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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4361

Chapter 4361 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sanches, F.; Fisch, G., 2005:
The possible impacts on the microclimate due to the artificial lake from Tucurui's dam

Nafie, E.M., 2003:
The possible induction of resistance in Lupinus termis L. against Fusarium oxysporum by Streptomyces chibaensis and its mode of action. II: Alleviating oxidative stress associated with infection

Nafie, E.M., 2003:
The possible induction of resistance in Lupinus termis L. against Fusarium oxysporum by Streptomyces chibaensis and its mode of action: I. Changes in certain morphological criteria and biochemical composition related to induced resistance

Solberg, S.; Andreassen, K.; Clarke, N.; Torseth, K.; Tveito, O.E.; Strand, G.H.; Tomter, S., 2004:
The possible influence of nitrogen and acid deposition on forest growth in Norway

Miranda Javier; Zepeda Francisco; Galindo Ignacio, 2004:
The possible influence of volcanic emissions on atmospheric aerosols in the city of Colima, Mexico

Sudradjat, R.; Erra, Y.; Umi, K.; Evi, K., 2003:
The possible production of biogas from wastes of palm-oil solid fermentation processing

Tian Min; Han Ning; Bian HongWu; Zhu MuYuan, 2004:
The possible relationship between the regeneration capacity and reactive oxygen species in the strawberry calli

X.X.aoXi; Huo GuiChen; Zhao QiuLian, 2004:
The possible risks of milk processing and suggested risk assessment methods

Snyman, M.A.; Snyman, A.E., 2005:
The possible role of Ostertagia circumcincta, coccidiosis and dietary protein level in the development of swelling disease in Angora goat kids

Lomovatskaya, L.A.; Romanenko, A.S.; Krivolapova, N.V.; Kopytchuk, V.N., 2004:
The possible role of endogenous potato cAMP in the development of the systemic signal during the pathogenesis of ring rot of potato

Smit, E.N.; Muskiet, F.A.J.; Boersma, E.Rudy., 2004:
The possible role of essential fatty acids in the pathophysiology of malnutrition: a review

Ganmaa, D.; Sato, A., 2005:
The possible role of female sex hormones in milk from pregnant cows in the development of breast, ovarian and corpus uteri cancers

Marcacci, S.; Raventon, M.; Ravanel, P.; Schwitzguébel, J-Paul., 2005:
The possible role of hydroxylation in the detoxification of atrazine in mature vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides Nash) grown in hydroponics

Vosloo, W.; Boshoff, K.; Dwarka, R.; Bastos, A., 2002:
The possible role that buffalo played in the recent outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease in South Africa

Parris, G.E., 2005:
The possible use of arsine (AsH3) as therapy for malaria

Ali, H.; Mayes, R.; Hector, B.; Verma, A.; Orskov, E., 2005:
The possible use of n-alkanes, long-chain fatty alcohols and long-chain fatty acids as markers in studies of the botanical composition of the diet of free-ranging herbivores

Chafer, C.J.; Noonan, M.; Macnaught, E., 2004:
The post-fire measurement of fire severity and intensity in the Christmas 2001 Sydney wildfires

O.Dea, M.E., 2002:
The post-fire role of plant and soil fungal interactions in semi-arid watershed hydrology

Mitchell, R.; Hall, C.M., 2004:
The post-visit consumer behaviour of New Zealand winery visitors

Guo WenWen; Dong Li; Wang LianYing; Chen RuiXiu; Liu AiQing, 2004:
The postharvest characteristics and water balance of some cultivars of tree-peony cut flowers

Starkey, K.R.; Andersen, L., 2005:
The postharvest life of potted roses - grown under different regimes resulting in varying pH in the rootzone

Singh, P.V.; Sharma, M., 2003:
The postharvest life of pulsed gladiolus spikes: the effect of preservative solutions

Sheldon, I.Martin., 2004:
The postpartum uterus

Ben-Haroush, A.; Yogev, Y.; Chen, R.; Rosenn, B.; Hod, M.; Langer, O., 2004:
The postprandial glucose profile in the diabetic pregnancy

Strey, C.H.; Young, J.; Collier, M.; Florkowski, C.M.; Shand, B.I.; Scott, R.S., 2004:
The postprandial state does not impair endothelial function in women with type 2 diabetes irrespective of glycaemic control

