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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4309

Chapter 4309 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sotomayor, C.; Castro, J., 2004:
Rootstocks used for fruit crops in Chile: an overview

Green, S.; Clothier, B.; Caspari, H.; Neal, S., 2002:
Rootzone processes, tree water-use, and the equitable allocation of irrigation water to olives

Mane, C.G.; Murugkar, V.M., 2003:
Rope coupling for sugar mill drives

Shimada, A.; Takeuchi, S.; Kusano, M.; Fujioka, S.; Kimura, Y., 2004:
Roridin A and verrucarin A, inhibitors of pollen development in Arabidopsis thaliana, produced by Cylindrocarpon sp

Janse van Rensburg, C.; Erasmus, E.; Loots, D.Toit.; Oosthuizen, W.; Jerling, J.C.; Kruger, H.Salome.; Louw, R.; Brits, M.; van der Westhuizen, F.H., 2005:
Rosa roxburghii supplementation in a controlled feeding study increases plasma antioxidant capacity and glutathione redox state

Bruun, H.H., 2005:
Rosa rugosa Thunb. ex Murray

Cho, E.Ju.; Yokozawa, T.; Kim, H.Young.; Shibahara, N.; Park, J.Cheol., 2004:
Rosa rugosa attenuates diabetic oxidative stress in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes

Crawford, G.H.; Pelle, M.T.; James, W.D., 2004:
Rosacea: I. Etiology, pathogenesis, and subtype classification

Duelli, P.; Wermelinger, B., 2005:
Rosalia alpina L.: a rare and emblematic cerambycid

Ng, T.B.; Gao, W.; Li, L.; Niu, S.M.; Zhao, L.; Liu, J.; Shi, L.S.; Fu, M.; Liu, F., 2005:
Rose (Rosa rugosa)-flower extract increases the activities of antioxidant enzymes and their gene expression and reduces lipid peroxidation

Miller, J.S., 2005:
Rose bengal-sensitized photooxidation of 2-chlorophenol in water using solar simulated light

Suszkiw, J., 2004:
Rose gardens make fruit orchards more inviting to friendly wasps

Werlemark, G.; Nybom, H.; Uggla, M., 2004:
Rose hips - not only rose hip soup! Research and domestication of a unique plant material

Samartzidis, C.; Awada, T.; Maloupa, E.; Radoglou, K.; Constantinidou, H.I.A., 2005:
Rose productivity and physiological responses to different substrates for soil-less culture

Yong, A., 2004:
Rosebush formation and handling techniques

E.K.ltawi, N.E.; Tawfik, A.A.; Ahmed, A.M., 2003:
Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) production as affected by two natural alternatives to farmyard manure: I - Growth and yield

E.K.ltawi, N.E.; Tawfik, A.A.; Ahmed, A.M., 2003:
Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) production as affected by two natural alternatives to farmyard manure: II - Chemical assessments of sepal quality

Sivanesan, A.; Holliday, P., 1972:
Rosellinia arcuata.

Anonymous, 1984:
Rosellinia arcuata.

Sivanesan, A.; Holliday, P., 1972:
Rosellinia bunodes.

Anonymous, 1976:
Rosellinia necatrix.

Anonymous, 1968:
Rosellinia pepo.

Warnock, D.; Voigt, C., 2005:
Rosemary cultivar ontogeny affects success as potted Christmas tree shaped topiary

Boettcher, K.J.; Geaghan, K.K.; Maloy, A.P.; Barber, B.J., 2005:
Roseovarius crassostreae sp. nov., a member of the Roseobacter clade and the apparent cause of juvenile oyster disease (JOD) in cultured Eastern oysters

Giorgioni, M.E., 2004:
Roses for the modern garden and the landscape

Rowe, J.A., 2005:

Song, J.; Knepper, M.A.; Hu, X.; Verbalis, J.G.; Ecelbarger, C.A., 2003:
Rosiglitazone activates renal sodium- and water-reabsorptive pathways and lowers blood pressure in normal rats

Hung, Y-Jen.; Hsieh, C-Hsun.; Pei, D.; Kuo, S-Wen.; Lee, J-Tay.; Wu, L-Yi.; He, C-Tsueng.; Lee, C.Hsing.; Fan, S.Chyi.; Sheu, W.Huey-Herng., 2005:
Rosiglitazone improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance

Kast-Woelbern, H.R.; Dana, S.L.; Cesario, R.M.; Sun, L.; de Grandpre, L.Y.; Brooks, M.E.; Osburn, D.L.; Reifel-Miller, A.; Klausing, K.; Leibowitz, M.D., 2004:
Rosiglitazone induction of Insig-1 in white adipose tissue reveals a novel interplay of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma and sterol regulatory element-binding protein in the regulation of adipogenesis

Murthy, S.N.; Obregon, D.F.; Chattergoon, N.N.; Fonseca, N.A.; Mondal, D.; Dunne, J.B.; Diez, J.G.; Jeter, J.R.; Kadowitz, P.J.; Agrawal, K.C.; McNamara, D.B.; Fonseca, V.A., 2005:
Rosiglitazone reduces serum homocysteine levels, smooth muscle proliferation, and intimal hyperplasia in Sprague-Dawley rats fed a high methionine diet

Trivedi, M.; Lokhandwala, M.F., 2005:
Rosiglitazone restores renal D1A receptor-Gs protein coupling by reducing receptor hyperphosphorylation in obese rats

Kang HyeSook; Kim HyungRak; Byun DaeSeok; Park HyeJin; Choi JaeSue, 2004:
Rosmarinic acid as a tyrosinase inhibitors from Salvia miltiorrhiza

Rady, M.R.; Nazif, N.M., 2005:
Rosmarinic acid content and RAPD analysis of in vitro regenerated basil (Ocimum americanum) plants

Mohagheghzadeh, A.; Shams-Ardakani, M.; Ghannadi, A.; Minaeian, M., 2004:
Rosmarinic acid from Zataria multiflora tops and in vitro cultures

Sanbongi, C.; Takano, H.; Osakabe, N.; Sasa, N.; Natsume, M.; Yanagisawa, R.; Inoue, K-I.; Sadakane, K.; Ichinose, T.; Yoshikawa, T., 2004:
Rosmarinic acid in perilla extract inhibits allergic inflammation induced by mite allergen, in a mouse model

Osakabe, N.; Yasuda, A.; Natsume, M.; Yoshikawa, T., 2004:
Rosmarinic acid inhibits epidermal inflammatory responses: anticarcinogenic effect of Perilla frutescens extract in the murine two-stage skin model

Qiao, S.; Li, W.; Tsubouchi, R.; Haneda, M.; Murakami, K.; Takeuchi, F.; Nisimoto, Y.; Yoshino, M., 2005:
Rosmarinic acid inhibits the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in RAW264.7 macrophages

Li, W.K.ike, K.A.ada, Y.Y.shikawa, T.N.kaido, T., 2005:
Rosmarinic acid production by Coleus forskohlii hairy root cultures

Georgiev, M.; Pavlov, A.; Ilieva, M., 2004:
Rosmarinic acid production by Lavandula vera MM cell suspension: the effect of temperature

Bauer, N.; Leljak Levanic, D.; Jelaska, S., 2004:
Rosmarinic acid synthesis in transformed callus culture of Coleus blumei Benth

Ticli, Fábio.K.; Hage, L.I.S.; Cambraia, R.S.; Pereira, P.S.; Magro, A.J.; Fontes, M.R.M.; Stábeli, R.G.; Giglio, Jé.R.; França, S.C.; Soares, A.M.; Sampaio, S.V., 2005:
Rosmarinic acid, a new snake venom phospholipase A2 inhibitor from Cordia verbenacea (Boraginaceae): antiserum action potentiation and molecular interaction

Armitage, A.M.; Garner, J.; Greer, J.S., 2004:
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Athens Blue Spires'

Etter, S.C., 2004:
Rosmarinus officinalis as an antioxidant

Robertson, G.J.; Doggett, S.; Seeman, O.; Russell, R.C.; Clancy, J.; Haniotis, J., 2004:
Ross River virus and its vectors in Sorell Municipal Area, south-eastern Tasmania, January to March 2002

Kelly-Hope, L.A.; Purdie, D.M.; Kay, B.H., 2004:
Ross River virus disease in Australia, 1886-1998, with analysis of risk factors associated with outbreaks

