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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4343

Chapter 4343 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Purchas, R.W., 2004:
Tenderness of beef m. longissimus lumborum at normal and intermediate ultimate pH before and after a period of ageing

Pospiech, E.; Iwanska, E.; Grzes, B., 2003:
Tenderness of culinary meat and possibilities of its formation after slaughter

Ott, E., 1998:
Tending of protection forests in the Swiss Alps

Yang WenHua; Pan ZiZhong; Ding ShuYing, 2002:
Tending technique for artificial young stands recoving forest from tillage

Denoix, J.M.; Audigie, F.; Jacquet, S., 2004:
Tendinous and ligamentary pathology of the hock

Swor, T.M.; Dabareiner, R.M.; Schmitz, D.G.; Bayer, B.J.; Cohen, N.D., 2004:
Tendonitis of the deep digital flexor tendon in 78 horses

Zhang, C.; Ondeyka, J.G.; Herath, K.B.; Guan, Z.; Collado, J.; Platas, G.; Pelaez, F.; Leavitt, P.S.; Gurnett, A.; Nare, B.; Liberator, P.; Singh, S.B., 2005:
Tenellones A and B from a Diaporthe sp.: two highly substituted benzophenone inhibitors of parasite cGMP-dependent protein kinase activity

Bentley, J.W.; Wright, R.C., 2004:
Tennessee's timber industry - an assessment of timber product output and use, 2001

Kibler, W.Ben.; Safran, M., 2005:
Tennis injuries

Goodman, S.A.; May, S.A.; Heinegård, D.; Smith, R.K.W., 2004:
Tenocyte response to cyclical strain and transforming growth factor beta is dependent upon age and site of origin

Fraser, B.S.L.; Bladon, B.M., 2004:
Tenoscopic surgery for treatment of lacerations of the digital flexor tendon sheath

Saif, S.; Lan, Y.S.ter, D., 2004:
Tensile properties of parboiled rice as affected by processing conditions

Peressini, D.; Bravin, B.; Sensidoni, A., 2004:
Tensile properties, water vapour permeabilities and solubilities of starch-methylcellulose-based edible films

Rajabipour, A.; Zariefard, M.R.; Dodd, G.T.; Norris, E.R., 2004:
Tensile strength and relaxation of tomato skin by a loop technique

Batista, A.; Rodrigo, M.; Calil, C.J.; Martinez, M., 2002:
Tensile strength evaluation on structural timber finger joints

Tesouro, M.O.; Fuica, A.M.; Masia, G.; Venturelli, L.; Smith, J., 2003:
Tensioactivs use and their relation with coverage

Hoppula, K.I.; Salo, T.J., 2005:
Tensiometer-based irrigation scheduling with different fertilization methods in blackcurrant cultivation

Isberie, C.; Lohou, C.; Bensaoud, A.; Lesage, E., 2004:
Tensiometric measurements: a tool to analyse root growth and to schedule irrigation of landscape trees

Voss, K.; Montavon, P.M., 2004:
Tension band stabilization of fractures and luxations of the thoracolumbar vertebrae in dogs and cats: 38 cases (1993-2002)

Itoh, T.; Nibe, K.; Naganobu, K., 2005:
Tension pneumoperitoneum due to gastric perforation in a cat

Mukogawa, Y.; Nobuchi, T.; Mohd Hamami Sahri, 2003:
Tension wood anatomy in artificially induced leaning stems of some tropical trees

Pilate, G.; Dejardin, A.; Laurans, F.; Leple, J.C.arles, 2004:
Tension wood as a model for functional genomics of wood formation

Legrand, F.; LeScanff, C., 2003:
Tension-stress, effort-stress and mood profiling with an elite javelin performer

Scharm, W., 2005:
Tensions between the EU and West Africa off Africa's coasts: are EU access agreements harming Africa's artisanal fisheries?

Greif, F., 2005:
Tensions in land policy between EU-15 and the accession states of 2004

Xiao BangZhong; Liao WenFang, 2004:
Tentative discussion on the strategy and effect of prevention and control of iodine deficiency disorders for the future

Wang XueCai, 2004:
Tentative discussion on the system patterns of quality certification of agricultural products

Seelig, M.S.; Vink, R., 2004:
Tenth International Magnesium Symposium, Cairns, Australia, September 7-11, 2003

Anonymous, 2004:
Tenth informal consultation on the global polio laboratory network, 6-8 September 2004

Graham, K.; Rehman, H.; Ahmad, M.; Kamal, M.; Khan, I.; Rowland, M., 2004:
Tents pre-treated with insecticide for malaria control in refugee camps: an entomological evaluation

Ren, P-Gen.; Zhou, P-Jin., 2005:
Tenuibacillus multivorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from saline soil in Xin-Jiang, China

Schwarzwalder, B.; Zheng BaoHua; L.P.ng; S.Y.Fang; Zhang LiChang, 2004:
Tenure and management arrangements for China's grassland resources: fieldwork findings and legal and policy recommendations

Liba' a, N.K., 2003:
Tenure mutations in North Cameroon: from transhumance to sedentarization, strategies for change and limitation of conflicts

Rodriguez Tapia, S.; Ortiz Solorio, C.A.; Hidalgo Moreno, C.; Gutierrez Castorena, M. del C., 2004:
Tepetates of the western hillside of cerro Tlaloc: saprolite, without pedologic induration

Brownfield, S.; Nettleton, W.; Weisel, C.; Peterson, N.M.grath, C., 2005:
Tephra influence on Spokane-flood terraces, Bonner County, Idaho

Korneyev, V.A., 2004:
Tephritis conyzifoliae - the first record from Germany

Kinkorova, J., 2004:
Tephritis leontodontis (Diptera: Tephritidae) as a potential biological control agent of Leontodon autumnalis (Asteraceae)

Mafongoya, P.L.; Chintu, R.; Chirwa, T.S.; Matibini, J.; Chikale, S., 2003:
Tephrosia species and provenances for improved fallows in southern Africa

Chambers, F.M.; Daniell, J.R.G.; Hunt, J.B.; Molloy, K.; O'Connell, M., 2004:
Tephrostratigraphy of An Loch Mor, Inis Oirr, western Ireland: implications for Holocene tephrochronology in the northeastern Atlantic region

Bell, H.A.; Kirkbride Smith, A.E.; Marris, G.C.; Edwards, J.P., 2004:
Teratocytes of the solitary endoparasitoid Meteorus gyrator (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): morphology, numbers and possible functions

Wassenberg, D.M.; Di Giulio, R.T., 2004:
Teratogenesis in Fundulus heteroclitus embryos exposed to a creosote-contaminated sediment extract and CYP1A inhibitors

Namita Mehrotra, 2005:
Teratogenic effect of low doses of vitamin-A on developing rat embryos

Farag, A.T., 2005:
Teratogenic effect of orally administered technical dimethoate in rats

Wangikar, P.B.; Dwivedi, P.; Sinha, N.; Sharma, A.K.; Telang, A.G., 2005:
Teratogenic effects in rabbits of simultaneous exposure to ochratoxin A and aflatoxin B1 with special reference to microscopic effects

Riley, E.P.; McGee, C.L.; Sowell, E.R., 2004:
Teratogenic effects of alcohol: a decade of brain imaging

Wangikar, P.B.; Dwivedi, P.; Sinha, N., 2004:
Teratogenic effects of ochratoxin A in rabbits

Martinez, E.A.; Moore, B.C.; Schaumloffel, J.; Dasgupta, N., 2004 :
Teratogenic versus mutagenic abnormalities in chironomid larvae exposed to zinc and lead

Tian, Y.; Ishikawa, H.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yamauchi, T.; Yokoyama, K., 2005:
Teratogenicity and developmental toxicity of chlorpyrifos. Maternal exposure during organogenesis in mice

