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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4291

Chapter 4291 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Henry, S.; Baudoin, Eékiel.; López-Gutiérrez, J.C.; Martin-Laurent, F.; Brauman, A.; Philippot, L., 2004:
Quantification of denitrifying bacteria in soils by nirK gene targeted real-time PCR

Ge, F.C.en, F.; Parajulee, M.; Yardim, E., 2005:
Quantification of diapausing fourth generation and suicidal fifth generation cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, in cotton and corn in northern China

Brouwer, M.L.evens, B.H.melrijck, W.V.n; Ackerveken, G.V.n-Den; Cammue, B.; Thomma, B., 2003:
Quantification of disease progression of several microbial pathogens on Arabidopsis thaliana using real-time fluorescence PCR

Casarin, V.; Plassard, C.; Hinsinger, P.; Arvieu, J.C., 2004:
Quantification of ectomycorrhizal fungal effects on the bioavailability and mobilization of soil P in the rhizosphere of Pinus pinaster

Rance, F.; Fargeot Espaliat, A.; Rittie, J.L.; Micheau, P.; Morelle, K.; Abbal, M., 2003:
Quantification of egg white- and yolk-specific IgE antibodies in children with egg allergy

Apolinario, A.V.; Miglino, M.A.; Pacheco, Y.G.; Verechia, F.T.; Ambrosio, C.E., 2003:
Quantification of endothelin-1 level in placentae and human fetal membranes

Kolstad, K.; Vegusdal, A.; Baeverfjord, G.; Einen, O., 2004:
Quantification of fat deposits and fat distribution in Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) using computerised X-ray tomography (CT)

George, I.; Anzil, A.; Servais, P., 2004 :
Quantification of fecal coliform inputs to aquatic systems through soil leaching

Rai, P.; Majumdar, G.C.; Dasgupta, S.; De, S., 2005:
Quantification of flux decline of depectinized mosambi (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) juice using unstirred batch ultrafiltration

Rozhon, W.; Petutschnig, E.; Wrzaczek, M.; Jonak, C., 2005:
Quantification of free and total salicylic acid in plants by solid-phase extraction and isocratic high-performance anion-exchange chromatography

Guler, Z., 2005:
Quantification of free fatty acids and flavor characteristics of Kasar cheeses

Claeys, E.; De Smet, S.; Balcaen, A.; Raes, K.; Demeyer, D., 2004:
Quantification of fresh meat peptides by SDS-PAGE in relation to ageing time and taste intensity

Santos, P.A. dos; Turati, I.C.C.; Tomaz, J.C.; Lopes, N.P., 2003:
Quantification of furanoheliangolides by HPLC and GC

Mazlan, A.; Grove, D., 2004:
Quantification of gastric secretions in the wild whiting fed on natural prey in captivity

Han, J.I.; Semrau, J.D., 2004:
Quantification of gene expression in methanotrophs by competitive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction

Capparelli, R.; Costabile, A.; Viscardi, M.; Ventimiglia, I.; Longobardi, L.; Fenizia, D.; Iannelli, D., 2004:
Quantification of gliadin by flow cytometry

Font, R.; del Río-Celestino, M.; Cartea, E.; de Haro-Bailón, A., 2005:
Quantification of glucosinolates in leaves of leaf rape (Brassica napus ssp. pabularia) by near-infrared spectroscopy

Zhang, J.; Hu, Z.; Chen, X., 2008:
Quantification of glutathione and glutathione disulfide in human plasma and tobacco leaves by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection

Lill, C.A.; Winterstein, E.; Eckhardt, C.; Rahn, B.; Goldhahn, J.; Schneider, E., 2003:
Quantification of histomorphometric and structural bone changes in a sheep model for fracture treatment in osteoporotic bone

Byrne, F.J.; Toscano, N.C.; Urena, A.A.; Morse, J.G., 2005:
Quantification of imidacloprid toxicity to avocado thrips, Scirtothrips perseae Nakahara (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), using a combined bioassay and ELISA approach

Bonmatin, J.M.; Marchand, P.A.; Charvet, R.; Moineau, I.; Bengsch, E.R.; Colin, M.E., 2005:
Quantification of imidacloprid uptake in maize crops

Packer, M.; Patterson-Kane, J.C.; Smith, K.C.; Durham, A.E., 2005:
Quantification of immune cell populations in the lamina propria of equine jejunal biopsy specimens

Gifford, S.; Dunstan, H.; O'Connor, W.; Macfarlane, G.R., 2005:
Quantification of in situ nutrient and heavy metal remediation by a small pearl oyster (Pinctada imbricata) farm at Port Stephens, Australia

