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Morphometrical changes in eggs of Rhodnius prolixus (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) during development

Chaves, L.F.; Ramoni Perazzi, P.; Lizano, E.; Anez, N.

Entomotropica 18(2): 83-88


ISSN/ISBN: 1317-5262
Accession: 004242219

We explore morphometric changes during development in 124 eggs of Rhodnius prolixus, kept under laboratory conditions. Measurements were performed using a dissecting microscope coupled to a video camera connected to a monitor. Our results show that only maximal diameter varies significantly (t = 14.61, d.f. = 123, P < 1,19*10-18) changing from (0.88 [plus or minus] 0.05) mm to (0.93 [plus or minus] 0.04) mm. Such changes are correlated in a positive way according to a linear function (R2= 0.63; F= 206.29; d.f.= 1, 121; P<0.0001). The increase of this measurement is mainly explained by the intercept value (A= 0.186 [plus or minus] 0.052; t= 3.57; d.f.= 120; P < 5*10-4), and this value could represent the maximun elasticity of eggs in this species

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