Section 5
Chapter 4,244

Mushroom development in higher basidiomycetes; implications for human and animal health

Kues, U.; Kunzler, M.; Bottoli, A.P.F.; Walser, P.J.; Granado, J.D.; Liu Yi; Bertossa, R.C.; Ciardo, D.; Clergeot, P.H.; Loos, S.; Ruprich Robert, G.; Aebi, M.

Fungi in human and animal health: 431-469


Accession: 004243876

Edible mushrooms of basidiomycetous fungi are an enrichment to our daily diet and their use is increasing worldwide. Since mushrooms contain several bioactive components, the consumption of mushrooms is thought to improve health conditions. For centuries, mushrooms have had their position in traditional (folk) medicine. Famous by now are the antitumour substances (various beta -glucans) that have found acceptance in modern medicine.

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