Matsuda, F.; Miyazawa, H.; Wakasa, K.; Miyagawa, H., 2005:
Quantification of indole-3-acetic acid and amino acid conjugates in rice by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry

Maas, R.; Venema, S.; Kant, A.; Oei, H.; Claassen, I., 2004:
Quantification of infectious bursal disease viral proteins 2 and 3 in inactivated vaccines as an indicator of serological response and measure of potency

Kracht, O.; Gujer, W., 2005:
Quantification of infiltration into sewers based on time series of pollutant loads

L.L.Ping; Zhang JiaBao; Zhu AnNing; Xing WeiQin, 2004:
Quantification of inorganic anions in soil by capillary electrophoresis

Bora, D.K.; Bhuyan, U.; Katti, G.; Pasalu, I.C., 2004:
Quantification of insect pest and natural enemy incidence vis a vis yield

Heil, M.; Buechler, R.; Boland, W., 2005:
Quantification of invertase activity in ants under field conditions

Fernandes, R.B.A.; Barron, V.; Torrent, J.; Fontes, M.P.F., 2004:
Quantification of iron oxides in Brazilian latosols by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

Lafon, S.; Rajot, J.L.; Alfaro, S.C.; Gaudichet, A., 2004:
Quantification of iron oxides in desert aerosol

Kim Dong Ju; Choi Nag Choul; Kim Song Bae, 2004:
Quantification of irreversible benzene sorption in sandy materials

Garcia Luque, E.; Forja, J.M.; Gomez Parra, A., 2005:
Quantification of laboratory-simulated water-atmosphere CO2 fluxes in estuaries

Fernandez, M.R.; Clarke, J.M.; DePauw, R.M., 2003:
Quantification of leaf spot severity on yield and quality of durum wheat in the semi-arid Prairies

Shikha Agarwal; Saini, R.G.; Sharma, A.K.; Livinder Kaur; Bansal, U.K., 2003:
Quantification of leaf tip necrosis, a trait linked with Lr34/Yr18

MacDonald, K.A.; Kittleson, M.D.; Reed, T.; Larson, R.; Kass, P.; Wisner, E.R., 2005:
Quantification of left ventricular mass using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging compared with echocardiography in domestic cats

Doka, O.; Bicanic, D.; Bunzel, M., 2004:
Quantification of lignin in synthetic mixtures of xylan and cellulose powders by photoacoustic spectroscopy

L.G.angHua; Chan, K.; Chan ChiLeung; Leung, K.; Jiang ZhiHong; Zhao ZhongZhen, 2004:
Quantification of ligustilides in the roots of Angelica sinensis and related umbelliferous medicinal plants by high-performance liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Mjos, S.A., 2004:
Quantification of linolenic acid isomers by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and deconvolution of overlapping chromatographic peaks

Sujan Singh, 2005:
Quantification of living mycorrhizal fungal mass and fine root mass by sterol estimation

Odbileg, R.; Konnai, S.; Usui, T.; Ohashi, K.; Onuma, M., 2005:
Quantification of llama inflammatory cytokine mRNAs by real-time RT-PCR

Ozsvari, L.; Kerenyi, J., 2004:
Quantification of losses due to reproductive disorders on a large-scale Holstein-Friesian dairy farm

Ghadekar, S.R.; Wankhede, S.R.; Jayade, K.G., 2004:
Quantification of low temperature stress for inducing winter flowering (ambia bahar) in citrus orchards (Nagpur Mandarin)

Bicanic, D.; Fogliano, V.; Luterotti, S.; Swarts, J.; Piani, G.; Graziani, G., 2005:
Quantification of lycopene in tomato products: comparing the performances of a newly proposed direct photothermal method and high-performance liquid chromatography

Furukawa, Y.; Smith, A.C.; Kostka, J.E.; Watkins, J.; Alexander, C.R., 2004:
Quantification of macrobenthic effects on diagenesis using a multicomponent inverse model in salt marsh sediments

Ayestaran, B.; Guadalupe, Z.; Leon, D., 2004:
Quantification of major grape polysaccharides (Tempranillo v.) released by maceration enzymes during the fermentation process

Perona, J.S.; Ruiz-Gutierrez, V., 2004:
Quantification of major lipid classes in human triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins by high-performance liquid chromatography with evaporative light-scattering detection

Sarada, S.; Nair, G.S.; Reghunath, B.R., 2002:
Quantification of medicinally valuable weeds in oil palm plantations of Kerala

Brands, C.M.J.; Wedzicha, B.L.; van Boekel, M.A.J.S., 2002:
Quantification of melanoidin concentration in sugar-casein systems

Ramos, I.; Silva, C.; Sereno, A.; Aguilera, J., 2004:
Quantification of microstructural changes during first stage air drying of grape tissue