Tong, S., 2004:
Ross River virus disease in Australia: epidemiology, socioecology and public health response

Klapsing, P.; MacLean, J.Dick.; Glaze, S.; McClean, K.L.; Drebot, M.A.; Lanciotti, R.S.; Campbell, G.L., 2005:
Ross River virus disease reemergence, Fiji, 2003-2004

Turkel, M., 2004:
Rossioglossum grande - the colorful clown of the orchid world

Ricci, A., 2004:
Rosso di Sulmona garlic - a cultivar for re-launching

Gryzenhout, M.; Myburg, H.; Wingfield, B.D.; Montenegro, F.; Wingfield, M.J., 2005:
Rostraureum tropicale gen. sp. nov. (Diaporthales) associated with dying Terminalia ivorensis in Ecuador

Guzman, G.; Latorre, B.A., 2003:
Rot of collar and roots caused by Phytophthora cryptogea in peach trees

Orlikowski, L.B.; Jarecka, A., 2004:
Rot of roots and shoots in ornamental plant nurseries

Teske, M.; Thistle, H.; Hewitt, A.; Kirk, I.; Dexter, R.; Ghent, J., 2005:
Rotary atomizer drop size distribution database

Morozov, V.V.; Pavlov, A.N.; Fedorov, D.A., 2004:
Rotary rod-type potato separator

Aredo, D., 2004:
Rotating savings and credit associations: characterization with particular reference to the Ethiopian iqqub

Paulsamy, S.; Manian, S.; Padmavathy, S., 2003:
Rotational burning - a tool for sustainable forage production for wild-life in Grass Hills, Western Ghats

Swiader, J.M.; Shoemaker, W.H., 2004:
Rotational cropping sequence affects nitrogen fertilizer requirements in processing pumpkins (Cucurbita moschata)

Ishii, Y.; Muhammad Mukhtar; Idota, S.; Fukuyama, K., 2005:
Rotational grazing system for beef cows on dwarf napiergrass pasture oversown with Italian ryegrass for 2 years after establishment

Ito, T.; Furusawa, M.; Iliya, I.; Tanaka, T.; Nakaya, K.; Sawa, R.; Kubota, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Riswan, S.; Iinuma, M., 2005:
Rotational isomerism of a resveratrol tetramer, shoreaketone, in Shorea uliginosa

Pallavi Verma; Gahlot, T.K., 2004:
Rotational minilaparotomy spaying in bitches

Cullen, P.J.; O.D.nnell, C.P.; Houska, M., 2003:
Rotational rheometry using complex geometries - a review

Taylor, M., 2004:
Rotational weed control practices for rice - 2002-03 season progress

Rodrigues, M.M.; Bertin, B.M.A.; Assis, L. de; Duarte, E.B.; Avelar, A.M.O. de; Paixao, J.T.S. da; Mattos, M. da C.; Souza, M.M.S. de, 2004:
Rotavirus as potential ethiological agent of a foodborne disease outbreak

Fang ZhaoYin; Zhang LiJie; Tang JingYu; Zhang Qing; H.H.iKuan; Xie HuaPing; Zheng LiShu; Steele, D.; Kilgore, P.; Bresee, J.; Hummelman, E.; Xi, J.A.; Glass, R., 2005:
Rotavirus diarrhea among children in Lulong County, Hebei Province, China

Talukder, M.R.I.; Huque, A.K.M.F.; Ahmed, M.U., 2003:
Rotavirus diarrhoea in human and goat kids

Polanco, G.; Gonzalez, M.; Manzano, L.; Camara, J.; Puerto, M., 2004:
Rotavirus in asymptomatic animals: detection and antigenic classification

Farghly, A.A.; Tantawy, L.A., 2005:
Rotavirus in laying hens - case report

Komaid, J.A.; Rosa, L.H. de la; Dantur, K.I., 2005:
Rotavirus isolation in pigs from the Province of Tucuman, Argentina by electrophoresis of the viral genome

Urbina, D.; Arzuza, O.; Young, G.; Parra, E.; Castro, R.; Puello, M., 2003:
Rotavirus type A and other enteric pathogens in stool samples from children with acute diarrhea on the Colombian northern coast

