Survival of Chrysoperla carnea larvae subjected to starvation

Abida Nasreen; Cheema, G.M.; Muhammad Iqbal; Muhammad Asif

Indus Cottons 2(1): 38-41


Accession: 004337814

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Laboratory experiments were conducted to study the survival of different larval instars of Chrysoperla carnea in Petri plates without any food. Survival percentage was highest (96.00%) after 24 hours of starvation in 2nd instars, followed by 93.00% in 3rd instars. After 72 hours, survival percentage was 8.50, 70.00 and 69.50% in 1st, 2nd and 3rd instars, respectively. Survival decreased with increase in time of starvation. Survival percentage remained 0.00% after 164 hours for 1st and 2nd instars, whereas 6.25% survival was recorded in 3rd instars.