Ushakov, R., 2004:
The potassium status of grey forest soils with their complex cultivation

Armengaud, P.; Breitling, R.; Amtmann, A., 2004:
The potassium-dependent transcriptome of Arabidopsis reveals a prominent role of jasmonic acid in nutrient signaling

Andreu, M.A.; Pereira, A. da S., 2004:
The potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) industry quality estimation through the use of glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase isoenzyme

Korobczak, A.; Aksamit, A.; ukaszewicz, M.; Lorenc, K.; Rorat, T.; Szopa, J., 2005:
The potato glucosyltransferase gene promoter is environmentally regulated

Ju, H-Jong.; Samuels, T.D.; Wang, Y-Shuh.; Blancaflor, E.; Payton, M.; Mitra, R.; Krishnamurthy, K.; Nelson, R.S.; Verchot-Lubicz, J., 2005:
The potato virus X TGBp2 movement protein associates with endoplasmic reticulum-derived vesicles during virus infection

Cerdá, Bña.; Espín, J.Carlos.; Parra, S.; Martínez, P.; Tomás-Barberán, F.A., 2004:
The potent in vitro antioxidant ellagitannins from pomegranate juice are metabolised into bioavailable but poor antioxidant hydroxy-6H-dibenzopyran-6-one derivatives by the colonic microflora of healthy humans

Hoddle, M.S., 2004:
The potential adventive geographic range of glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca coagulata and the grape pathogen Xylella fastidiosa: implications for California and other grape growing regions of the world

Abbasdokht, H.; Chaichi, M.R., 2003:
The potential allelopathic effect of straw and stubbles of different chickpea varieties on the germination and early growth of sorghum (Sorghum halepense), soybean (Glycine max) and sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Fry, G.; Tress, B.; Tress, G., 2004:
The potential and limitations of integrated grassland research

Fitzgerald, D.J.; Stratford, M.; Gasson, M.J.; Narbad, A., 2004:
The potential application of vanillin in preventing yeast spoilage of soft drinks and fruit juices

Vairappan Balasubramaniyan; Namasivayam Nalini, 2003 :
The potential beneficial effect of leptin on an experimental model of hyperlipidemia, induced by chronic ethanol treatment

Giraldo, P.; Rival Gervier, S.; Houdebine, L.M.; Montoliu, L., 2003:
The potential benefits of insulators on heterologous constructs in transgenic animals

Friso, S.; Choi, S-Woon., 2005:
The potential cocarcinogenic effect of vitamin B12 deficiency

Russell, K.; Ikerd, H.; Droege, S., 2005:
The potential conservation value of unmowed powerline strips for native bees

A.K.faishi, S.A.; Blackmore, B.S.; Sourell, H., 2005:
The potential contribution of precision irrigation to water conservation

McDonald, G.; Weston, N.; Dorrington, B., 2003:
The potential contribution of the Queensland wet tropics region natural resource plan to river improvement and water quality

Kriticos, D.J.; Yonow, T.; McFadyen, R.E., 2005:
The potential distribution of Chromolaena odorata (Siam weed) in relation to climate

Villacide, J.M.; Corley, J.C., 2003:
The potential distribution of the parasitoid Ibalia leucospoides (Hymenoptera: Ibaliidae) in Argentina

Alexandrov, V.A.; Eitzinger, J., 2005:
The potential effect of climate change and elevated air carbon dioxide on agricultural crop production in Central and Southeastern Europe

Frenkel, A., 2004:
The potential effect of national growth-management policy on urban sprawl and the depletion of open spaces and farmland

Abou Zeid, A.E.; Isshak, N.S.; Badaway, N.A.; Abou Ouf, N., 2000:
The potential effect of vitamin C supplementation in quail

Koval, J.J.; Aubut, J.A.L.; Pederson, L.L.; O.H.garty, M.; Chan, S.S.H., 2005:
The potential effectiveness of warning labels on cigarette packages: the perceptions of young adult Canadians

Allaire, S.E.; Yates, S.R.; Zhang, P.; Ernst, F.F., 2005:
The potential efficiency of irrigation management and propargyl bromide in controlling three soil pests: Tylenchulus semipenetrans, Fusarium oxysporum and Echinochloa crus-galli

