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Natural incidence of parasitic bacterium, Pasteuria sp. on plant parasitic nematodes in Haryana

Manish Vats; Satish Mehta; Walia, R.K.

Journal of Biological Control 17(2): 133-139


Accession: 004245551

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No incidence of Pasteuria spp. was recorded (except on Heterodera cajani) in field crops infected with Heterodera avenae, H. zeae, Rotylenchulus reniformis or citrus infected with Tylenchulus semipenetrans. Grape vineyards infected with Meloidogyne javanica revealed 56 per cent incidence of Pasteuria penetrans. Ten-year-old vineyards showed maximum prevalence of the bacterium. Sugar centrifugal floatation technique was better than modified Baermann's funnel method for the recovery of Meloidogyne J2 encumbered with P. penetrans spores. Bioassay of soil samples from vineyards proved more useful than routine analysis to estimate the extent of infestation of P. penetrans.

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