


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-7216
Accession: 004228434

Genetic analysis showed that cold tolerance at the booting stage in the near-isogenic rice line (NIL) Kunmingxiaobaigu was controlled by a gene characterized by a large phenotypic variance. Some 164 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers on 12 chromosomes were used to detect polymorphism between Towata (RP) and near-isogenic line pool. Two SSR markers at the terminal of the long arm of chromosome 5 showed polymorphism compared to the RP genome.

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