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Chapter 4,341

Taxonomy and nomenclature of Gymnopilus bellulus and G. microsporus (Agaricales, Cortinariaceae)

Holec, J.

Mycotaxon 92: 361-369


ISSN/ISBN: 0093-4666
Accession: 004340730

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Original descriptions, types and other material of Gymnopilus bellulus described from North America and Gymnopilus microsporus from Europe were studied to determine whether the European G. bellulus differs sufficiently from the American concept to be named G. microsporus. It was found that the G. bellulus type matches the original description and recent material from both continents and that American and European collections of G. bellulus are conspecific. Singer-based G. microsporus on a collection from the Caucasus validated by Bresadola's Latin description of Flammula liquiritiae. F. liquiritiae sensu Bresadola is difficult to interpret due to discrepancies in its description. The only available herbarium specimens represent Pholiota mixta, whereas the Singer's material of G. microsporus is identical with Gymnopilus bellulus. This paper selects a lectotype for Gymnopilus bellulus and epitype for G. microsporus to support the fact that G. microsporus sensu Singer is a synonym of G. bellulus.

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