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The magnitude and patterns of ruminal hydrogen sulfide production, blood thiamine concentration, and mean pulmonary arterial pressure in feedlot steers consuming water of different sulfate concentrations

Loneragan, G.; Gould, D.; Wagner, J.; Garry, F.; Thoren, M.

Bovine Practitioner 39(1): 16-22


ISSN/ISBN: 0524-1685
Accession: 004357726

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Twenty-seven single-source, yearling crossbred steers (713 lb; 324 kg) were used to evaluate the effect of water sulfate concentration on the patterns and magnitude of ruminal gas cap hydrogen sulfide, blood thiamine concentration and mean pulmonary arterial blood pressure (mPAP). Target water sulfate concentrations were 125, 500 and 2000 mg sulfate/L of drinking water, while the observed water sulfate concentrations were 136, 583 and 2,360 mg/L.