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Identification of compounds with anti-West Nile Virus activity
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Nira (Co 86032) - a new variety of sugarcane for Maharashtra
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
An assessment of water quality of river ganga at garhmukteshwar ghaziabad uttar pradesh india
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
Studies on feeding of tapioca thippi (tapioca or cassava starch waste) to swine
Effects of drum rolling on yield of summer groundnut
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Influence of a decision analysis model on selection of drug therapy
Comparative performance of West Coast Tall and Lakshadweep Ordinary cultivars of coconut
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Cellars as hibernation sites for bats
Donkioporia expansa - A lesser known wood destroyer in buildings
The Bangla adaptation of Mini-Mental State Examination (BAMSE): An instrument to assess cognitive function in illiterate and literate individuals
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Gymnosperms of Sikkim, India
The great Coalinga cricket invasion
Psoriasis: correlation between severity index (PASI) and quality of life index (DLQI) in patients assessed before and after systemic treatment
Real-time PCR assays for the specific detection of monkeypox virus West African and Congo Basin strain DNA
Classification of fermented foods: worldwide review of household fermentation techniques
The biology of human starvation: some new insights

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4400

Chapter 4400 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aphyllophoroid fungi of Perm region
, Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 38(4): 1-12 (2004)

Aphyllophoroid fungi of the Kozhozersky nature reserve (Arkhangelsk Region)
, Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 38(4): 34-44 (2004)

Apiarian value of native tree species in two natural successional stages in Uniao da Vitoria, State of Parana, Brazil
, Boletim de Pesquisa Florestal 2005(47): 69-82 (2003)

Apolegamy and economic analysis for pneumatic roof-window system of multi-span plastic greenhouse
, Journal of Zhejiang University Agriculture and Life Sciences 32(2): 191-194 (2006)

Apolipoprotein A-IV interacts synergistically with melanocortins to reduce food intake
, American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 290(1): R202-R207 (2006)

Apolipoprotein A-IV is involved in detection of lipid in the rat intestine
, Journal of Physiology 569(Pt 3): 949-958 (2005)

Apolipoprotein AV does not contribute to hypertriglyceridaemia or triglyceride lowering by dietary fish oil and rosiglitazone in obese Zucker rats
, Diabetologia 49(6): 1324-1332 (2006)

Apolipoprotein CI, and not apolipoprotein E, polymorphism affects plasma levels of C-reactive protein?
, Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases: Nmcd 15(6): 450-451 (2005)

Apomixis and its role in breeding of sugarbeet
, Sakharnaya Svekla 8: 19-21 (2005)

Apomixis: an enigma with potential applications
, Current Science 89(11): 1879-1893 (2005)

Apoplastic pH and monolignol addition rate effects on lignin formation and cell wall degradability in maize
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(17): 4984-4989 (2003)

Apoptosis and adhesion of hemocytes during molting stage of silkworm, Bombyx mori
, Zoological Science 23(3): 299-304 (2006)

Apoptosis in Ichthyophthirius multifiliis is associated with expression of the Fas receptor of theronts
, Journal of Fish Diseases 29(4): 225-232 (2006)

Apoptosis in bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes after exposure to polychlorinated biphenyl mixtures during in vitro maturation
, Reproduction 130(6): 857-868 (2005)

Apoptosis in rat hepatocytes - histological, ultrastructural and immunohistochemical assessment
, Medycyna Weterynaryjna 61(12): 1420-1424 (2005)

Apoptosis in spermatozoa: a new approach in sperm viability evaluation
, Semina: Ciencias Agrarias Londrina 26(3): 395-404 (2005)

Apoptosis induction by dohevanil, a DHA substitutive analog of capsaicin, in MCF-7 cells
, Life Sciences 78(13): 1515-1519 (2006)

Apoptosis of endometrial cells in the bitch
, Reproduction Fertility and Development 14(5-6): 297-305 (2002)

Apoptosis of macrophages induced by Trichomonas vaginalis through the phosphorylation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase that locates at downstream of mitochondria-dependent caspase activation
, International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology 38(4): 638-647 (2005)

Apoptosis-inducing effects of curcumin derivatives in human bladder cancer cells
, Anti-Cancer Drugs 17(3): 279-287 (2006)

Apoptosis-like programmed cell death occurs in procambium and ground meristem of pea (Pisum sativum) root tips exposed to sudden flooding
, Annals of Botany 97(5): 895-902 (2006)

Apparatus for evaluation of hydromechanical behavior of porous media subjected to environmental changes
, Geotechnical Testing Journal 29(1): 9-20 (2006)

Apparatus induced error in hydraulic conductivity measurement using a LuciteReg. fixed wall permeameter
, Geotechnical Testing Journal 28(5): 472-477 (2005)

Apparent absence of atovaquone/proguanil resistance in 477 Plasmodium falciparum isolates from untreated French travellers
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 57(1): 110-115 (2005)

Apparent absorption of zinc from supplemental inorganic and organic sources to Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus juveniles
, Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 36(3): 375-383 (2005)

