Pesticide contamination of the aquatic environment: routes of contamination and dynamics of pesticides in the aquatic environment

Dores, E.F.G. de C.; De Lamonica Freire, E.M.

Pesticidas Revista de Ecotoxicologia e Meio Ambiente 9: 1-18


Accession: 004266183

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A literature revision on contamination of aquatic environments by pesticides was carried out. First of all the entry of pesticides in aquatic environments was discussed. The factors determining distribution, degradation and accumulation of pesticides in environmental compartments were presented in a concise way, divided in three groups: product usage data, environmental characteristics of the study area and active ingredient physico-chemical properties. Once in the aquatic environment, the fate of pesticides and its consequences to organisms was briefly described. A discussion on the use of mathematical models for simulating pesticides leaching in soil and superficial runoff was also presented. This discussion showed how complex it is to assess the risk of waters contamination by pesticides, however, despite the difficulties, the results of water monitoring in several countries show that it is necessary to keep the aquatic environment under constant vigilance.