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Trace elements in orchards. Part 2: Interactions between soil- and foliar-applied boron, zinc, copper and manganese

Wooldridge, J.

SA Fruit Journal 2(6): 12-14


Accession: 004370133

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In pot trials conducted in Stellenbosch, South Africa, young 'Braestar' apple trees on 'M793' rootstock and 'Songold' plum trees on 'Marianna' rootstock were grown for 21 months in washed quartzitic river sand to which Mn, Cu, Zn and B were added at 3 rates (0, 100 and 200 g carrier/m3) before planting. To ensure a slow rate of release, the elements were added in fritted form (incorporated into a finely-ground, low-solubility silicate matrix) as FTE-504Fe.

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