Fischer, T.K.; Bresee, J.S.; Glass, R.I., 2004:
Rotavirus vaccines and the prevention of hospital-acquired diarrhea in children

Ali, Y.H.; Khalafalla, A.I.; Gaffar, M.E.; Peenze, I.; Steele, A.D., 2005:
Rotavirus-associated camel calf diarrhoea in Sudan

Lapointe, N.; St-Hilaire, M.; Martinoli, M-Grazia.; Blanchet, J.; Gould, P.; Rouillard, C.; Cicchetti, F., 2004:
Rotenone induces non-specific central nervous system and systemic toxicity

Cabras, P.C.boni, P.C.bras, M.A.gioni, A.R.sso, M., 2002:
Rotenone residues on olives and in olive oil

McClay, W., 2005:
Rotenone use in North America (1988-2002)

Yang XueMing; Zhang XiaoPing; Fang HuaJun; Zhu Ping; Ren Jun; Wang LiChun; Liang AiZhen, 2003:
RothC-26.3 model simulating long-term effects of fertilization on changes of soil organic carbon in continuous cultivation of corn in Northeast China

Denton, J.; Chandler, P., 2005:
Rotherfield Park, North Hampshire: an important site for saproxylic Coleoptera, Diptera and other insects

Kovalenko, G.A.; Sukhinin, S.V.; Simakov, A.V.; Khomov, V.V.; Perminova, L.V.; Komova, O.V., 2005:
Rotor-inertial bioreactor for heterogenous biocatalytic processes. 2. Enzymatic process of sucrose inversion

Chandra Mohanan; Saritha Baby, 2003:
Rotting and immature nut fall of eriophyid mite infested coconut

Tan ZhengLin; Wang QingZhang; Peng GuangHua; Tan YanBao, 2004:
Rotting mechanism of Chinese chestnut stored in sand

Toth, I.K.; Birch, P.R.J., 2005:
Rotting softly and stealthily

Tavakoli Hashjin, T.; Rafee, S.; Khoshtaghaza, M.H., 2003:
Rough rice kernel temperature simulation during drying by using finite element method

Miller, C., 2003:
Rough terrain: forest management and its discontents, 1891-2001

Chen, C.R.; Yu, B.; Chiou, P.W.S., 2004:
Roughage energy and degradability estimation with Aspergillus oryzae inclusion using DaisyReg. in vitro fermentation

Kwak, W.S.; Baek, Y.H.; Ji, K.S., 2004:
Roughage value of deepstacked rice hulls-bedded broiler litter in sheep

Lane, S.N., 2005 :
Roughness - time for a re-evaluation?

Wang MingZhi; Wang JieYing; L.L., 2005:
Roughness and roughness sense of wood surface from different machining processes

Graefe, J., 2004:
Roughness layer corrections with emphasis on SVAT model applications

Fraiss, B., 2004:
Round and healthy: the potato

Holpp, M., 2004:
Round bale drying - feasibility and economic efficiency

Steinhart, G.B.; Marschall, E.A.; Stein, R.A., 2004:
Round goby predation on smallmouth bass offspring in nests during simulated catch-and-release angling

Hikichi, T.; Kishigami, S.; Thuan, N.Van.; Ohta, H.; Mizutani, E.; Wakayama, S.; Wakayama, T., 2005:
Round spermatids stained with mitotracker can be used to produce offspring more simply

Omont, H., 2005:
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - RSPO. The second RSPO meeting in Jakarta in October 2004

Qaim, M.; Traxler, G., 2005:
Roundup Ready soybeans in Argentina: farm level and aggregate welfare effects

Pchelkina, N.G., 2004:
Roundup in an intensive apple orchard in the south of Ukraine

Fonseca, M.A., 2005:
Roundwood weight and general physical properties

Cooper, E., 2003:
Rouse Hill and Picton Reuse Schemes: innovative approaches to large-scale reuse

Pickford, K.A.; Thomas Jones, R Emma; Wheals, B.; Tyler, C.R.; Sumpter, J.P., 2003:
Route of exposure affects the oestrogenic response of fish to 4-tert-nonylphenol