ØRnsrud, R.; Gil, L.; Waagbø, R., 2004:
Teratogenicity of elevated egg incubation temperature and egg vitamin A status in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

Budai, P.; Fejes, S.; Varnagy, L.; Somlyay, I.M.; Szabo, Z.K., 2003:
Teratogenicity test of dimethoate containing insecticide formulation and Cd-sulphate in chicken embryos after administration as a single compound or in combination

Bhattacharya, S.K., 2004:
Teratological studies of IH/AO-2 (research name) - a polyherbal formulation

Das, S.N.; Chatterjee, S.; Agrawala, S.K., 1997:
Teratological study of IHP-Ca

Cribier, B.J.; Bakshi, R., 2004:
Terbinafine in the treatment of onychomycosis: a review of its efficacy in high-risk populations and in patients with nondermatophyte infections

Graminha, M.A.S.; Rocha, E.M.F.; Prade, R.A.; Martinez-Rossi, N.M., 2004:
Terbinafine resistance mediated by salicylate 1-monooxygenase in Aspergillus nidulans

Barbe, C.; Seeruttun, S.; Gaungoo, A., 2001:
Terbo: an alternative to hormone-type herbicides in sugar cane

Kuechler, T.; Duefer, B.; Resseler, H.; Schulte, M.; Cornes, D., 2003:
Terbuthylazine in maize - a model example of product stewardship and safe use

Wilkins, B.; Ebel, R.; Dozier, W.; Pitts, J.B.ozer, R., 2004:
Tergitol TMN-6 for thinning peach blossoms

Okah, F.A.; Cai, J.; Hoff, G.L., 2005:
Term-gestation low birth weight and health-compromising behaviors during pregnancy

Milani, M., 2005:
Terminal behavioral problems

Milani, M., 2005:
Terminal bond problems

Chiu, T-Yuan.; Hu, W-Yu.; Chuang, R-Bin.; Cheng, Y-Ru.; Chen, C-Yu.; Wakai, S., 2004:
Terminal cancer patients' wishes and influencing factors toward the provision of artificial nutrition and hydration in Taiwan

Sahrawat, Kl, 2004:
Terminal electron acceptors for controlling methane emissions from submerged rice soils

Edel-Hermann, Véronique.; Dreumont, C.; Pérez-Piqueres, A.; Steinberg, C., 2009:
Terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of ribosomal RNA genes to assess changes in fungal community structure in soils

Sobiczewski, P.; Zurawicz, E.; Berczynski, S.; Lewandowski, M., 2004:
Terminal shoot susceptibility of new Polish apple cultigens to fire blight

Rabbani, H.; Mohtasebi, S.S.; Behroozilar, M.; Geramy, A., 2002:
Terminal velocity determination of Iranian chickpea

Gauthaman, K.; Banerjee, S.K.; Dinda, A.K.; Ghosh, C.C.; Maulik, S.K., 2004:
Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) protects rabbit heart against ischemic-reperfusion injury: role of antioxidant enzymes and heat shock protein

Mohd Jaafar, F.; Attoui, H.; De Micco, P.; De Lamballerie, X., 2004:
Termination and read-through proteins encoded by genome segment 9 of Colorado tick fever virus

Jiang, M.; Zhang, W.; Cheng, J., 2004:
Termination of reproductive diapause in the rice water weevil with particular reference to the effects of temperature

Jurka, P., 2005:
Termination of unwanted pregnancies in bitches: a comparison of two methods

Azbukina, Z.M., 2003:
Terminology of spore stages and life cycles of rust fungi from the order Uredinales

Jones, M.K.; Beveridge, I.; Campbell, R.A.; Palm, H.W., 2004:
Terminology of the sucker-like organs of the scolex of trypanorhynch cestodes

Nikicevic, N., 2005:
Terminology used in sensory evaluation of plum brandy Sljivovica quality

Cardello, A.V., 2005:
Terminology, reliability, validity, and subjectivity in the search for the voice of the consumer

Loveridge, J.P.; Moe, S.R., 2004:
Termitaria as browsing hotspots for African megaherbivores in miombo woodland

Laffont, E.R.; Torales, G.J.; Coronel, J.M.; Arbino, M.O.; Godoy, M.C., 2004:
Termite (Insecta, Isoptera) fauna from national parks of the Northeast region of Argentina

Sileshi, G.; Mafongoya, P.L.; Kwesiga, F.; Nkunika, P., 2005:
Termite damage to maize grown in agroforestry systems, traditional fallows and monoculture on nitrogen-limited soils in eastern Zambia

Cooper, C.E.; Withers, P.C., 2004:
Termite digestibility and water and energy contents determine the water economy index of numbats (Myrmecobius fasciatus) and other myrmecophages

Chen, K.; Ohmura, W.; Doi, S.; Aoyama, M., 2004:
Termite feeding deterrent from Japanese larch wood

Holdo, R.M.; Mcdowell, L.R., 2004:
Termite mounds as nutrient-rich food patches for elephants

Shelton, T.G.; Grace, J.K., 2003:
Termite physiology in relation to wood degradation and termite control

Shinzato, N.; Muramatsu, M.; Watanabe, Y.; Matsui, T., 2005:
Termite-regulated fungal monoculture in fungus combs of a macrotermitine termite Odontotermes formosanus

Vohland, K.; Deckert, J., 2005:
Termites (Isoptera) along a north-south transect in Namibia and South Africa

Evans, T.A.; Lai, J.C.S.; Toledano, E.; McDowall, L.; Rakotonarivo, S.; Lenz, M., 2005:
Termites assess wood size by using vibration signals

Gutierrez, A.I.; Uribe, S.; Quiroz, J.A., 2004:
Termites associated to Eucalyptus spp. in a forest plantation in Magdalena, Colombia

Vasconcellos, A.; Melo, A.C.S.; Segundo, E. de M.V.; Bandeira, A.G., 2005:
Termites from two restinga forests of Northeastern Brazil

Fouquet, D., 2004:
Termites in metropolitan France: biology and control

Muin, M.; Tsunoda, K., 2003:
Termiticidal performance of wood-based composites treated with silafluofen using supercritical carbon dioxide

Wei TieZheng; Yao YiJian; Wang Bo; Pegler, D.N., 2004:
Termitomyces bulborhizus sp. nov. from China, with a key to allied species

Licht, H.H. de F.; Andersen, A.; Aanen, D.K., 2005:
Termitomyces sp. associated with the termite Macrotermes natalensis has a heterothallic mating system and multinucleate cells

Lapinskas, E.; Ambrazaitiene, D., 2004:
Terms and methods of goat's rue seed inoculation with bacteria (Rhizobium galegae) preparations

Surajit Deb, 2004:
Terms of trade and investment behaviour in Indian agriculture: a cointegration analysis

Khedr, M.A.; Mohamed, S.S., 2004:
Ternary diagram of extract proteins/solvent systems: sesame, soybean and lupine proteins

Vieira, M.Morais.; Macêdo, F.Yuri.B.; Filho, Jé.Nelson.Belarmino.; Costa, A.Carolina.L.V.; Cunha, A.N.; Silveira, E.R.; Brito, G.Anne.C.; Ribeiro, R.A., 2004:
Ternatin, a flavonoid, prevents cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide-induced hemorrhagic cystitis in rats

King, D.J.; Gleadow, R.M.; Woodrow, I.E., 2004:
Terpene deployment in Eucalyptus polybractea; relationships with leaf structure, environmental stresses, and growth

Cornu, A.K.ndjoyan, N.M.rtin, B.V.rdier-Metz, I.P.adel, P.B.rdague, J.; Coulon, J., 2005:
Terpene profiles in Cantal and Saint-Nectaire-type cheese made from raw or pasteurised milk

