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Chapter 4,284

Production of cDNA from mRNA of P5CS coding gene in Arabidopsis thaliana

Abbasi, A.R.; Rastegar Jazi, F.; Yazdi Samadi, B.; Soghansang, A.

Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 34(3): 607-615


ISSN/ISBN: 1017-5652
Accession: 004283853

Plants encountered with drought and salinity produce osmolytes such as proline to help them overcome the stress. Proline is synthesized in a two-step pathway, in which Delta 1-proline-5-carboxylate synthase (P5CS) is the key enzyme. To produce cDNA from mRNA, total RNA was extracted from the leaves of A. thaliana exposed to saline conditions. The first strand of cDNA was made through the application of oligo primer.

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