Borges, E.L.; Leite, M. de F.; Barbosa, A.J.A.; Alves, J.B., 2002:
Route of jejunal mucosa absorption of trypsin demonstrated by immunofluorescence

Prittie, J.; Barton, L., 2004:
Route of nutrient delivery

Steendam, C.A.Carina.; Verstegen, M.W.A.; Tamminga, S.; Boer, H.; van 't End, M.; Verstappen, B.; Caine, W.R.; Visser, G.Henk., 2004:
Route of tracer administration does not affect ileal endogenous nitrogen recovery measured with the 15N-isotope dilution technique in pigs fed rapidly digestible diets

Lee, D.J.; Liu, J.C., 2004:
Route to synthesize the sludge management processes

Azad, I.; Panigrahi, A.G.pal, C.P.ulpandi, S.M.hima, C.R.vichandran, P., 2005:
Routes of immunostimulation vis-a-vis survival and growth of Penaeus monodon postlarvae

Burke, S.A.; Wen, L.; King, N.J.C., 2004:
Routes of inoculation and the immune response to a resolving genital flavivirus infection in a novel murine model

Peterhans, E.; Greenland, T.; Badiola, J.; Harkiss, G.; Bertoni, G.; Amorena, B.; Eliaszewicz, M.; Juste, R.A.; Krassnig, R.; Lafont, J-Pierre.; Lenihan, P.; Pétursson, G.; Pritchard, G.; Thorley, J.; Vitu, C.; Mornex, J-François.; Pépin, M., 2004:
Routes of transmission and consequences of small ruminant lentiviruses (SRLVs) infection and eradication schemes

Kasorndorkbua, C.; Guenette, D.K.; Huang, F.F.; Thomas, P.J.; Meng, X-J.; Halbur, P.G., 2004:
Routes of transmission of swine hepatitis E virus in pigs

Peacey, S.R., 2004:
Routine biochemistry in suspected vitamin D deficiency

Shoemaker, R.; Bailey, J.; Janzen, E.; Wilson, D.G., 2004:
Routine castration in 568 draught colts: incidence of evisceration and omental herniation

Heylen, P.; Smet, K. de; Vyt, P.; Gevaert, D., 2004:
Routine coprological confirmation of the history of isosporosis in 10-18 day old piglets

Schneede, J.; Ueland, P.M.; Kjaerstad, S.I., 2003:
Routine determination of serum methylmalonic acid and plasma total homocysteine in Norway

Jacobson, M.; Aspan, A.; Königsson, M.Heldtander.; Segerstad, C.Hård.af.; Wallgren, P.; Fellström, C.; Jensen-Waern, M.; Gunnarson, A., 2004:
Routine diagnostics of Lawsonia intracellularis performed by PCR, serological and post mortem examination, with special emphasis on sample preparation methods for PCR

Small, B.C.; Chatakondi, N., 2005:
Routine measures of stress are reduced in mature channel catfish during and after AQUI-S anesthesia and recovery

Dennis, M.S.; Lewis, S.C.; Warlow, C., 2005:
Routine oral nutritional supplementation for stroke patients in hospital (FOOD): a multicentre randomised controlled trial

Freydiere, A.M.; Perry, J.D.; Faure, O.; Willinger, B.; Tortorano, A.M.; Nicholson, A.; Peman, J.; Verweij, P.E., 2004:
Routine use of a commercial test, GLABRATA RTT, for rapid identification of Candida glabrata in six laboratories

Veirum, J.Erik.; Sodemann, M.; Biai, S.; Jakobsen, M.; Garly, M-Lill.; Hedegaard, K.; Jensen, H.; Aaby, P., 2005:
Routine vaccinations associated with divergent effects on female and male mortality at the paediatric ward in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau

Gill, U.; Bigras, L.; Schwartz, H., 2004:
Routine, automated determination of inorganic and total mercury in multimedia using cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry

Weeks, A.; Inany, H.A., 2005:
Routines in facility-based maternity care: evidence from the Arab World

Merkle, E.M.; Hallowell, P.T.; Crouse, C.; Nakamoto, D.A.; Stellato, T.A., 2005:
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for clinically severe obesity: normal appearance and spectrum of complications at imaging