Ivic, L.; Sands, T.T.J.; Fishkin, N.; Nakanishi, K.; Kriegstein, A.R.; Strømgaard, K., 2003:
Terpene trilactones from Ginkgo biloba are antagonists of cortical glycine and GABA(A) receptors

Rodrigues Goulart, H.; Kimura, Eília.A.; Peres, V.J.; Couto, A.S.; Aquino Duarte, F.A.; Katzin, A.M., 2004:
Terpenes arrest parasite development and inhibit biosynthesis of isoprenoids in Plasmodium falciparum

Tesso, H.; König, W.A., 2004:
Terpenes from Otostegia integrifolia

Morikawa, H.; Kasai, R.; Otsuka, H.; Hirata, E.; Shinzato, T.; Aramoto, M.; Takeda, Y., 2004:
Terpenic and phenolic glycosides from leaves of Breynia officinalis HEMSL

Benedict, C.R.; Martin, G.S.; Liu, J.; Puckhaber, L.; Magill, C.W., 2004:
Terpenoid aldehyde formation and lysigenous gland storage sites in cotton: variant with mature glands but suppressed levels of terpenoid aldehydes

Anonymous, 2002:
Terpenoid from Curcuma longa

Aharoni, A.; Giri, A.P.; Deuerlein, S.; Griepink, F.; de Kogel, W-Jan.; Verstappen, F.W.A.; Verhoeven, H.A.; Jongsma, M.A.; Schwab, W.; Bouwmeester, H.J., 2003:
Terpenoid metabolism in wild-type and transgenic Arabidopsis plants

Bohlmann, J.; Martin, D.M.; Miller, B.; Huber, D.P.W., 2004:
Terpenoid synthases in conifers and poplars

Zhou, Y-Dong.; Kim, Y-Pil.; Mohammed, K.Asjad.; Jones, D.K.; Muhammad, I.; Dunbar, D.Chuck.; Nagle, D.G., 2005:
Terpenoid tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids emetine, klugine, and isocephaeline inhibit the activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 in breast tumor cells

Leenheer, J.A.; Nanny, M.A.; McIntyre, C., 2003:
Terpenoids as major precursors of dissolved organic matter in landfill leachates, surface water, and groundwater

Liu Xia; W.Q.anXiang; Shi YanPing, 2005:
Terpenoids from the flower of Cacalia tangutica

Szoke, E.; Maday, E.; Gershenzon, J.; Lemberkovics, E., 2004:
Terpenoids in genetically transformed cultures of chamomile

Yukawa, C.; Iwabuchi, H.; Kamikawa, T.; Komemushi, S.; Sawabe, A., 2004:
Terpenoids of the volatile oil of Bursera graveolens

Calcabrini, A.; Stringaro, A.; Toccacieli, L.; Meschini, S.; Marra, M.; Colone, M.; Salvatore, G.; Mondello, F.; Arancia, G.; Molinari, A., 2004:
Terpinen-4-ol, the main component of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil inhibits the in vitro growth of human melanoma cells

Nascimento, N.R.F.; Leal-Cardoso, Jé.H.; Lessa, Lília.M.A.; Roriz-Filho, J.S.; Cunha, K.M.A.; Fonteles, Més.C., 2005:
Terpinen-4-ol: mechanisms of relaxation on rabbit duodenum

Rudari, R.; Entekhabi, D.; Roth, G., 2004:
Terrain and multiple-scale interactions as factors in generating extreme precipitation events

Hossne, G.A.; Cristopher, J.; Paredes, G.; Carvajal, E.; Santaella, E.; Malaver, J.; Cova, A., 2003:
Terramechanic resistance as a function of moisture content of a savanna ultisol soil in Monagas State, Venezuela

Rastetter, E.B.; Perakis, S.S.; Shaver, G.R.; Agren, G.I., 2005:
Terrestrial C sequestration at elevated CO2 and temperature: the role of dissolved organic N loss

Regan, E.C.; Anderson, R., 2004:
Terrestrial Coleoptera recorded in Ireland, May 2003

Hodkinson, I.D.; Jackson, J.K., 2005:
Terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates as bioindicators for environmental monitoring, with particular reference to mountain ecosystems

Woodgate, S.L., 2004:
Terrestrial animal by-products in aquafeeds: biotechnology upgrades animal by-products for aquaculture feeds

Longcore, T., 2003:
Terrestrial arthropods as indicators of ecological restoration success in coastal sage scrub (California, U.S.A.)

Loureiro, S.; Soares, A.M.V.M.; Nogueira, Aónio.J.A., 2005:
Terrestrial avoidance behaviour tests as screening tool to assess soil contamination

Kristofel, F., 2005:
Terrestrial crown condition assessment 2004

Devlin, M.J.; Brodie, J., 2005:
Terrestrial discharge into the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon: nutrient behavior in coastal waters

Steffen, W., 2003:
Terrestrial ecosystems, land use and global sustainability

Hund Rinke Kerstin; Simon Markus, 2005:
Terrestrial ecotoxicity of eight chemicals in a systematic approach

Rombke, J.; Forster, B.; Jansch, S.; Scheffczyk, A.; Garcia, M., 2005:
Terrestrial ecotoxicological test methods for the tropics. Part 1: Laboratory tests with earthworms and arthropods

Rombke, J.; Forster, B.; Jansch, S.; Scheffczyk, A.; Garcia, M., 2005:
Terrestrial ecotoxicological test methods for the tropics. Part 2: (Semi-)field tests and risk assessment

Gibbons, J.W., 2003:
Terrestrial habitat: a vital component for herpetofauna of isolated wetlands

Hodkinson, I.D., 2005:
Terrestrial insects along elevation gradients: species and community responses to altitude

Farkas, S.; Krcmar, S., 2004:
Terrestrial isopods (Isopoda: Oniscidea) of Baranya (Croatia)

Pfeifer, N.; Lichti, D., 2004:
Terrestrial laser scanning - developments, applications and challenges

Zeng, N.; Mariotti, A.; Wetzel, P., 2005:
Terrestrial mechanisms of interannual CO2 variability

Vijay Singh; Harvir Singh, 2003:
Terrestrial movement of safflower aphid, Uroleucon carthami and its impact on screening programme for resistance against aphids in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)

Wahbe, T.; Bunnell, F.; Bury, R., 2004:
Terrestrial movements of juvenile and adult tailed frogs in relation to timber harvest in coastal British Columbia

Ley, P. de; Driessche, R. van; Coomans, A., 2005:
Terrestrial nematodes from the Galapagos Archipelago. 10. Morphological and taxonomical analysis of Carcharolaimus ramirezi Thorne, 1967 (Dorylaimida: Qudsianematidae)

Winsor, L.; Johns, P.M.; Barker, G.M., 2004:
Terrestrial planarians (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Terricola) predaceous on terrestrial gastropods

Knecht, M.F.; Göransson, A., 2004:
Terrestrial plants require nutrients in similar proportions

Beukema, H.; Noordwijk, M. van, 2004:
Terrestrial pteridophytes as indicators of a forest-like environment in rubber production systems in the lowlands of Jambi, Sumatra

Cox, M.L.; Fraser, P.J.; Sturrock, G.A.; Siems, S.T.; Porter, L.W., 2004:
Terrestrial sources and sinks of halomethanes near Cape Grim, Tasmania

Rawat, G.S., 2005:
Terrestrial vegetation and ecosystem coverage within Indian protected areas

Fulweiler, R.W.; Nixon, S.W., 2005:
Terrestrial vegetation and the seasonal cycle of dissolved silica in a southern New England coastal river

Lohrer, A.M.; Thrush, S.F.; Hewitt, J.E.; Berkenbusch, K.; Ahrens, M.; Cummings, V.J., 2004:
Terrestrially derived sediment: response of marine macrobenthic communities to thin terrigenous deposits