Choi, H.; Lee, K.; Lee, H.; Lee, Y.; Chang, D.; Eom, K.; Youn, H.; Choi, M.; Yoon, J., 2004:
Quantification of mitral regurgitation using proximal isovelocity surface area method in dogs

Pria, M. dalla; Amorim, L.; Bergamin Filho, A., 2003:
Quantification of monocyclic components of the angular leaf spot of common bean

Pria, M. dalla; Amorim, L.; Bergamin Filho, A., 2003:
Quantification of monocyclic components of the common bean anthracnose

Zimmo, O.R.; van der Steen, N.P.; Gijzen, H.J., 2004:
Quantification of nitrification and denitrification rates in algae and duckweed based wastewater treatment systems

Gislum, R.; Micklander, E.; Nielsen, J.P., 2004:
Quantification of nitrogen concentration in perennial ryegrass and red fescue using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) and chemometrics

Falco, E. de; Landi, G.; Basso, F., 2003:
Quantification of nitrogen fixation of an alfalfa ecotype in a southern hilly environment

Sulas, L.; Re, G.A.; Muresu, R., 2003:
Quantification of nitrogen fixation of sweetvetch and effect of its inoculation in Sardinia

Schansker, G.; Strasser, R.J., 2005:
Quantification of non-QB-reducing centers in leaves using a far-red pre-illumination

Lindenmeier, M.; Schieberle, P.; Rychlik, M., 2004:
Quantification of ochratoxin A in foods by a stable isotope dilution assay using high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Sohn, J.H.; Smith, R.; Yoong, E.; Leis, J.; Galvin, G., 2003:
Quantification of odours from piggery effluent ponds using an electronic nose and an Artificial Neural Network

Nord, L.I.; Vaag, P.; Duus, J.Ø., 2004:
Quantification of organic and amino acids in beer by 1H NMR spectroscopy

Huisman, J.L.; Gasser, T.; Gienal, C.; Kühni, M.; Krebs, P.; Gujer, W., 2004:
Quantification of oxygen fluxes in a long gravity sewer

Bezbaruah, A.N.; Zhang, T.C., 2005:
Quantification of oxygen release by bulrush (Scirpus validus) roots in a constructed treatment wetland

Wu, Z.; Skjelvåg, A.O.; Baadshaug, O.H., 2004 :
Quantification of photoperiodic effects on growth of Phleum pratense

Kim, S.H.; Reddy, V.R.; Baker, J.T.; Gitz, D.C.; Timlin, D.J., 2004:
Quantification of photosynthetically active radiation inside sunlit growth chambers

Challinor, A.J.; Wheeler, T.R.; Slingo, J.M.; Hemming, D., 2006:
Quantification of physical and biological uncertainty in the simulation of the yield of a tropical crop using present-day and doubled CO2 climates

Vermeulen, J.; van Dijk, S.G.; Grotenhuis, J.T.C.; Rulkens, W.H., 2005:
Quantification of physical properties of dredged sediments during physical ripening

El-Zohri, M.H.A.; Cabala, R.; Frank, H., 2005:
Quantification of phytochelatins in plants by reversed-phase HPLC-ESI-MS-MS

Park YoungKi; Lee WiYoung; Ahn JinKwon, 2004:
Quantification of phytoestrogens in woody plants (Leguminosae) using HPLC

Narendra Singh; Gupta, A.P.; Bikram Singh; Kaul, V.K., 2005:
Quantification of picroside-I and picroside-II in Picrorhiza kurroa by HPTLC

Bonham, C.D.; Clark, D.L., 2005:
Quantification of plant cover estimates

Lin, J-Ching.; Wang, W-Yi.; Chen, K.Y.; Wei, Y-Huei.; Liang, W-Miin.; Jan, J-Sheng.; Jiang, R-San., 2004:
Quantification of plasma Epstein-Barr virus DNA in patients with advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Steinnes, E.S.obakk, T.; Donisa, C.B.annvall, M., 2005:
Quantification of pollutant lead in forest soils

Shaheen, R.; Senn, J.P., 2005:
Quantification of polysaccharides in water using capillary electrophoresis

Brodova, M., 2005:
Quantification of positive externalities produced by agriculture in Slovakia

Wang, J.S.; Huang, Y.S.; Wu, M.C.; Lai, Y.Y.; Chang, H.L.; Young, M.S., 2005:
Quantification of pre-parturition restlessness in crated sows using ultrasonic measurement

Madl, T.; Mittelbach, M., 2005:
Quantification of primary fatty acid amides in commercial tallow and tallow fatty acid methyl esters by HPLC-APCI-MS

