Section 5
Chapter 4,240

Molecular cytogenetic identification of a new 1RS/1BL translocation line with secalin absence

Yan, B-Ju.; Zhang, H-Qiong.; Ren, Z-Long.

Yi Chuan 27(4): 513-517


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-9772
PMID: 16120568
Accession: 004239470

The wheat-rye translocation 1RS/1BL has spread to wheat breeding programmes and commercial wheat cultivars throughout the world. However, the 1RS arm in the translocation carries locus Sec-1, which encodes rye storage proteins (secalins) and affects breadmaking quality. An attempt was made to remedy the quality defect of the 1RS translocation in wheat by developing new 1RS/1BL lines.

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