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The induction of embryogenic callus and the establishment of embryogenic cell suspension of Musa spp

Xu ChunXiang; Panis, B.; Strosse, H.; Swennen, R.; Li HuaPing; Xiao HuoGen; Fan HuaiZhong

Journal of South China Agricultural University 25(1): 70-73


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-411X
Accession: 004355886

Embryogenic callus was induced from immature male flowers of 2 out of 5 banana cultivars, and from scalps of 2 out of 3 banana cultivars. The 4 cultivars from which embryogenic callus was obtained belonged to Musa AAA group. The frequency of embryogenic callus induction was significantly affected by the cultivar and incubation conditions. Embryogenic cell suspensions (ECS) were initiated from the embryogenic callus of the 4 cultivars.

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