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Obtaining of somatic embryo and establishment of embryogenic cell suspension in Plantain cv 'Navolean' (AAB)

Santos, A.; Lopez, J.; Cabrera, M.; Montano, N.; Reinaldo, D.; Ventura, J.C.; Medero, V.; Garcia, M.; Basail, M.; Rayas, A.

Biotecnologia Vegetal 2(2): 107-109


Accession: 004254008

In an experiment conducted to determine the optimum conditions for somatic embryogenesis of banana Navolean (AAB), the MS medium supplemented with 1 mg thiamin, 40 g sucrose, 40.5 mg benzyladenine, 0.88 mg IAA, and 6.0 g solidified agar/litre was identified as the best medium for somatic embryogenesis.

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