Higgs, S.; Snow, K.; Gould, E.A., 2004:
The potential for West Nile virus to establish outside of its natural range: a consideration of potential mosquito vectors in the United Kingdom

Robertson, L.J.; Greig, J.D.; Gjerde, B.; Fazil, A., 2005:
The potential for acquiring cryptosporidiosis or giardiosis from consumption of mung bean sprouts in Norway: a preliminary step-wise risk assessment

Lamborn, E.; Cresswell, J.E.; Macnair, M.R., 2005:
The potential for adaptive evolution of pollen grain size in Mimulus guttatus

Duke, S.O.; Belz, R.G.; Baerson, S.R.; Pan, Z.Q.; Cook, D.D.; Dayan, F.E., 2005:
The potential for advances in crop allelopathy

Yavuzcan, H.; Bekcan, S.; Atar, H.H., 2003:
The potential for aquatic production in the European Union and the role of Turkey

Wood, B.J., 2004:
The potential for biofuels from tropical plantations, both by-products (particularly oil palm), and main products

Smith, S.R.; Morris, R.; Breedon, T.; Bellett Travers, D.M., 2004:
The potential for biosolids as soil conditioners and fertilisers in arboriculture

Irandu, E.M., 2004:
The potential for cruise tourism in Kenya

Sugiarti, R.; Ernawati, D.; Birtles, A., 2003:
The potential for developing ecologically sustainable rural tourism in Surakarta, Indonesia: a case study

Rogers, M.E.; Craig, A.D.; Munns, R.E.; Colmer, T.D.; Nichols, P.G.H.; Malcolm, C.V.; Barrett Lennard, E.G.; Brown, A.J.; Semple, W.S.; Evans, P.M.; Cowley, K.; Hughes, S.J.; Snowball, R.; Bennett, S.J.; Sweeney, G.C.; Dear, B.S.; Ewing, M.A., 2005:
The potential for developing fodder plants for the salt-affected areas of southern and eastern Australia: an overview

Borman, J.M.; Macmillan, K.L.; Fahey, J., 2004:
The potential for extended lactations in Victorian dairying: a review

Amimo, O.; Larson, D.W.; Bittencourt, M.; Graham, D.H., 2004:
The potential for financial savings in rural Mozambican households

Silva, A.R.; Morato, R.G.; Silva, L.D.M., 2004:
The potential for gamete recovery from non-domestic canids and felids

Brock, M.T., 2004:
The potential for genetic assimilation of a native dandelion species, Taraxacum ceratophorum (Asteraceae), by the exotic congener T. officinale

Falta Ronald, W., 2004:
The potential for ground water contamination by the gasoline lead scavengers ethylene dibromide and 1,2-dichloroethane

Selbo, S.M.; Snow, A.A., 2004:
The potential for hybridization between Typha angustifolia and Typha latifolia in a constructed wetland

Hansel, W., 2003:
The potential for improving the growth and development of cultured farm animal oocytes

Khoo, S.; Back, D.; Winstanley, P., 2005:
The potential for interactions between antimalarial and antiretroviral drugs

Gooddy, D.C.; Darling, W.G., 2005:
The potential for methane emissions from groundwaters of the UK

Harrington, M.G.; Gadek, P.A.; Edwards, W., 2005:
The potential for predation induced somatic embryogenesis in storage cotyledons

Hyland, E.M., 2004:
The potential for private sector partnerships to protect marine/coastal areas through national action programmes

McMahon Beattie, U.; Yeoman, I., 2004:
The potential for revenue management in festivals and events

Grossrieder, M.; Keary, I.P., 2004:
The potential for the biological control of Rumex obtusifolius and Rumex crispus using insects in organic farming, with particular reference to Switzerland

Achi, O.K., 2005:
The potential for upgrading traditional fermented foods through biotechnology

Jandricic, S.E.; Otis, G.W., 2003:
The potential for using male selection in breeding honey bees resistant to Varroa destructor

Maxwell, A.; Scott, J.K., 2004:
The potential for using mycoherbicides to control weeds from the family Brassicaceae in Australia

