Section 5
Chapter 4,377

Uniformity of size and content of granular fertilizers

Smith, D.; Willcutt, M.; Diallo, Y.

Applied engineering in agriculture 21(4): 559-562


ISSN/ISBN: 0883-8542
Accession: 004376046

A sample of several different bulk granular fertilizer materials sold at six, geographically diverse Mississippi cooperatives were obtained, sieved, and chemically analyzed. Samples of 'small,' 'medium,' and 'large' particles for each material-cooperative combination were analyzed for nitrogen, phosphate, potash, or lime content as appropriate. The size distributions of the same type of fertilizer materials varied widely depending on the location of the cooperative where the sample was taken. However, the chemical content of various sizes of particles of a given type of fertilizer were not significantly different. In addition, the chemical content was typically very close to the nominal chemical content. The one exception was triple super phosphate where the measured content was near 44.3% while the nominal value was 46%.

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