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Meiotic pairing in the hybrid (Zea diploperennis x Zea perennis) x Zea mays and its reciprocal

Molina, M. del C.; Garcia, M.D.; Lopez, C.G.; Moreno Ferrero, V.

Hereditas Lund 141(2): 135-141


Accession: 004231357

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Genomic formulae, fertility, chromosome pairing, and the cryptic intergenomic pairing (induced by using diluted colchicine solution) were analysed in the tri-hybrid (MDP), obtained by crossing DP40 (2n=40, which was inferred in previous studies to have originated from the fusion of an unreduced gamete of Zea diploperennis with a normal gamete of Z. perennis) with the maize inbred line Zm40 (2n=40). MDP (2n=40) showed a higher fertility (90% of the seeds are viable) than Zm40 (60%) and DP40 (80%). A regular migration of 20 chromosomes to each pole occurred in 92% of the cells in anaphase I, while bridges were observed in the other 8% of the cells. When Zm40 was used as female of the crossing (Zm40 x DP40), ears were similar to maize.

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