Altukhov, A.I.; Vermel' , D.F.; Kuropatkin, A.N., 2005:
Territorial allocation of labour in the agroindustrial complex of Russia and food supply for regions

Schubert, A.; Lovisolo, C.; Mancini, M.; Orlandini, S.; Moriondo, M.; Spanna, F.; Dolzan, S.; Marziis, M. de; Dellavalle, D.; Sanlorenzo, G., 2004:
Territorial and bioclimatic description of the area of the Moscato docg in Piedmont

Marden, J.H.; Cobb, J.R., 2004:
Territorial and mating success of dragonflies that vary in muscle power output and presence of gregarine gut parasites

Tuno, N.; Sagara, N.; Okadome, T., 2003:
Territorial behaviour of Suillia males on basidiocarps of Hebeloma radicosum in central Japan

Reynier, V.; Chantelat, P., 2005:
Territorial behaviour of winter sports centre stakeholders

Tonneau, J.P.; Diniz, P.; Duque, G.; Silveira, L.M. da; Siderski, P.; Weid, J.M. von der, 2003:
Territorial development in the Brazilian Northeast: learning about democracy

Wagner, I., 2005:
Territorial differences of the performance of Hungarian rural bank system

Augusseau, X.; Cheylan, J.P.; Liehoun, E., 2004:
Territorial dynamics of agro-pastoralism: the case of a Burkinabe village near an agricultural frontier

Villar, P.M. del; Ferreira, C.M., 2005:
Territorial dynamics of upland rice cultivation in west central Brazil

Remy, J., 2002:
Territorial farm contracts and environmental social demands

Farolfi, S.; Page, C. le; Tidball, M.; Bommel, P., 2003:
Territorial management of animal wastes on Reunion Island. Analysis of the economic behaviour of actors using a multi-agent system

Prados, M.J., 2005:
Territorial recognition and control of changes in dynamic rural areas: analysis of the naturbanization process in Andalusia, Spain

Vaz, M.T. de N.; Cesario, M., 2004:
Territorial systems in the rural areas of the European Union

E.B.nna, S.; Zalat, S.; Abo Ghalia, A.; Gilbert, F., 1999:
Territoriality and foraging behaviour of some solitary wasps in Egypt

Pecqueur, B., 2003:
Territory and governance: which relevant tool for development?

Kashparov, V.A.; Lundin, S.M.; Zvarych, S.I.; Yoshchenko, V.I.; Levchuk, S.E.; Khomutinin, Y.V.; Maloshtan, I.M.; Protsak, V.P., 2003:
Territory contamination with the radionuclides representing the fuel component of Chernobyl fallout

Mazerolle, D.F.; Hobson, K.A., 2004:
Territory size and overlap in male Ovenbirds: contrasting a fragmented and contiguous boreal forest

Duca, C.; Marini, M.A., 2005:
Territory size of the flavescent warbler, Basileuterus flaveolus (Passeriformes, Emberizidae), in a forest fragment in Southeastern Brazil

Raphael, B.; Dunsmore, J.; Wooding, S., 2005:
Terror and trauma in Bali: Australia's mental health disaster response

Pratt, G., 2003:
Terrorism and tourism: Bahamas and Jamaica fight back

Henderson, J.C., 2003:
Terrorism and tourism: managing the consequences of the Bali bombings

Chen, R.J.C.; Chen, J.S., 2003:
Terrorism effects on travel arrangements and tourism practices

Harjai, M.M.; Chandrashekhar, N.; Uma Raju; Jog, S.S.; Arora, P., 2005:
Terrorism, trauma and children

Temmink, H.; Grolle, K., 2005:
Tertiary activated carbon treatment of paper and board industry wastewater

Garde, V.; Harper, D.; Fairchok, M.P., 2004:
Tertiary contact vaccinia in a breastfeeding infant

Pieris, W.R.; Dayawansa, N.D.K.; Mole, F.; Silva, W.P.R.P. de, 2004:
Tertiary level irrigation water management practices at tail end: a case study from Uda Walawe Irrigation Scheme

Lee, J.; Kim, S.; Choi, J.; Hwang, H.; Cha, M.; Kim, J., 2004:
Tertiary treatment of biologically treated piggery wastewater using vibratory shear-enhanced RO membrane

Meers, E.; Rousseau, D.P.L.; Blomme, N.; Lesage, E.; Laing, G. du; Tack, F.M.G.; Verloo, M.G., 2005:
Tertiary treatment of the liquid fraction of pig manure with Phragmites australis

Garcia, S.C.; Estrany Coda, F.; Oliver Pujol, R., 2005:
Tertiary treatment of waste water

N.J.nWei; Jiang ZhengYue; Wang Qing, 2005:
Test and analysis of dew having an effects on heat preservation capability of double-plastic greenhouse

N.J.nWei; Zhang RuKun; W.X.aoMin; Wang ChunYan, 2004:
Test and analysis of thermal screen effects in double-plastic greenhouse in central area of Yunnan

Swildens, B.; Engel, B.; Stegeman, A.J.; Nielen, M., 2005:
Test characteristics of a PCR for Streptococcus suis defined by Bayesian analysis

Wang, Z.; Basarab, J.A.; Goonewardene, L.A.; Crews, D.H.J.; Ramsey, P.; Lyle, K.L.; French, N.; Okine, E.K.; Moore, S.S., 2005:
Test duration for residual feed intake in commercial bulls

Vestergaard, J.B., 2004:
Test method for evaluation of anti-scale devices for cooling condensers

Bradley, E.L.; Castle, L.; Dines, T.J.; Fitzgerald, A.G.; Gonzalez Tunon, P.; Jickells, S.M.; Johns, S.M.; Layfield, E.S.; Mountfort, K.A.; Onoh, H.; Ramsay, I.A., 2005:
Test method for measuring non-visible set-off from inks and lacquers on the food-contact surface of printed packaging materials

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Test methods for available soil boron in some selected soils of Northern Nigeria

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Test of Populus x euramericana cv. Pannonia resistance to the attack of Discosporium populeum (Sacc.) sutton by artificial infections

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Test of different substrates for soilless cultivation of tomato

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Test of insect screens - measurement and evaluation of the air permeability and light transmission

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Test of pangamy by genetic analysis of Schistosoma mansoni pairs within its natural murine host in Guadeloupe

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Test of parallelism and relative potency of various insecticide mixtures and their individual insecticides to Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)

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Test of semiochemical mediated host specificity in four species of tree killing bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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Test of the efficiency of three storm water quality models with a rich set of data

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Test of the factor stimulating growth-hormone release and analysis of 10-hour hormone secretion in Japanese Black cattle with normal and with retarded growth

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Test of the nutrient solution formula for Pleurotus geesteranus

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Test of treatments of a laser-engraving technique on native woods of Taiwan

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Test of using of adhesive starch in forming briquettes from straw assigned for combustion

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Test on feeding ammoniated and micro-treated sugarcane leaves to buffaloes

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Test on the control efficacy of previcur-N against downy mildew of cucumber

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Test on vegetable disease control utilizing the 3YC - 50 smogger of normal atmospheric temperature

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Test schemes for feeding trials for the evaluation of the influence of a probiotic feed additive on the gut microflora of young calves and newly hatched turkeys

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Test strip detection of Wuchereria bancrofti amplified DNA in wild-caught Culex pipiens and estimation of infection rate by a PoolScreen algorithm

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Test studies on using modified bentonite as the base bottom liner in the garbage landfill

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Test systems for tick repellents

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Test-bed of the 2BST-160 corn sower function

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Test-bench and computer-aided measurement system for checking and calibrating spraying machines used in tendone-trained vineyards

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Test-meal palatability alters the effects of intragastric fat but not carbohydrate preloads on intake and rated appetite in healthy volunteers

