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Study on comparison of growth performance, feed efficiency and carcass characteristics for Holstein, Hanwoo and F1 (Holstein x Hanwoo) steers

Kang, S.W.; Oh, Y.K.; Kim, K.H.; Choi, C.W.; Son, Y.S.

Journal of Animal Science and Technology 47(2): 243-252


ISSN/ISBN: 2055-0391
Accession: 004333533

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This study was conducted to investigate the optimal feeding programme for producing high-quality meat based on the information derived from the comparison of the growth performance and carcass characteristics among cattle breeds: Holstein Hanwoo and F1 (Holsteinx Hanwoo. 24 steers on 3 treatments (i. e. 8 steers/breed) were used for 540 days from 7 to 24 months of age.

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