Muiste, P.; Kiivit, K.; Niidumaa, M., 2004:
The potential for using residues from thinning and final felling as fuel

Vetayasuporn, S., 2004:
The potential for using wastewater from household scale fermented Thai rice noodle factories for cultivating Spirulina platensis

Yonow, T.; Kriticos, D.J.; Medd, R.W., 2008:
The Potential Geographic Range of Pyrenophora semeniperda

Paul, I.; Jaarsveld, A.S. van; Korsten, L.; Hattingh, V., 2005:
The potential global geographical distribution of Citrus Black Spot caused by Guignardia citricarpa (Kiely): likelihood of disease establishment in the European Union

Takeuchi, Y.; Magre, S.; Patience, C., 2005:
The potential hazards of xenotransplantation: an overview

McLeod, A.; Taylor, N.; Lan, L.T.K.; Thuy, N.T.; Dung, D.H.; Minh, P.Q., 2004:
The potential impact of Vietnam's entry to the WTO on the livelihoods of smallholder pig producers and small pig traders

North, M.S.; Bailey, D.V.; Ward, R.A., 2005:
The potential impact of a proposed ban on the sale of U.S. horses for slaughter and human consumption

Bergant, K.; Trdan, S.; Znidarcic, D., 2003:
The potential impact of climate change on the harmfulness of onion thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman, Thysanoptera, Thripidae)

Cooper, P.J., 2004 :
The potential impact of early exposures to geohelminth infections on the development of atopy

Hreiche, A.; Bocquillon, C.; Wajdi Najem; Diala Dandach, 2005:
The potential impact of future climate change on Lebanese river basin hydrology using scenarios

Hooda, P.S.; Henry, C.J.K.; Seyoum, T.A.; Armstrong, L.D.M.; Fowler, M.B., 2004:
The potential impact of soil ingestion on human mineral nutrition

Williams, He, 2005:
The potential impact of the trimorphic flea-beetle, Alagoasa extrema, on a selected weedy variety of Lantana camara

Woodward, K.N., 2005:
The potential impact of the use of homeopathic and herbal remedies on monitoring the safety of prescription products

Ceron, J.P.; Dubois, G., 2005:
The potential impacts of climate change on French tourism

Elmouttie, D.; Wilson, J., 2005:
The potential importance of nut removal by rodents from Australian macadamia orchards

Clauss, M., 2004:
The potential interplay of posture, digestive anatomy, density of ingesta and gravity in mammalian herbivores: why sloths do not rest upside down

Piesik, D.; Wyrostkiewicz, K.; Sawilska, A., 1998:
The potential of Aglais urticae L. for biological control of Parietaria pensylvanica Munhelem. ex Willd

Javaid, I.; Joshi, J.; Dadson, R.B.; Hashem, F.M.; Allen, A.L., 2005:
The potential of Bt corn as a trap crop for the control of corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea Boddie, in soybean

Anderson, P.; Hoffman, T.; Holmes, P.M., 2004:
The potential of Cephalophyllum inaequale (L. Bolus) for the restoration of degraded arid landscapes in Namaqualand, South Africa

Xu, J.; Lucas, R.; Wendel, A., 2004:
The potential of GM-CSF to improve resistance against infections in organ transplantation

Arienzo, M.; Adamo, P.; Cozzolino, V., 2004:
The potential of Lolium perenne for revegetation of contaminated soil from a metallurgical site

Koyama, L.; Tokuchi, N.; Hirobe, M.; Koba, K., 2002:
The potential of NO3--N utilization by a woody shrub species Lindera triloba: a cultivation test to estimate the saturation point of soil NO3--N for plants

Venzon, M.; Rosado, M.C.; Fadini, M.A.M.; Ciociola Junior, A.I.; Pallini, A., 2005:
The potential of NeemAzal for the control of coffee leaf pests

Muller Stover, D.; Kroschel, J., 2005:
The potential of Ulocladium botrytis for biological control of Orobanche spp

Lubeck, M.; Lubeck, P.S., 2004:
The potential of Universally Primed PCR (UP-PCR) as a micro-array based diagnostic tool

Kaizzi, C.K.; Ssali, H.; Vlek, P.L.G., 2004:
The potential of Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) and N fertilizers in maize production on contrasting soils and agro-ecological zones of East Uganda