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Test-retest reliability and discriminant validity of the Restraint Scale translated into Portuguese

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TestSmart and toxic ignorance

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Testa development in the caryopsis of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench

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Testate amoebae (Protista) communities in Hylocomium splendens (Hedw.) B.S.G. (Bryophyta): relationships with altitude, and moss elemental chemistry

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Testicular FGF-1 protein is involved in Sertoli cell-spermatid interaction in roe deer

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Testicular biometry in Beetal x Assam bucks during adolescence

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Testicular cell lines

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Testicular compensatory hypertrophy related to hemicastration in prepubertal dogs

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Testicular cytochrome P450scc and LHR as possible targets of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in the mouse

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Testicular development and body weight gain from birth to 1 year of age of Awassi and Redkaraman sheep and their reciprocal crosses

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Testicular development in Brahman bulls

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Testicular development in the sea trout (Salmo trutta morpha trutta L.) after sex differentiation, with a reference to precocious maturation

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Testicular dynamics in Syrian hamsters exposed to both short photoperiod and low ambient temperature

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Testicular effects of sub-chronic administration of Hibiscus sabdariffa calyx aqueous extract in rats

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Testicular expression and distribution of the rat bcl2 modifying factor in response to reduced intratesticular testosterone

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Testicular expression of small ubiquitin-related modifier-1 (SUMO-1) supports multiple roles in spermatogenesis: silencing of sex chromosomes in spermatocytes, spermatid microtubule nucleation, and nuclear reshaping

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Testicular index and histology in breeder broilers of the lineage Avian Farm submitted to the feed restriction

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Testicular measurements and daily sperm output (DSO) of Swedish warm-blood stallions

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Testicular phenotype in luteinizing hormone receptor knockout animals and the effect of testosterone replacement therapy

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Testicular schistosomiasis simulating malignancy

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Testicular thermoregulation in Bos indicus, crossbred and Bos taurus bulls: relationship with scrotal, testicular vascular cone and testicular morphology, and effects on semen quality and sperm production

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Testicular torsion in the dog

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Testicular type Sox9 is not involved in sex determination but might be in the development of testicular structures in the medaka, Oryzias latipes

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Testing in vitro Lucilia sericata (Calliphoridae) and Sarcophaga carnaria (Sarcophagidae) sensitivity to insecticide from the organophosphoric and pyrethroid class

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Testing CERES-Maize versions to estimate maize production in a cool environment

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Testing Fox's assembly rule: does plant invasion depend on recipient community structure?

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Testing Kaldor's growth laws across the countries of Africa

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Testing Vitox

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Testing a clinometer for farm tractor overturning prevention

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Testing a double-count aerial survey technique for White-Tailed Deer, Odocoileus virginianus, in Quebec

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Testing a generalized rough set approach to derive reservoir operation rules under limited water availability

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Testing a juvenile tree growth model sensitive to competition from weeds, using Pinus radiata at two contrasting sites in New Zealand

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Testing a large-scale forestry scenario model by means of successive inventories on a forest property

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Testing a method for reconstructing structural development of even-aged Abies sachalinensis stands

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Testing a methodology to evaluate organization, access, and technical quality of care for childhood diarrhea

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Testing a model of CO2, water and energy exchange in Great Plains tallgrass prairie and wheat ecosystems

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Testing a model of perceived food quality determinants

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Testing a modified Canegro-DSSAT v.3.5 model as a decision-support tool in Mauritius

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Testing a spatially distributed sediment delivery model (SEDD) in a forested basin by cesium-137 technique

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Testing a statistical curve-fitting procedure for quantifying sediment populations within multi-modal particle-size distributions

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Testing abundance-range size relationships in European carabid beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

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Testing adaptive plasticity to UV: costs and benefits of stem elongation and light-induced phenolics

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Testing aggregation consistency across geography and commodities

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Testing alternative indicators for biodiversity conservation in old-growth boreal forests: ecology and economics

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Testing aluminum addition as a tool for lake restoration in shallow, eutrophic Lake Sonderby, Denmark

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Testing an ecologically based classification tool on fruit-based agroforestry in northern Thailand

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Testing analysis on deposit and distribution of pesticide spraying in rice fields

Cheng, J., 2004:
Testing and analysis of the toe-nailed connection in the residential roof-to-wall system

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Testing and evaluation of stable chickpea genotypes under pulse based cropping system

Nigussie Haregeweyn; Fekadu Yohannes, 2003:
Testing and evaluation of the agricultural non-point source pollution model (AGNPS) on Augucho catchment, western Hararghe, Ethiopia

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Testing and improving evapotranspiration and soil water balance of the DSSAT crop models

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Testing and improving predictions of scour and fill depths in a Northern California coastal stream

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Testing and improving the EMEP ozone deposition module

L.M.nZan; Wang Qi; Wang MaoHua, 2004:
Testing and modeling of soil EC sensor

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Testing and parameterizing a conceptual model for solute transport in a fractured granite using multiple tracers in a forced-gradient test

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Testing beyond ethnomedical claims: brine shrimp lethality of some Tanzanian plants

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Testing biennialism in the butterfly Erebia palarica (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) by mtDNA sequencing

Igna, C., 2004:
Testing biocompatibility between canine bone structure and implants with osteoconductive biointerface

Alkhail, A.R.A.A., 2004 :
Testing biological agents and methods to control fusarium wilt of alfalfa plants (Medicago sativa L.)

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Testing bulls for BVDV infections in artificial insemination centres according to European legislation

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Testing chicken meat produced at SC Avicola Buzau SA for quality and freshness

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Testing cms-P-linked AFLPs for selection of rye hybrid components

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Testing common sediment-porewater distribution models for their ability to predict dissolved concentrations of POPs in The Grenlandsfjords, Norway

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Testing convergence between roundwood prices in Finland and Estonia

Everett, K.R.; Owen, S.G.; Cutting, J.G.M., 2005:
Testing efficacy of fungicides against postharvest pathogens of avocado (Persea americana cv. Hass)

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Testing feeds and feed ingredients for juvenile pink shrimp Farfantepenaeus paulensis: in vitro determination of protein digestibility and proteinase inhibition

Eugster, A., 2004:
Testing foods for authenticity - routine and challenge

Peteghem, C.H. van, 2004:
Testing foods of animal origin for residues of chemical contaminants

Lam, T.J.G.M.; Schukken, Y.H., 2005:
Testing for Staphylococcus aureus in herds with a low bulk milk somatic cell count

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Testing for adventitious presence of transgenic material in conventional seed or grain lots using quantitative laboratory methods: statistical procedures and their implementation

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Testing for agents causing pneumonia in pig producing- and fattening units

Drobyshev, I.; Niklasson, M.; Angelstam, P.; Majewski, P., 2004:
Testing for anthropogenic influence on fire regime for a 600-year period in the Jaksha area, Komi Republic, East European Russia

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Testing for bias between the Kjeldahl and Dumas methods for the determination of nitrogen in meat mixtures, by using data from a designed interlaboratory experiment

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Testing for budget constraint effects in a national advisory referendum survey on the Kyoto Protocol

Athanasiadou, S.; Tzamaloukas, O.; Kyriazakis, I.; Jackson, F.; Coop, R.L., 2005:
Testing for direct anthelmintic effects of bioactive forages against Trichostrongylus colubriformis in grazing sheep

van Kleunen, M.; Johnson, S.D., 2005:
Testing for ecological and genetic Allee effects in the invasive shrub Senna didymobotrya (Fabaceae)

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Testing for endocytosis in plants

Lipp, M., 2003:
Testing for foods derived from modern biotechnology: opportunities and limitations for metrology

Kumar, S.; Echt, C.; Wilcox, P.L.; Richardson, T.E., 2003:
Testing for linkage disequilibrium in the New Zealand radiata pine breeding population