Ning, Z-Yong.; Zhao, D-Ming.; Yang, J-Min.; Cui, Y-Li.; Meng, L-Ping.; Wu, C-De.; Liu, H-Xiang., 2005:
Quantification of prion gene expression in brain and peripheral organs of golden hamster by real-time RT-PCR

Vollprecht, M.; Dieterle, F.; Busche, S.; Gauglitz, Günter.; Eichhorn, K-Jochen.; Voit, B., 2005:
Quantification of quaternary mixtures of low alcohols in water: temporal-resolved measurements with microporous and hyperbranched polymer sensors for reduction of sensor number

Madhur Anand; Desrochers, R.E., 2004:
Quantification of restoration success using complex systems concepts and models

Zhou, X.G.; Everts, K.L., 2008:
Quantification of Root and Stem Colonization of Watermelon by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum and Its Use in Evaluating Resistance

Vestergaard, C.; Risum, Jørgen.; Adler-Nissen, J., 2004:
Quantification of salt concentrations in cured pork by computed tomography

Stabler, S.P.; Allen, R.H., 2003:
Quantification of serum and urinary S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine by stable-isotope-dilution liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Fujita, T.; Fukada, H.; Shimizu, M.; Hiramatsu, N.; Hara, A., 2004:
Quantification of serum levels of precursors to vitelline envelope proteins (choriogenins) and vitellogenin in estrogen treated masu salmon, Oncorhynchus masou

Garcia, M.; Alves, G.J.; Carneiro, R.; Chate, S.C.; Figueira, Y.F.; Porto, A.C.R., 2004:
Quantification of serum lysozyme to evaluate ovine immune response

Rodrigues, C.M.; Borges, Lígia.M.F.; Ferri, P.H.; Faria, L.C., 2008:
Quantification of sex pheromone from Anocentor nitens by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry-selected ion monitoring

Tran Tien Dung, 2003:
Quantification of sexual hormones and effect of Estrumate in female buffaloes

Pinho, O.; Ferreira, I.M.P.L.V.O.; Ferreira, M.A., 2003:
Quantification of short-chain free fatty acids in "Terrincho" ewe cheese: intravarietal comparison

Wallis, I.R.; Herlt, A.J.; Eschler, B.M.; Takasaki, M.; Foley, W.J., 2003:
Quantification of sideroxylonals in Eucalyptus foliage by high-performance liquid chromatography

Zhao, Z.Zhen.; Liang, Z.Tao.; Zhou, H.; Jiang, Z.Hong.; Liu, Z.Qiu.; Wong, Y.Fan.; Xu, H.Xi.; Liu, L., 2005:
Quantification of sinomenine in caulis sinomenii collected from different growing regions and wholesale herbal markets by a modified HPLC method

Fortun, C.; Fortun, A., 2005:
Quantification of soil aggregates treated with bituminous emulsion and other organic amendments by using scanning electron microscope

Czachor, H.; Lipiec, J., 2004:
Quantification of soil macroporosity with image analysis

Costa Neto, P.R.; Caro, M.S.B.; Mazzuco, L.M.; Nascimento, M. da G., 2004:
Quantification of soybean oil ethanolysis with 1H NMR

Gutierrez, E.; Wang, T.; Fehr, W.R., 2004:
Quantification of sphingolipids in soybeans

Plotton, I.; Sanchez, P.; Perrard, M.Hélène.; Durand, P.; Lejeune, Hé., 2005:
Quantification of stem cell factor mRNA levels in the rat testis: usefulness of clusterin mRNA as a marker of the amount of mRNA of Sertoli cell origin in post pubertal rats

Narayanan Subhash; Mohanan, C.N.; Mallia, R.J.; Vadekkeveetil Muralidharan, 2004:
Quantification of stress adaptation by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of plants exposed to engine exhaust emission and drought

Walsh, G.; Murphy, R.A.; Killeen, G.F.; Power, R.F., 2004:
Quantification of supplemental enzymes in animal feedingstuffs by radial enzyme diffusion

Goffin, E.; da Cunha, A.Proença.; Ziemons, E.; Tits, M.; Angenot, L.; Frederich, M., 2003:
Quantification of tagitinin C in Tithonia diversifolia by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

Smith, M.S.; Yang, R.K.; Knapp, C.W.; Niu, Y.; Peak, N.; Hanfelt, M.M.; Galland, J.C.; Graham, D.W., 2004:
Quantification of tetracycline resistance genes in feedlot lagoons by real-time PCR

Strachan, N.J.C.; Macrae, M.; Ogden, I.D., 2005:
Quantification of the Escherichia coli O157 reservoir in Grampian, Scotland

Lloyd-Jones, G.; Laurie, A.D.; Tizzard, A.C., 2004:
Quantification of the Pseudomonas population in New Zealand soils by fluorogenic PCR assay and culturing techniques