Cooper, R.A.; Wheat, E.; Jones, K.P., 2002:
The potential of Welsh honeys for wound treatment

Neyens, E.; Baeyens, J.; Heyder, B. de; Weemaes, M., 2004 :
The potential of advanced treatment methods for sewage sludge

Trujillo, W.; Lal, R., 2004:
The potential of agricultural soils of the Upper St. Joseph River Watershed to sequester carbon

Wallace, J.S.; Young, A.; Ong, C.K., 2004:
The potential of agroforestry for sustainable land and water management

Basri Dayang Fredalina; Fan, S.H., 2005:
The potential of aqueous and acetone extracts of galls of Quercus infectoria as antibacterial agents

Rahman, K.S.M.; Rahman, T.J.; Lakshmanaperumalsamy, P.; Marchant, R.; Banat, I.M., 2003:
The potential of bacterial isolates for emulsification with a range of hydrocarbons

Sariah, M., 2003:
The potential of biological management of basal stem rot of oil palm: issues, challenges and constraints

Hoch, W.A.; McCown, B.H.; Weston, P.A., 2004:
The potential of breeding for resistance to the introduced pest, viburnum, leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta viburni)

Burton, W.; Salisbury, P.; Potts, D., 2003:
The potential of canola quality Brassica juncea as an oilseed crop for Australia

Khanizadeh, S.; DeEll, J.R., 2003:
The potential of chlorophyll fluorescence in fruit breeding

Karoui, R.; Dufour, E.; Pillonel, L.; Schaller, E.; Picque, D.; Cattenoz, T.; Bosset, J.O., 2005:
The potential of combined infrared and fluorescence spectroscopies as a method of determination of the geographic origin of Emmental cheeses

Wang, B.; Hertog, S.; Meier, A.; Lou, C.; Gao, E., 2005:
The potential of comprehensive sex education in China: findings from suburban Shanghai

Baer, E. von, 2004:
The potential of crossing Lupinus polyphyllus and L. mutabilis

Hiemstra, S.J.; Lende, T. van der; Woelders, H., 2005:
The potential of cryopreservation and reproductive technologies for animal genetic resources conservation strategies

Swart, S.H.; Kalinowski, J., 2000:
The potential of disease predictions: tools to measure the efficacy of orchard and packhouse management practices, and to predict quality of fruit on the export market

Zimmermann, M.B., 2005:
The potential of encapsulated iron compounds in food fortification: a review

Bisht, I.S.; Bhat, K.V.; Lakhanpaul, S.; Biswas, B.K.; Ram, B.; Tanwar, S.P.S., 2004:
The potential of enhanced germplasm for mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) improvement

Suutarinen, M.M.stranta, A.A.tio, K.S.lmenkallio-Marttila, M.A.venainen, R.B.chert, J., 2003:
The potential of enzymatic peeling of vegetables

D'Souza, N.K.; Colquhoun, I.J.; Shearer, B.L.; Hardy, G.E.S.J., 2004:
The potential of five Western Australian native Acacia species for biological control of Phytophthora cinnamomi

Swatson, H.K.; Nsahlai, I.V., 2003:
The potential of free-ranging poultry development in improving the livelihoods and food security of rural households. Proceedings of the 1st National Workshop on indigenous poultry development, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 29-30 October 2003

Christou, P.; Twyman, R.M., 2004:
The potential of genetically enhanced plants to address food insecurity

Greiner, R.; Domoney, C., 2004:
The potential of genetically modified legume and oilseed crops for food and non-food use

Askew, M.F., 2005:
The potential of grassland and associated forages to produce fibre, biomass, energy or other feedstocks for non-food and other sectors: new uses for a global resource

A.Beiruti, S., 2004:
The potential of greywater treatment and reuse in Jordan: exchange of know-how between Islamic countries

Zambonelli, C.; Tini, V.; Coloretti, F.; Benevelli, M., 2004:
The potential of hybridization

Puodziunas, M.; Ronnqvist, M.; Fjeld, D., 2004:
The potential of improvement for tactical planning of roundwood transport in Lithuanian state forest enterprises