Klimaszewski, J.; Sweeney, J.; Price, J.; Pelletier, G., 2005:
Rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in red spruce stands, eastern Canada: diversity, abundance, and descriptions of new species

Chen, C.W.stcott, M.N.ill, K.W.chman, D.K.ox, M., 2004:
Row configuration and nitrogen application for barley-pea intercropping in Montana

Bange, M.P.; Carberry, P.S.; Marshall, J.; Milroy, S.P., 2005:
Row configuration as a tool for managing rain-fed cotton systems: review and simulation analysis

Milroy, S.P.; Bange, M.P.; Hearn, A.B., 2004:
Row configuration in rainfed cotton systems: modification of the OZCOT simulation model

Hernandez, J.; Soriano, T.; Morales, M.I.; Castilla, N., 2004:
Row covers for quality improvement of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa subsp. Pekinensis)

Hicklenton, P.; Forney, C.; Domytrak, C., 2004:
Row covers to delay or advance maturity in highbush blueberry

Garcia Ruiz, I.; Sanchez Ortiz, M.; Rio Fuentes, A. del; Rodriguez Camacho, I.; Vidal Diaz, L., 2004:
Row mulching with harvest trash: an ecological preemergence weed control method for sugarcane without monetary costs

Boydak, E.; Simsek, M.; Gercek, S., 2004:
Row spacing and irrigation interval effects on yield and yield components of soybean

Garside, A.L.; Robotham, B.G.; Chappell, W.; Berthelsen, J.E., 2005:
Row spacing and tillage effects on the growth and yield of sugarcane

Moreira, R.C.; Furlani Junior, E.; Hernandez, F.B.T.; Furlani, R.C.M., 2004:
Row spacing for coffee plants with or without irrigation in Selviria region

Rosal, C.G.; Momplaisir, G-Marie.; Heithmar, E.M., 2005:
Roxarsone and transformation products in chicken manure: determination by capillary electrophoresis-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry

Anonymous, 2003:
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Scotland meeting at the Scottish Health Service Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, 15 May 2002

Anonymous, 2003:
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene meeting at Manson House, London, 12 December 2002

Mishima, S.; Suzuki, K-Michi.; Isohama, Y.; Kuratsu, N.; Araki, Y.; Inoue, M.; Miyata, T., 2005:
Royal jelly has estrogenic effects in vitro and in vivo

Bonomi, A., 2003:
Royal jelly in light pig feeding

Garcia, R.C.; Couto, R.H.N., 2005:
Royal jelly production by Italian and Africanized honeybees Apis mellifera, and their cross-bred descendants

Khamis, A.; Raoult, D.; La Scola, B., 2004:
rpoB gene sequencing for identification of Corynebacterium species

Giacomazzi, S.; Leroi, F.; L.H.naff, C.; Joffraud, J.J., 2004:
RpoB-PCR amplified gene and temporal temperature gradient gel electrophoresis: a rapid tool to analyse bacterial strains representative of cold-smoked salmon microflora

Rosche, T.M.; Smith, D.J.; Parker, E.E.; Oliver, J.D., 2005:
RpoS involvement and requirement for exogenous nutrient for osmotically induced cross protection in Vibrio vulnificus

Caimano, M.J.; Eggers, C.H.; Hazlett, K.R.O.; Radolf, J.D., 2004:
RpoS is not central to the general stress response in Borrelia burgdorferi but does control expression of one or more essential virulence determinants

Linde, M.; Mattiesch, L.; Debener, T., 2004:
Rpp1, a dominant gene providing race-specific resistance to rose powdery mildew ( Podosphaera pannosa): molecular mapping, SCAR development and confirmation of disease resistance data

Kimura, Y.; Ishida, S.; Matoba, H.; Okahisa, N., 2004:
RppA, a transducer homologue, and MmrA, a multidrug transporter homologue, are involved in the biogenesis and/or assembly of polysaccharide in Myxococcus xanthus

Thomson, R.W.; Soos, I., 2005:
Rroma culture and physical culture in Hungary

Stephensen, Eíkur.; Adolfsson-Erici, M.; Hulander, M.; Parkkonen, J.; Förlin, L., 2005:
Rubber additives induce oxidative stress in rainbow trout