Alkan, N.; Vijay Gadkar; Coburn, J.; Yarden, O.; Kapulnik, Y., 2004:
Quantification of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices in host tissue using real-time polymerase chain reaction

Stegeman, J.A.; Bouma, A.; Elbers, A.R.W.; Jong, M.C.M. de; Koch, G.; Boven, M. van, 2005:
Quantification of the between-flock transmission of avian influenza A virus (H7N7) during the 2003 epidemic in the Netherlands

Kaluz, K.; Novotna, B.; Stecova, K., 2003:
Quantification of the change property loss calculation on protected soil fund

Peli, A.; Luciani, A.; Santis, P. de; Polci, A.; Britti, D., 2004:
Quantification of the cytokines TNF- alpha , IL-8 and IL-10 in bovine milk using real-time TaqManReg. PCR

Klinkenberg, D.; Everts van der Wind, A.; Graat, E.A.M.; Jong, M.C.M. de, 2003:
Quantification of the effect of control strategies on classical swine fever epidemics

De Neve, S.; Csitári, G.; Salomez, J.; Hofman, G., 2004:
Quantification of the effect of fumigation on short- and long-term nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in different soils

Franka, R.; Svrcek, S.; Madar, M.; Kolesarova, M.; Ondrejkova, A.; Ondrejka, R.; Benisek, Z.; Suli, J.; Vilcek, S., 2004:
Quantification of the effectiveness of laboratory diagnostics of rabies using classical and molecular-genetic methods

Pankhurst, C.; Stirling, G.; Magarey, R.; Blair, B.; Holt, J.; Bell, M.; Garside, A., 2005:
Quantification of the effects of rotation breaks on soil biological properties and their impact on yield decline in sugarcane

Mooney, S.J.; Nipattasuk, W., 2003:
Quantification of the effects of soil compaction on water flow using dye tracers and image analysis

Hu, J.L.e, S.; Hendrich, S.M.rphy, P., 2002:
Quantification of the group B soyasaponins by high-performance liquid chromatography

Van Brecht, A.; Hens, H.; Lemaire, J.L.; Aerts, J.M.; Degraeve, P.; Berckmans, D., 2005:
Quantification of the heat exchange of chicken eggs

Hikosaka, K.; Satoh, M.; Koyama, Y.; Nakai, Y., 2005:
Quantification of the infectivity of Cryptosporidium parvum by monitoring the oocyst discharge from SCID mice

Rychlik, M., 2005:
Quantification of the mycotoxin patulin in foods

Freitas, L.G.; Gotz, C.W.; Ruff, M.; Singer, H.P.; Muller, S.R., 2004:
Quantification of the new triketone herbicides, sulcotrione and mesotrione, and other important herbicides and metabolites, at the ng/l level in surface waters using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Smith, O.F., 2003:
Quantification of the ovarian follicles of water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Zitny, J.; Massanyi, P.; Trakovicka, A.; Rafaj, J.; Toman, R., 2004:
Quantification of the ovarian follicular growth in rabbits

Takayama, T.; Fukushi, Y.; Islam, M.T.; Tahara, S., 2004:
Quantification of the particle method for chemotactic bioassay using peronosporomycete zoospores

Oliveira, R.T.S.; Machado, S.A.S., 2004:
Quantification of the pesticide dichlorvos by square wave voltammetry in pure and natural waters

Ripley, B.S.; Redfern, S.P.; Dames, J., 2004:
Quantification of the photosynthetic performance of phosphorus-deficient Sorghum by means of chlorophyll-a fluorescence kinetics

Schaffner, E.; Mühlemann, M.; Spahr, U.; Schällibaum, M., 2003:
Quantification of the probability of milk contamination by Listeria monocytogenes during manufacture of hard cheese

Hall, M.; Nazir, N., 2005:
Quantification of the scientific research in the United States about popular herbal remedies referenced on PubMed

Meyns, T.; Maes, D.; Dewulf, J.; Vicca, J.; Haesebrouck, F.; de Kruif, A., 2004:
Quantification of the spread of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in nursery pigs using transmission experiments

Shearer, B.L.; Crane, C.E.; Cochrane, A., 2004:
Quantification of the susceptibility of the native flora of the South-West Botanical Province, Western Australia, to Phytophthora cinnamomi

Olsen, C.S., 2005:
Quantification of the trade in medicinal and aromatic plants in and from Nepal

Mollema, L.; Rijsewijk, F.A.M.; Nodelijk, G.; de Jong, M.C.M., 2005:
Quantification of the transmission of bovine herpesvirus 1 among red deer (Cervus elaphus) under experimental conditions

