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The effects of supplementation with sunflower and soybean oils on the fatty acid profile of milk fat from grazing dairy cows

Rego, O.A.; Rosa, H.J.D.; Portugal, P.V.; Franco, T.; Vouzela, C.M.; Borba, A.E.S.; Bessa, R.J.B.

Animal Research 54(1): 17-24


DOI: 10.1051/animres:2005002
Accession: 004352429

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The objective of this study was to observe the effect of supplementation with vegetable oils (VO) on the fatty acid profiles and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content of milk fat. Twelve dairy cows in mid lactation fed on pasture were blocked by body weight, milk production and days in lactation and randomly allocated from blocks to 3 treatments repeated in a Latin square design with periods of 28 day duration.

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