Robert, O.E.; Ulamen, O.A.; Osula, O., 2005:
Rubber effluent effect on some soil chemical properties and growth of Dialium guineense seedlings

Chaudhuri, P.S.; Pal, T.K.; Gautam Bhattacharjee; Dey, S.K., 2003:
Rubber leaf litters (Hevea brasiliensis, var RRIM 600) as vermiculture substrate for epigeic earthworms, Perionyx excavatus, Eudrilus eugeniae and Eisenia fetida

Aigbodion, A.I.; Bakare, I.O., 2005:
Rubber seed oil quality assessment and authentication

Pellegrin, F.; Nandris, D.; Chrestin, H.; Duran Vila, N., 2004:
Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) bark necrosis syndrome I: still no evidence of a biotic causal agent

Nandris, D.; Moreau, R.; Pellegrin, F.; Chrestin, H.; Abina, J.; Angui, P., 2004:
Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) bark necrosis syndrome II: first comprehensive report on causal stresses

Chrestin, H.; Sookmark, U.; Trouslot, P.; Pellegrin, F.; Nandris, D., 2004:
Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) bark necrosis syndrome III: a physiological disease linked to impaired cyanide metabolism

Francisco, V.L.F. dos S.; Bueno, C.R.F.; Baptistella, C. da S.L., 2004:
Rubber tree cultivation profile, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lepetit, J., 2005:
Rubber-like elasticity and meat tenderness

Kasapis, S.; Mitchell, J.; Abeysekera, R.; MacNaughtan, W., 2004:
Rubber-to-glass transitions in high sugar/biopolymer mixtures

Rodrigo, V.H.L.; Silva, T.U.K.; Kariyawasam, L.S.; Munasinghe, E.S., 2002:
Rubber/timber intercropping systems and their impact on the performance of rubber

Castillo-Solórzano, C.; Andrus, J.Kim., 2004:
Rubella elimination and improving health care for women

Ki, M.Ran.; Choi, B.Youl.; Kim, M-Hee.; Shin, Y-Jeon.; Park, T.Sung., 2003:
Rubella seroprevalence in Korean children

Vijayalakshmi, P.; Anuradha, R.; Prakash, K.; Narendran, K.; Ravindran, M.; Prajna, L.; Brown, D.; Robertson, S.E., 2004:
Rubella serosurveys at three Aravind Eye Hospitals in Tamil Nadu, India

Leis, M., 2003:
Rubens, a new varietal club for apple improvement

Kemp, H.; Linden, K. van der; Peeters, J., 2004:

Han QuanBin; L.R.ngTao; Zhang JiXia; Sun HanDong, 2004:
Rubescensins S and T: seco-ent-kaurane diterpenoids from Isodon rubescens var. taihangensis

Skibniewska, E.M.; Skibniewski, M.; Kosla, T., 2005:
Rubidium - an ultra trace element in the trophic chain

Qureshi, J.A.; Buschman, L.L.; Throne, J.E.; Whaley, P.M.; Ramaswamy, S.B., 2004:
Rubidium chloride and cesium chloride sprayed on maize plants and evaluated for marking Diatraea grandiosella (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in mark-recapture dispersal studies

Muratori, F.; Perremans, D.; Hance, T., 2005:
Rubidium marking of Aphidius rhopalosiphi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on Sitobion avenae (Hemiptera: Aphididae) reared on a diet supplemented with RbCl

Vargas-Suárez, Mín.; Ayala-Ochoa, A.; Lozano-Franco, J.; García-Torres, I.; Díaz-Quiñonez, A.; Ortíz-Navarrete, V.F.; Sánchez-de-Jiménez, E., 2004:
Rubisco activase chaperone activity is regulated by a post-translational mechanism in maize leaves

Mae, T.; Makino, A., 2003:
Rubisco and photosynthesis in rice: coarse and fine control of Rubisco activity in vivo

Gesch, R.; Kang, I.; Gallo-Meagher, M.V., J.; Boote, K.; Allen, L.J.; Bowes, G., 2003:
Rubisco expression in rice leaves is related to genotypic variation of photosynthesis under elevated growth CO2 and temperature

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SMR - this honey of a trait protects bees from deadly mites

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