Lanovaz, J.L.; Khumsap, S.; Clayton, H.M., 2004:
Quantification of three-dimensional skin displacement artefacts on the equine tibia and third metatarsus

Moorman, T.B.; Cambardella, C.A.; James, D.E.; Karlen, D.L.; Kramer, L.A., 2004:
Quantification of tillage and landscape effects on soil carbon in small Iowa watersheds

Kim YongHo; Kang ChangSung; Lee YoungSang, 2004:
Quantification of tocopherol and tocotrienol content in rice bran by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Sharkey, F.H.; Markos, S.I.; Haylock, R.W., 2004:
Quantification of toxin-encoding mRNA from Clostridium botulinum type E in media containing sorbic acid or sodium nitrite by competitive RT-PCR

Sukhwinder Singh; Devendra Kumar; Singh, B.P., 2004:
Quantification of tuber shape in Indian potato cultivars

Vijay Kalra; Pundir, C.S., 2004:
Quantification of urinary oxalate by immobilized oxalate oxidase of forage sorghum leaf

Scott, M.Pellissier.; Panaitof, S.Carmen.; Carleton, K.L., 2005:
Quantification of vitellogenin-mRNA during maturation and breeding of a burying beetle

Vogeser, M.; Schiel, X.; Spöhrer, U., 2005:
Quantification of voriconazole in plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

H.J.Chao; Cao WeiXing; Luo WeiHong; Zhu Yan, 2004:
Quantification of water stress factor for crop growth simulation. II. Model establishment and validation

H.J.Chao; Cao WeiXing; Jiang Dong; Luo WeiHong, 2004:
Quantification of water stress factor for crop growth simulation: I. Effects of drought and waterlogging stress on photosynthesis, transpiration and dry matter partitioning in winter wheat

Agarwal, S.; Aggarwal, S.G.; Singh, P., 2008:
Quantification of ziram and zineb residues in fog-water samples

Chetboul, Vérie.; Athanassiadis, N.; Carlos, C.; Nicolle, A.P.; Tissier, R.; Pouchelon, J-Louis.; Concordet, D.; Lefebvre, Hé.P., 2004:
Quantification, repeatability, and reproducibility of feline radial and longitudinal left ventricular velocities by tissue Doppler imaging

Hall, J.W.; Evans, E.P.; Penning Rowsell, E.C.; Sayers, P.B.; Thorne, C.R.; Saul, A.J., 2003:
Quantified scenarios analysis of drivers and impacts of changing flood risk in England and Wales: 2030-2100

Ellison, M.J., 2005:
Quantified tree risk assessment used in the management of amenity trees

Vandemark, G.J.; Barker, B.M., 2003:
Quantifying Phytophthora medicaginis in susceptible and resistant alfalfa with a real-time fluorescent PCR assay

Bunnell, B.T.; McCarty, L.B.; Faust, J.E.; Bridges, W.C.J.; Rajapakse, N.C., 2005:
Quantifying a daily light integral requirement of a 'TifEagle' bermudagrass golf green

Sano, E.; Assad, E.; Cunha, S.; Correa, T.; Rodrigues, H., 2003:
Quantifying adulteration in roast coffee powders by digital image processing

Rutter, Matthew, T., 2005:
Quantifying ant foraging preferences in the field using a slow-flow nectar pump

Liu, J.; Li, Y-Hui.; Ding, J.; Gong, W-Dong.; Xue, C-Fang.; Zhao, Y.; Huang, Y-Xiao., 2004:
Quantifying anti-HBV effect of targeted ribonuclease by real-time fluorescent PCR

Harwood, J.D.; Obrycki, J.J., 2005:
Quantifying aphid predation rates of generalist predators in the field

Schloss, P.D.; Hay, A.G.; Wilson, D.B.; Gossett, J.M.; Walker, L.P., 2004:
Quantifying bacterial population dynamics in compost using 16S rRNA gene probes

Munksgaard, L.; Jensen, M.B.; Pedersen, L.J.; Hansen, S.W.; Matthews, L., 2005:
Quantifying behavioural priorities - effects of time constraints on behaviour of dairy cows, Bos taurus

Deutsch, B.; Paulian, M.; Thierry, D.; Canard, M., 2005:
Quantifying biodiversity in ecosystems with green lacewing assemblages

Hakanson, L., 2003:
Quantifying burial, the transport of matter from the lake biosphere to the geosphere

Morrill, P.L.; Lacrampe-Couloume, G.; Slater, G.F.; Sleep, B.E.; Edwards, E.A.; McMaster, M.L.; Major, D.W.; Sherwood Lollar, B., 2005:
Quantifying chlorinated ethene degradation during reductive dechlorination at Kelly AFB using stable carbon isotopes

