The correlation analysis between the content of heavy metals and the factors influencing the pollution of heavy metals in urban soils in Nanjing City

W.X.nMin; Pan GenXing

Acta Pedologica Sinica 40(6): 921-928


Accession: 004347348

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The urban soils are affected greatly by human activity and characterized by significantly anthropogenic enhancement of heavy metals. It will be helpful for us to protect and to remedy the ecosystem of urban soils better if we know the relation between the abundance and the form of heavy metals in soil with the physical and chemical properties of soils and environmental factors. This study was conducted to examine the content and forms of heavy metals in urban soils in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, by applying the theory of grey system to analyse the factors influencing the pollution of heavy metals. Such factors as soil organic matter content, soil clay content, soil pH, the distance from industrial zone, the automobile flow, and the fraction of residue in soils were concerned. Grey-relational analysis showed that the most important factor was the distance from industrial zone. The factors such as soil clay content and soil pH were also important. The other factors were relatively unimportant.