Jaffry, S.; Fofana, A.; Murray, A.D., 2003:
Testing for market power in the UK salmon retail sector

Workman, P.J.; Stufkens, M.A.W.; Martin, N.A.; Butler, R.C., 2004:
Testing for pesticide resistance in lettuce aphid

Morrison, L.W.; Porter, S.D., 2005:
Testing for population-level impacts of introduced Pseudacteon tricuspis flies, phorid parasitoids of Solenopsis invicta fire ants

Colin, S.P.; Dam, H.G., 2004:
Testing for resistance of pelagic marine copepods to a toxic dinoflagellate

Delph, L.F., 2004:
Testing for sex differences in biparental inbreeding and its consequences in a gynodioecious species

Mita Bhattacharya; Narayan, P.K., 2005:
Testing for the random walk hypothesis in the case of visitor arrivals: evidence from Indian tourism

Stordal, S.A.ams, D., 2005:
Testing for variation in the western Oregon softwood log price structure

Brais, S.; Harvey, B.D.; Bergeron, Y.; Messier, C.; Greene, D.; Belleau, A.; Pare, D., 2004:
Testing forest ecosystem management in boreal mixedwoods of northwestern Quebec: initial response of aspen stands to different levels of harvesting

Prescher, F.; Prescher, E., 2005:
Testing forest tree seed in Sweden

Herold, B.; Oberbarnscheidt, B.; Geyer, M., 2003:
Testing glassiness in onions

Vargas, E.Azevedo.; Whitaker, T.B.; dos Santos, E.Alves.; Slate, A.B.; Lima, F.B.; Franca, R.C.A., 2005:
Testing green coffee for ochratoxin A, part II: Observed distribution of ochratoxin A test results

Koops, M.A.; Hutchings, J.A.; Mcintyre, T.M., 2004:
Testing hypotheses about fecundity, body size and maternal condition in fishes

Kaufmann, R.K.; Stock, J.H., 2003:
Testing hypotheses about mechanisms for the unknown carbon sink: a time series analysis

Holland, J.N.; Bronstein, J.L.; DeAngelis, D.L., 2004:
Testing hypotheses for excess flower production and low fruit-to-flower ratios in a pollinating seed-consuming mutualism

Joly, D.O.; Messier, F., 2004:
Testing hypotheses of bison population decline (1970-1999) in Wood Buffalo National Park: synergism between exotic disease and predation

Melis Theodore, S.; Topping David, J.; Rubin David, M., 2003:
Testing laser-based sensors for continuous in situ monitoring of suspended sediment in the Colorado River, Arizona

Merganicova, K.; Pietsch, S.A.; Hasenauer, H., 2005:
Testing mechanistic modeling to assess impacts of biomass removal

Spinelli, R.; Hartsough, B.R.; Magagnotti, N., 2005:
Testing mobile chippers for chip size distribution

Zheng JiaGuo; L.X.anJun; Jiang XinLu; L.C.ongDe, 2004:
Testing modifications for the system of rice intensification (SRI) to achieve super-high-yield in the Sichuan basin

Luis, V.C.; Peters, J.; Gonzalez Rodriguez, A.M.; Jimenez, M.S.; Morales, D., 2004:
Testing nursery plant quality of Canary Island pine seedlings grown under different cultivation methods

Fischer, C.; Richter, K.; Blazek, J., 2004:
Testing of Czech cultivars and advanced selections of apples for fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) resistance

Wander, J.; Stensvand, A.; Creemers, P.; Berrie, A.; Rossi, V., 2004:
Testing of DSS's to improve the control of Botrytis cinerea in strawberries

Thomsen, I.M.; Jacobsen, J.B., 2003:
Testing of Rotstop on Sitka spruce, Douglas-fir and Larch

Purwito, 2002:
Testing of a bamboo school building using tilting table

Tkac, Z.; Drabant, S.; Jablonicky, J.; Kleinedler, P., 2004:
Testing of a hydrostatic motor with ecological liquid

Hornbuckle, J.W.; Christen, E.W.; Faulkner, R.D., 2003:
Testing of a multi-level subsurface drainage system for improving drainage water quality

Budantsev, A.Y.; Roshchina, V.V., 2005:
Testing of alkaloids inhibiting cholinesterase activity

Mikkonen, T.; Koort, J.M.K.; Björkroth, K.J.; Sukura, A., 2005:
Testing of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) technique as a tool for molecular epidemiology of Trichinella nativa

Potekar, J.M.; Tekale, D.D., 2004:
Testing of an axial flow blower in laboratory

Harman, S.; Ashbee, H.R.; Evans, E.G.V., 2004:
Testing of antifungal combinations against yeasts and dermatophytes

Takacs, F., 2004:
Testing of apple rootstock/scion combinations in various orchard systems

Kloutvorova, J.; Lansky, M.; Necesany, V.; Kupkova, J., 2003:
Testing of efficacy of fungicides Horizon 250 EW against anthracnose on sour cherry

Mazza, G.; Marchi, D.; Cascio, P.; Manassero, P., 2004:
Testing of enzymes during pellicular maceration of white grape

Rubio, M.; Martinez Gomez, P.; Dicenta, F.; Audergon, J.M., 2004:
Testing of genetic control hypothesis for Plum pox virus resistance in apricot

Schneck, V.; Schneck, D.; Grotehusmann, H.; Paques, L.E., 2002:
Testing of hybrid larch over a broad range of site conditions

Kobliha, J.; Hajnala, M.; Janecek, V., 2003:
Testing of lime tree (Tilia cordata Miller) clones

Koning, K. de; Ronningen, O.; Bjerring, M.; Ipema, B., 2004:
Testing of liners and measuring material properties

Baranauskiene, R.V.nskutonis, P.; Galdikas, A.S.nuliene, D.S.tkus, A., 2005:
Testing of microencapsulated flavours by electronic nose and SPME-GC

Trautwein, F., 2004:
Testing of mini cucumbers

Koron, D., 2004:
Testing of new raspberry varieties in Slovenia

Pernesz, G.; Kiraly Veghely, Z., 2003:
Testing of new red grape varieties and clones in variety trials

Roy, A.; Biswas, S.; Mya, M.M.; Saxena, R.K.; Roy, K.B., 2003:
Testing of newly developed glycophospholipid antigen for the detection of P. falciparum malaria by laser light immunoassay in endemic and non-endemic areas

Wang Fang; Wang WeiPing; Hua ChuYan; Chen JianWen, 2004:
Testing of nitrate contents in vegetables in Hangzhou market and the evaluation on quality of vegetables

Trautwein, F., 2004:
Testing of parsley cultivars

Simunic, R.; Ivanis, D.; Hrsan, B.; Peranic, V.; Kismartin, Z., 2005:
Testing of physical and chemical characteristics of the engine oil forol SHPD-MAX SAE 15 W-40

Correge, I., 2004:
Testing of pig respiratory lesions at the slaughterhouse. Relevance in farm monitoring and practical application

Fausten, G.; Blum, H., 2004:
Testing of provenances of willow herb (Epilobium sp.)

Egger, S.; Kellerhals, M.; Gantner, S.; Krebs, C., 2005:
Testing of resistant apple varieties

Ghyare, B.P., 2005:
Testing of seeds of some forest tree species for germination and seed-borne fungi

Santolamazza Carbone, S.; Fernandez de Ana Magan, F.J., 2004:
Testing of selected insecticides to assess the viability of the integrated pest management of the Eucalyptus snout-beetle Gonipterus scutellatus in north-west Spain

Vasyutin, A.S.; Morozov, A.M.; Shesteperov, A.A.; Tryakhov, A.N., 2003:
Testing of soil samplers in foci of potato Globodera

Bjugstad, N.; Hermansen, P.; Fridheim, D.F., 2004:
Testing of sprayers in Norway

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Testing of the apple varieties 'Topaz' and 'Rubinola' on different rootstocks

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Testing of the applicability of battery-powered portable microbial air samplers for detection and enumeration of air-borne Lactococcus lactis dairy bacteriophages

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Testing of the attract and kill technique against Cydia pomonella in Croatia

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Testing of the microbicidal efficiency of an alkalic sanitation agent to psychrotrophic bacteria

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Testing of the non-selective herbicide roundup application for flax maturity acceleration

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Testing of three cultivation systems - Part I: labour requirement: which cultivation system for climbing beans?