Herrera, M.; L Gerardo; Hobson, K.A.; Hernandez, C.; Patricia; Rodriguez, C.; Malinalli, 2005:
Quantifying differential responses to fruit abundance by two rainforest birds using long-term isotopic monitoring

Acosta, A.; Blasi, C.; Carranza, M.L.; Ricotta, C.; Stanisci, A., 2003:
Quantifying ecological mosaic connectivity and hemeroby with a new topoecological index

Beard, K.H.; Wang, D.; Waite, C.E.; Decker, K.L.M.; Hawley, G.J.; DeHayes, D.D.; Hughes, J.W.; Cumming, J.R., 2005:
Quantifying ecosystem controls and their contextual interactions on nutrient export from developing forest mesocosms

Vink, S.; Bormans, M.; Ford, P.; Grigg, N., 2005:
Quantifying ecosystem metabolism in the middle reaches of Murrumbidgee River during irrigation flow releases

Dowman, C.-V.F.rre, T.; Hoffmann, J.; Rucker, D.; Callegary, J., 2003:
Quantifying ephemeral streambed infiltration from downhole temperature measurements collected before and after streamflow

Tollit, D.J.; Wong, M.; Winship, A.J.; Rosen, D.A.S.; Trites, A.W., 2003:
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Quantifying risk of loss from sugarcane diseases and other variety related causes

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Quantifying root system quality of nursery seedlings and relationship to outplanting performance

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Quantifying surface and subsurface cast production by earthworms under controlled laboratory conditions

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Quantifying the acid balance for broad-acre agricultural systems

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Quantifying the contribution of different sorption mechanisms for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid sorption by several variable-charge soils

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Quantifying the contribution of dissolved organic matter to soil nitrogen cycling using 15N isotopic pool dilution

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Quantifying the costs and benefits of parental care in female treehoppers

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Quantifying the dry deposition of reactive nitrogen and sulfur containing species in remote areas using a surrogate surface analysis approach

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Quantifying the effect of ionic strength on colloidal fouling potential in membrane filtration

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Quantifying the effects of aggregation, particle size and components on the colour of Mediterranean soils

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Quantifying the effects of crop and soil management practices on soil productivity using N as a soil quality indicator

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Quantifying the effects of nutrient addition on community diversity of serpentine vegetation using parametric entropy of type alpha

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Quantifying the effects of nutrient addition on the taxonomic distinctness of serpentine vegetation

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Quantifying the effects of small-scale heterogeneities on flow and transport in undisturbed cores from the Hanford Formation

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Quantifying the effects of weeds on biodiversity: beyond Blind Freddy's test

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Quantifying the erosion processes and land-uses which dominate fine sediment supply to Moreton Bay, Southeast Queensland, Australia

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Quantifying the fate of mercury in the Great Lakes Basin: toward an ecosystem approach

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Quantifying the global fractionation of polychlorinated biphenyls

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Quantifying the human health benefits of curbing air pollution in Shanghai

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Quantifying the impact of ACC deaminase-containing bacteria on plants

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Quantifying the impact of a weed in a perennial ryegrass-white clover pasture

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Quantifying the impact of foot and mouth disease on tourism and the UK economy

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Quantifying the impact of hepatitis A immunization in the United States, 1995-2001

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Quantifying the level of under-detection of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense sleeping sickness cases

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Quantifying the local-scale uncertainty of estimated actual evapotranspiration

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Quantifying the regional source strength of N-trace gases across agricultural and forest ecosystems with process based models

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Quantifying the relationship between disease severity and the amount of Aphanomyces euteiches detected in roots of alfalfa and pea with a real-time PCR assay

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Quantifying the relative contributions of riparian and hillslope zones to catchment runoff

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Quantifying the robustness of a broth-based Escherichia coli O157:H7 growth model in ground beef

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Quantifying the robustness of a broth-based model for predicting Listeria monocytogenes growth in meat and poultry products

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Quantifying the role of forest soil and bedrock in the acid neutralization of surface water in steep hillslopes

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Quantifying the spatial properties of forest canopy gaps using LiDAR imagery and GIS

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Quantifying the uncertainty in passive microwave snow water equivalent observations

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Quantifying trade-offs between economic and ecological objectives in uneven-aged mixed-species forests in the Southern United States

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Quantifying tree cover in the forest-grassland ecotone of British Columbia using crown delineation and pattern detection

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Quantifying uncertainty due to random errors for moment analyses of breakthrough curves

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Quantifying uncertainty of the semivariogram of transmissivity of an existing groundwater monitoring network

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Quantifying variability in stream channel morphology

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Quantifying, understanding and managing the carbon cycle in the next decades

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Quantile regression models with multivariate failure time data