Wuilloud, R.G.; Shah, M.; Kannamkumarath, S.S.; Altamirano, J.C., 2005:
The potential of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometric detection for capillary electrophoretic analysis of pesticides

Galindo, F.G.; Rocculi, P.; Wadso, L.; Sjoholm, I., 2005:
The potential of isothermal calorimetry in monitoring and predicting quality changes during processing and storage of minimally processed fruits and vegetables

Hall, R.; Dixon Dawson, J.; Andrews, M.; Andrews, M.E.; Shield, I., 2003:
The potential of legumes to reduce nitrogen fertiliser use and protein imports into the UK: financial and environmental imperatives

Tomic, Z.; Mrfat Vukelic, S.; Zujovic, M.; Negovanovic, D.; Nesic, Z., 2003:
The potential of leguminous plants for natural and sown grasslands of Stara Planina Mountain

Ali, H.A.M.; Mayes, R.W.; Lamb, C.S.; Hector, B.L.; Verma, A.K.; Orskov, E.R., 2004:
The potential of long-chain fatty alcohols and long-chain fatty acids as diet composition markers: development of methods for quantitative analysis and faecal recoveries of these compounds in sheep fed mixed diets

Robinson, A.R.; Gheneim, R.; Kozak, R.A.; Ellis, D.D.; Mansfield, S.D., 2005:
The potential of metabolite profiling as a selection tool for genotype discrimination in Populus

Wilson, K.J.; Vega, E. de la, 2005:
The potential of microarrays to assist shrimp breeding and production: a review

Mansour, F.; Azaizeh, H.; Saad, B.; Tadmor, Y.; Abo Moch, F.; Said, O., 2004:
The potential of middle eastern flora as a source of new safe bio-acaricides to control Tetranychus cinnabarinus, the carmine spider mite

Drury, G.E.; Kettlewell, P.S.; Jenkinson, P., 2003:
The potential of milk and whey as fungicides against powdery mildew in wheat

Ewens, M.; Felker, P., 2003:
The potential of mini-grafting for large-scale production of Prosopis alba clones

Saddul, D.; Jelan, Z.A.; Liang, J.B.; Halim, R.A., 2004:
The potential of mulberry (Morus alba) as a fodder crop: the effect of plant maturity on yield, persistence and nutrient composition of plant fractions

Brisset, M.N.; Chartier, R.; Didelot, F.; Parisi, L.; Paulin, J.P.; Robert, P.; Tharaud, M.; Lemarquand, A.; Orain, G.; Toubon, J.F.; Brun, L.; Derridj, S.; Sauphanor, S., 2005:
The potential of natural plant defence inducers in the protection of apple and pear trees

Cozzolino, D.M.ron, A., 2003:
The potential of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to analyse soil chemical and physical characteristics

Kerr, C.A.; Hines, B.M., 2005:
The potential of new genetic technologies in selecting for stress resistance in pigs

Omole, A.J.; Ayodeji, I.O.; Raji, M.A., 2004:
The potential of peels of mango, plantain, cocoyam and pawpaw as diets for growing snails (Archachatina marginata)

Papadopoulou-Mourkidou, E.; Karpouzas, D.G.; Patsias, J.; Kotopoulou, A.; Milothridou, A.; Kintzikoglou, K.; Vlachou, P., 2004:
The potential of pesticides to contaminate the groundwater resources of the Axios river basin in Macedonia, Northern Greece. Part I. Monitoring study in the north part of the basin

Papadopoulou-Mourkidou, E.; Karpouzas, D.G.; Patsias, J.; Kotopoulou, A.; Milothridou, A.; Kintzikoglou, K.; Vlachou, P., 2004:
The potential of pesticides to contaminate the groundwater resources of the Axios river basin. Part II. Monitoring study in the south part of the basin

Penney, V.; Henderson, G.; Blum, C.; Johnson Green, P., 2004:
The potential of phytopreservatives and nisin to control microbial spoilage of minimally processed fruit yogurts

Gacheru, E.; Rao, M.R., 2005:
The potential of planted shrub fallows to combat Striga infestation on maize

Koona, P.; Jackai, L.E.N., 2004:
The potential of pod-shaving in studies of the role of trichomes in Vigna resistance to the pod-bug Clavigralla tomentosicollis Stal (Hemiptera: Coreidae)