Kuhn, U.; Wenkert, K., 2004:
Testing of three cultivation systems - part II: economics. Which cultivation system for runner beans?

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Testing of varieties and selections under challenging climatic conditions

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Testing pathogenic potential of the isolated bacteria

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Testing potato cultivars for resistance to nematodes

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Testing predictions of small brood models using parasitoid wasps

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Testing predictions of the critical period for survival concept using experiments with stocked Atlantic salmon

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Testing quality in laboratories

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Testing research on effects of top layer rice fog drop interception on pesticide spraying distribution in rice fields

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Testing resource value in group-housed animals: an investigation of cage height preference in laying hens

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Testing rheological qualities of wheat varieties during storage

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Testing rubidium marking for measuring adult dispersal of the corn borer Sesamia nonagrioides: first results

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Testing sediment biological effects with the freshwater amphipod Hyalella azteca: the gap between laboratory and nature

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Testing selected behaviors to reduce indoor air pollution exposure in young children

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Testing silage additives 2004

A.Moajel, N.H., 2004:
Testing some various botanical powders for protection of wheat grain against Trogoderma granarium Everts

Petransky, I.; Bolla, M., 2003:
Testing stand for life tests of hydrostatic pumps with a polluted fluid

Perez, J.F.; Pettygrove, S.; Plant, R.E., 2003:
Testing suitability of SSURGO soil-unit definition and the EPIC model to reproduce within-field yield variability in a four-crop rotation field

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Testing symmetry and homogeneity in the almost ideal demand system with co-integrated data using fully modified estimation and the bootstrap

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Testing technologic-management program agro-expert

Ainsworth, E.A.; Rogers, A.; Nelson, R.; Long, S.P., 2004:
Testing the source-sink hypothesis of down-regulation of photosynthesis in elevated in the field with single gene substitutions in Glycine max

Verdonschot, P.F.; Nijboer, R.C., 2004:
Testing the European stream typology of the Water Framework Directive for macroinvertebrates

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Testing the Lake States variant of FVS (Forest Vegetation Simulator) for the main forest types of northern Ontario

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Testing the Rothamsted Carbon Model against data from long-term experiments on upland soils in Thailand

di Stefano Costanza; Ferro Vito; Minacapilli Mario, 2005:
Testing the SEDD model in Sicilian basins

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Testing the Sirius Wheat Calculator

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Testing the accuracy of demographic estimates in countries with generalized epidemics

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Testing the adaptive nature of radiation: growth form and life history divergence in the African grass genus Ehrharta (Poaceae: Ehrhartoideae)

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Testing the antagonistic effect of follistatin on BMP family members in ovine granulosa cells

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Testing the blank slate hypothesis: why honey bee colonies accept young bees

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Testing the branch autonomy theory: a 13C/14C double-labelling experiment on differentially shaded branches

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Testing the correctness of the sequential algorithm for simulating Gaussian random fields

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Testing the demand for sorghum meal in Tanzania: a case study with Power Foods

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Testing the direct effect of CO2 concentration on a bloom of the coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi in mesocosm experiments

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Testing the ecotoxicology of vegetable versus mineral based lubricating oils: 1. Degradation rates using tropical marine microbes

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Testing the effect of sanitary detergents on psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from milk

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Testing the effectiveness of homeopathic remedy for the treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes in an organic flock of Massese sheep

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Testing the effects of sanitation detergent San Acid on psychrotrophic bacteria

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Testing the efficacy of different insecticides to control onion thrips (Thrips tabaci Indeman, Thysanoptera, Thripidae) in onion crops

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Testing the efficacy of fermented wheat germ extract against Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection of chickens

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Testing the efficacy of verbenone in reducing mountain pine beetle attacks in second-growth ponderosa pine

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Testing the efficiency of three 15N-labeled nitrogen compounds for indirect labeling of grasshoppers via plants in the field

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Testing the empirical relationship between best management practice adoption and farm profitability

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Testing the enemies hypothesis in forest stands: the important role of tree species composition

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Testing the energetic equivalence rule with helminth endoparasites of vertebrates

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Testing the flexibility of fasting-induced hypometabolism in birds: effect of photoperiod and repeated food deprivations

M.X.angCheng; Zou YingBin; Wei Wei; M.K.Ping, 2005:
Testing the generalization of artificial neural networks with cross-validation and independent-validation in modelling rice tillering dynamics

Anonymous, 2004:
Testing the grey matter

Britt, Sl, 2005:
Testing the in-well horizontal laminar flow assumption with a sand-tank well model

Nedeva, R., 2003:
Testing the influence of higher levels of calcium and phosphorus on the background of two protein levels in the compound feeds for growing and fattening pigs

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Testing the intermediate disturbance hypothesis: when will there be two peaks of diversity?

Valchovski, I.; Tosheva, E., 2003:
Testing the new form of mineral fertilization in maize cultivated on Vertisols

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Testing the out-of-Florida hypothesis on the origin of cheating in the yucca-yucca moth mutualism

Wang, K.Z.ang, R.W.ng, F., 2005:
Testing the pore-solid fractal model for the soil water retention function

Leon Rodriguez, L.M. de; Basuil Tobias, D.A., 2005:
Testing the possibility of using UV-vis spectrophotometric techniques to determine non-absorbing analytes by inclusion complex competition in cyclodextrins

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Testing the possibility to protect bovine PrPC transgenic Swiss mice against bovine PrPSc infection by DNA vaccination using recombinant plasmid vectors harboring and expressing the complete or partial cDNA sequences of bovine PrPC

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Testing the potential benefits of brands in horticultural products: the case of oranges

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Testing the potential of multi-spectral remote sensing for retrospectively estimating fire severity in African Savannahs

Tucic, B.; Pemac, D.; Avramov, S., 2005:
Testing the predictions of an evolutionary trade-off model using Iris pumila plants from an open and a shaded habitat

Oustrain, S., 2005:
Testing the prototype of the expert system by the manager of a large grain elevator

Jansson, L.; Enquist, M., 2005:
Testing the receiver bias hypothesis empirically with 'virtual evolution'

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Testing the regenerative capacity of in vitro conditions for Spathiphyllum wallissii L. plants

Clyde William, C.; Christensen Kaneen, E., 2003:
Testing the relationship between pedofacies and avulsion using Markov analysis

Arlinghaus, R.; Mehner, T., 2004:
Testing the reliability and construct validity of a simple and inexpensive procedure to measure the use value of recreational fishing

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Testing the resistance to salinity of hops under in vitro culture conditions

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Testing the risk-disturbance hypothesis in a fragmented landscape: nonlinear responses of house sparrows to humans

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Testing the role of apoA-I, HDL, and cholesterol efflux in the atheroprotective action of low-level apoE expression

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Testing the shear strength of pine wood while compressing samples with oblique fibre pattern

Chiang ITsun; Lee YoungKhill; Frey, G.; McCormick, B., 2004:
Testing the situationally modified social rank theory on friendship quality in male youth with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder

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Testing the spectral variation hypothesis by using satellite multispectral images

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Testing the spraying machine EEP-300 in laboratory conditions

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Testing the status-dependent ESS model: population variation in fighter expression in the mite Sancassania berlesei