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Quantitation of canine coronavirus RNA in the faeces of dogs by TaqMan RT-PCR

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Quantitation of polychlorinated biphenyls in fish for human cancer risk assessment: a comparative case study

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Quantitation of short-chain glycerol-bound compounds in thermoxidized and used frying oils. A monitoring study during thermoxidation of olive and sunflower oils

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Quantitation of the active and low-active forms of human plasma phospholipid transfer protein by ELISA

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Quantitation of total folate in whole blood using LC-MS/MS

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Quantitation of transgenic Bt Event-176 maize using double quantitative competitive polymerase chain reaction and capillary gel electrophorsesis laser-induced fluorescence

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Quantitative (stereological) study of the effects of vasectomy on spermatogenesis in rabbits

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Quantitative 2H NMR at natural abundance can distinguish the pathway used for glucose fermentation by lactic acid bacteria

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Quantitative GMO detection in maize (Zea mays L.) seed lots by means of a three-dimensional PCR based screening strategy

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Quantitative HPLC methods for gallic acids of Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae)

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Quantitative PCR analysis of house dust can reveal abnormal mold conditions

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Quantitative PCR analysis of selected Aspergillus, Penicillium and Paecilomyces species

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Quantitative PCR detection of pork in raw and heated ground beef and pate

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Quantitative PCR in real time for the quantification of pate de fois gras from geese

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Quantitative PCR in the diagnosis of Leishmania

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Quantitative PCR method for detecting glyphosate-tolerant gene transfer in soybeans

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Quantitative PCR of environmental samples

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Quantitative PCR with 16S rRNA-gene-targeted species-specific primers for analysis of human intestinal bifidobacteria

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Quantitative Plasmodium sporozoite neutralization assay (TSNA)

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Quantitative RT-PCR for the enumeration of noroviruses (Norwalk-like viruses) in water and sewage

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Quantitative TLC of the flavonoid content of Passiflora incarnata herba

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Quantitative acylcarnitine profiling in peripheral blood mononuclear cells using in vitro loading with palmitic and 2-oxoadipic acids: biochemical confirmation of fatty acid oxidation and organic acid disorders

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Quantitative analyses of pollution-indicator and pathogenic bacteria in Mumbai waters from ballast water exchange perspective

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Quantitative analyses of the litter under Austrian pine stands planted on dolomite hills

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Quantitative analyses of the main chemical constituents in the roots of Echinacea purpurea and E. angustifolia produced in Costa Rica

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Quantitative analysis and molecular typing with pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of two probiotic Lactobacillus strains from sour milk products available on the Swiss food market

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Quantitative analysis and prediction of effect of silvicultural techniques on growth of Masson pine plantation

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Quantitative analysis approaches to the driving forces of cultivated land changes on a national scale

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Quantitative analysis of Fusarium mycotoxins in maize using accelerated solvent extraction before liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry

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Quantitative analysis of IgE antibodies to food and inhalant allergens in 4-year-old children reflects their likelihood of allergic disease

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Quantitative analysis of Staphylococcus aureus in skimmed milk powder by real-time PCR

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Quantitative analysis of adhesion and biofilm formation on hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces of clinical isolates of Staphylococcus epidermidis

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Quantitative analysis of antibiotic consumption in turkey broiler production

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Quantitative analysis of biological effect on membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactor

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Quantitative analysis of body silvering during smoltification in masu salmon using chromameter

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Quantitative analysis of body weight and daily gain of kids of domestic Balkanian goat breed during the suckling period

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Quantitative analysis of caffeic acid phenethyl ester in crude propolis by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

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Quantitative analysis of camptothecin derivatives in Nothapodytes foetida using 1H-NMR method

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Quantitative analysis of cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa using 1H-NMR

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Quantitative analysis of cereulide, an emetic toxin of Bacillus cereus, by using rat liver mitochondria

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Quantitative analysis of changes in spatial distribution and plus-end geometry of microtubules involved in plant-cell cytokinesis

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Quantitative analysis of copper biosorption by the microalga Chlorella vulgaris

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Quantitative analysis of crude drugs by high-performance liquid chromatography for the introduction to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia

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Quantitative analysis of estrogen receptor proteins in rat ovary

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Quantitative analysis of eupatilin and jaceosidin in Artemisia herba

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Quantitative analysis of flavour volatiles detects differences among closely related traditional cultivars of tomato

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Quantitative computed tomography for the assessment of mineralization of the femur and tibia in turkeys

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Quantitative evaluation of exo-enzyme during composting

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Quantitative evaluation of output efficiency in different cropping patterns

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Quantitative losses in the various kernel fractions due to khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts in stored maize

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Quantitative or qualitative? A content analysis of Nordic research in tourism and hospitality

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