Boiteau, G.; Colpitts, B., 2004:
The potential of portable harmonic radar technology for the tracking of beneficial insects

Vollebregt, R., 2004:
The potential of retractable roof greenhouses to dominate greenhouse designs in the future

Brett, P.N.; Ma, X.; Tritto, G., 2004:
The potential of robotic technology applied to meet requirements for tools to support microsurgery and cellular surgery

Onyango-Ouma, W.; Aagaard-Hansen, J.; Jensen, B.B., 2005:
The potential of schoolchildren as health change agents in rural western Kenya

Perkins, E.; Furey, J.; Davis, E., 2004:
The potential of screening for agents of toxicity using gene expression fingerprinting in Chironomus tentans

Light, M.E.; Staden, J. van, 2004:
The potential of smoke in seed technology

Singh, B.R.; Lal, R., 2005:
The potential of soil carbon sequestration through improved management practices in Norway

Bossuyt, B.; Hermy, M., 2003:
The potential of soil seedbanks in the ecological restoration of grassland and heathland communities

Kocisova, A.; Petrovsky, M.; Toporcak, J.; Novak, P., 2004:
The potential of some insect growth regulators in housefly (Musca domestica) control

Genc, Y.; McDonald, G.K., 2004:
The potential of synthetic hexaploid wheats to improve zinc efficiency in modern bread wheat

Castro, A.A.; Oliveira, C.R.C.; Anjos, D.H.S.; Ornelas, E.I. de; Bittencourt, V.R.E.P.; Araujo, J.V.; Sampaio, I.B.M.; Rodrigues, M. de L.A., 2003 :
The potential of the nematophagous fungi Arthrobotrys sp. and Monacrosporium thaumasium to control cyathostome infective larvae of equines (Nematoda: Cyathostominae)

Romeis, J.S.arma, H.; Sharma, K.; Das, S.S.rmah, B., 2004:
The potential of transgenic chickpeas for pest control and possible effects on non-target arthropods

Quek, E.; Ting, Y.P.; Tan, H.M., 2004:
The potential of using immobilised Rhodococcus sp. to degrade petroleum

Lahav, O.R.tvo, G.S.ijper, I.H.arne, G.C.chva, M., 2004:
The potential of using iron-oxide-rich soils for minimizing the detrimental effects of H2S in freshwater aquaculture systems

Nyoni, O.; Mpofu, I.; Makuza, S., 2005:
The potential of using solar energy to process full-fat soybeans (Glycine max) to reduce urease activity

Gillmore, G.; Gilbertson, D.; Grattan, J.; Hunt, C.; McLaren, S.; Pyatt, B.; Mani Banda, R.; Barker, G.; Denman, A.; Phillips, P.; Reynolds, T., 2004:
The potential risk from 222radon posed to archaeologists and earth scientists: reconnaissance study of radon concentrations, excavations, and archaeological shelters in the Great Cave of Niah, Sarawak, Malaysia

Svobodova, V.; Misonova, P., 2005:
The potential risk of Dirofilaria immitis becoming established in the Czech Republic by imported dogs

Lacey, L.A.; Shapiro Ilan, D.I., 2003:
The potential role for microbial control of orchard insect pests in sustainable agriculture

Bothwell, T.H.; MacPhail, A.Patrick., 2005:
The potential role of NaFeEDTA as an iron fortificant

Harrier, L.A.; Watson, C.A., 2004:
The potential role of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in the bioprotection of plants against soil-borne pathogens in organic and/or other sustainable farming systems

Abayneh, T.; Gebreab, F.; Zekarias, B.; Tadesse, G., 2002:
The potential role of donkeys in land tillage in Central Ethiopia

Niskanen, A.; Suoheimo, J., 2004:
The potential role of foresight in National Forest Program design

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The present state of farm machinery industry

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The present state of methyl bromide use in plant protection

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The production of apples in Turkey

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The production of plant protein in Krasnodarskii Krai

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The production of quality oak

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The production of small fruits in Belgium and Europe

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The production of yoghurt is increasing and still breaks the fast

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The productivism in question

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The project aiming at sustainable development of the protected area in the Imielno Commune

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The promise of performance

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