Cheng, S.; Lam, T.; Hsu, C.H.C., 2005:
Testing the sufficiency of the theory of planned behavior: a case of customer dissatisfaction responses in restaurants

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Testing the suitability of the DNDC model for simulating long-term soil organic carbon dynamics in Japanese paddy soils

Shirato, Y.; Taniyama, I., 2003:
Testing the suitability of the Rothamsted Carbon model for long-term experiments on Japanese non-volcanic upland soils

Reena Singh; Alok Adholeya, 2004:
Testing the symbiotic performance of different genetic cultivars of wheat with selected arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

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Testing the trend towards specialization in herbivore-host plant associations using a molecular phylogeny of Tomoplagia (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Narayan, P.K., 2005:
Testing the unit root hypothesis when the alternative is a trend break stationary process: an application to tourist arrivals in Fiji

Hilli, M.; Kuitunen, M.T., 2005:
Testing the use of a land cover map for habitat ranking in boreal forests

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Testing the usefulness of habitat corridors in mitigating the negative effects of fragmentation: the soil faunal community as a model system

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Testing the usefulness of the molecular coancestry information to assess genetic relationships in livestock using a set of Spanish sheep breeds

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Testing the value of six taxonomic groups as biodiversity indicators at a local scale

Lawrence, H.; Yule, I.; Jones, J.; Hedley, M., 2005:
Testing the viability of existing ground spread fertiliser spreaders to perform variable rate fertilisation

March, R.; Woodside, A.G., 2005:
Testing theory of planned versus realized tourism behavior

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Testing two Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus acidophilus strains for their suitability as a lipoid probiotic

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Testing two isolates of Diaporthe/Phomopsis helianthi in a population of sunflower recombinant inbred lines

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Testing various herbs for antithrombotic effect

Stott, A.E.; Takeuchi, T.; Koike, Y., 2004:
Testing various substances that have been bound to plastic plates with agar to induce larval settlement and metamorphosis of abalone Haliotis discus discus (Reeve)

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Testing various winter wheat varieties with alveograph and farinograph

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Testing vitamin B as a home remedy against mosquitoes

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Testing whether male age or high nutrition causes the cessation of reproductive aging in female Drosophila melanogaster populations

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Testing white clover productivity and chemical composition

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Testing white line strength in the dairy cow

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Testis tissue explant culture supports survival and proliferation of bovine spermatogonial stem cells

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Testis-specific transcription mechanisms promoting male germ-cell differentiation

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Testis-specific transcriptional control

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Testosterone and estradiol produce different effects on cognitive performance in male rats

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Testosterone and luteinizing hormone responses to naloxone help predict sexual performance in rams

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Testosterone cannot activate an adult-like stress response in prepubertal male rats

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Testosterone immunization blocks the ovulatory process in laying hens without affecting ovarian follicular development

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Testosterone profiles and seminal characteristics in GnRH treated cattle bulls

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Testosterone profiles in the camel (C. dromedarius) during the rutting season

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Testosterone responsiveness of spleen and liver in female lymphotoxin beta receptor-deficient mice resistant to blood-stage malaria

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Testosterone secretion and pharmacological spermatozoal recovery in the cane toad (Bufo marinus)

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Testosterone therapy in dermatoses in castrated dogs

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Testosterone, aging, and body composition in men from Harare, Zimbabwe

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Testosterone, immunocompetence, and honest sexual signaling in male red grouse

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Tests for evaluating the side effects of chlorothalonil (TPN) and spinosad on the parasitic wasp (Aphidius colemani)

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Tests for long-run relationships in hardwood lumber prices

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Tests for physiological quality evaluation of Brachiaria brizantha (A. Rich.) Stapf. seeds during storage

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Tests for positive selection on immune and reproductive genes in closely related species of the murine genus mus

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Tests for rapid diagnosis of malaria

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Tests methods to investigate and prevent defects in the furniture sector

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Tests of a photovoltaic pump: first results

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Tests of causal linkages between cannabis use and psychotic symptoms

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Tests of cytoplasmic RNA interference (RNAi) and construction of a tetracycline-inducible T7 promoter system in Trypanosoma cruzi

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Tests of parthenocarpy with pears Pyrus communis L. var. Conference, Durondeau and Doyenne

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Tests of spontaneous tetrahaploid lines, used as pollinators in the sugar beet hybrid breeding

Bochowiak, A., 2003:
Tests of spraying equipment in the Wielkopolsko region

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Tests of suitability of overwintering hosts of Aphis glycines: identification of a new host association with Rhamnus alnifolia L'Heritier

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Tests of toxicity of several fungicides to four pathogenic fungi on turf grass and their application

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Tests of trait-haplotype association when linkage phase is ambiguous, appropriate for matched case-control and cohort studies with competing risks

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Tests of tree trunk injection formulations containing mainly quinolizidine alkaloids on breast diameter growth in poplar trees

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Tests of two physically based filters for base flow separation

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Tests of vegetative propagation on several officinal plants: Origanum, Rosmarinus and Thymus species

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Tests of water absorption of chicken carcasses by microwaves: an alternative

Morris, M.C., 2005:
Tests on a new bait for flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) causing cutaneous myiasis (flystrike) in sheep

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Tests on a plate evaporator pilot plant at Malelane

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Tests on efficacy of three herbicides for controlling weeds in garlic fields

Y.L.i; Miao HuaChun; Shen YeShou et al., 2004:
Tests on the efficacy of mozzie buster to repel mosquitoes

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Tests on thermophilic stability of mycelium and growth of fruiting bodies of Lentinula edodes

Hauenschild, A.; Sziegoleit, A., 2004:
Tests to establish the risk of contamination associated with a new Pharmaconutrition supplement containing glutamine and anti-oxidative substances used in the early enteral tube feeding of critically ill patients

Stier, R.F., 2004:
Tests to monitor quality of deep-frying fats and oils

Carvalho, A.M. de; Nahuz, M.A.R., 2002:
Tests with sawnwood of young eucalypt obtained of a plantation destined to the cellulose industry

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Tetanus - rare disease in dogs: presentation of a practical case

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Tetanus in Nigeria: the economic burden

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Tetanus in a camel (Camelus dromedarius) - a case report

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Tetanus in a cat

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Tetanus in a rural hospital in Northeast Ethiopia

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Tetanus in dogs - authors' observations

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Tetanus intoxication in a filly after treatment for umbilical hernia by applying an elastic rubber ring ligation

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Tetanus: a review

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Tetracyclic triterpenoids from the leaves of Azadirachta indica

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Tetracycline and streptomycin resistance genes, transposons, and plasmids in Salmonella enterica isolates from animals in Italy

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Tetracycline concentrations in blood and milk of cows following intrauterine treatment of acute or subacute/chronic endometritis

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Tetracycline determination from honey using HPLC method

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Tetracycline in combination with sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate show increased antimicrobial activity in resistant microorganisms

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Tetracycline induction of gene expression in Trypanosoma brucei within the tsetse fly vector

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Tetracycline resistance of Australian Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates

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Tetracycline, a tool for transmission blocking of Brugia malayi in Mastomys coucha

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Tetracycline-inducible expression systems for the generation of transgenic animals: a comparison of various inducible systems carried in a single vector

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Tetracycline-inducible gene expression and gene deletion in Candida albicans

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Tetracyclines in veterinary medicine and bacterial resistance to them

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Tetragenococcus koreensis sp. nov., a novel rhamnolipid-producing bacterium

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Tetrahydrocannabinol suppresses immune function and enhances HIV replication in the huPBL-SCID mouse

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Tetrahydrofolate-specific enzymes in Methanosarcina barkeri and growth dependence of this methanogenic archaeon on folic acid or p-aminobenzoic acid

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Tetrahydrofuran lignans from Nectandra megapotamica with trypanocidal activity

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