Apparent and partial specific adsorption of 1,10-phenanthroline on mixtures of Ca-montmorillonite, activated carbon, and silica gel
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 292(1): 54-62 (2005)

Apparent and true ileal digestibilities of poultry byproducts amino acids for swine
, Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 34(6, Suplemento): 2327-2334 (2005)

Apparent carboxylation efficiency and relative stomatal and mesophyll limitations of photosynthesis in an evergreen cerrado species during water stress
, Photosynthetica 44(1): 39-45 (2006)

Apparent competition, quantitative food webs, and the structure of phytophagous insect communities
, Annual Review of Entomology 51: 187-208 (2006)

Apparent digestibility and supplementation of phytase in vegetable feedstuff for Nile tilapia
, Acta Scientiarum Animal Sciences 26(3): 313-321 (2004)

Apparent digestibility coefficients of energy and nutrients of full-fat soyabean meal with and without phytase for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
, Acta Scientiarum Animal Sciences 27(3): 371-376 (2005)

Apparent digestibility for diets balanced with alternative feed for growing agouti (Dasyprocta prymnolopha)
, Ciencia Animal Brasileira 6(3): 163-171 (2005)

Apparent digestibility of mixed diets in horses determined by acid-insoluble ash and acid detergent lignin as internal markers
, Pferdeheilkunde 21(Conference): 51-52 (2005)

Apparent digestibility of nutrients and physical-chemical characteristics from colon contents of horses
, Pferdeheilkunde 21(Conference): 43-44 (2005)

Apparent digestibility of selected feed ingredients for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
, Aquaculture 250(1/2): 308-316 (2005)

Apparent digestibility of some nutrient sources by juvenile mud crab, Scylla serrata (Forskal 1775)
, Aquaculture Research 37(4): 359-365 (2006)

Apparent digestibility of the diet and nitrogen balance in different genetic groups of pigs fed ad libitum or restricted
, Ciencia Rural 36(2): 617-623 (2006)

Apparent elimination of EIAV ancestral species in a long-term inapparent carrier
, Virology 344(2): 340-353 (2005)

Apparent ileal digestibility of nutrients in young pigs fed broken rice at 37 days of age
, XI Jornadas sobre Produccion Animal, Zaragoza, Spain, 11-12 Mayo, 2005 Volumenes I and II: 488-490 (2005)

Apparent ileal nitrogen digestibility and apparent metabolizable energy corrected to zero nitrogen in broiler chickens fed textured diets and feed restricted at different ages
, Revista Cientifica, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, Universidad del Zulia 15(6): 523-527 (2005)

Appearance and color of the peel of early dwarf cashew clones, for consumption in natura, stored under different layers of PVC
, Revista Ciencia Agronomica 36(3): 371-375 (2005)

Appearance and disappearance of a weedy orchid, Epipactis helleborine
, Folia Geobotanica 41(1): 77-93 (2006)

Appearance of immature/transitional B cells in HIV-infected individuals with advanced disease: correlation with increased IL-7
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103(7): 2262-2267 (2006)

Appearance of iron-labelled blood mononuclear cells in electron microscopy
, Veterinarni Medicina 51(3): 89-92 (2006)

Appearance of spiral grain in the wood of spruce trees (Picea excelsa Link) in the Elatia Forest of Drama
, Dasike Ereuna 18: 69-76 (2005)

Appearance of the bona fide spiral tubule of ORF virus is dependent on an intact 10-kilodalton viral protein
, Journal of Virology 78(15): 8085-8093 (2004)

Appetite assessment: simple appetite questionnaire predicts weight loss in community-dwelling adults and nursing home residents
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 82(5): 1074-1081 (2005)

Appetitive latent inhibition in rats: preexposure performance does not predict conditioned performance
, Behavioural Processes 72(1): 42-51 (2006)

Apple (Malus domestica) and tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) fruits cell-wall hemicelluloses and xyloglucan degradation during Penicillium expansum infection
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(26): 7957-7963 (2004)

Apple and pear peel and pulp and their influence on plasma lipids and antioxidant potentials in rats fed cholesterol-containing diets
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(19): 5780-5785 (2003)

Apple codling moth and some other lepidoptera
, Phytoma 589: 50-51 (2005)

Apple juice concentrate prevents oxidative damage and impaired maze performance in aged mice
, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: Jad 8(3): 283-287 (2005)

Apple leaf miner and codling moth
, SAD, Revija za Sadjarstvo, Vinogradnistvo in Vinarstvo 16(4): 3-4 (2005)

Apple orchard productivity and fruit quality under organic, conventional, and integrated management
, HortScience: a ication of the American Society for Horticultural Science 41(1): 99-107 (2006)

Apple pollen as a supplemental food for the western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis: response of individuals and populations
, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 117(3): 185-192 (2005)

Apple polygalacturonase inhibiting protein1 expressed in transgenic tobacco inhibits polygalacturonases from fungal pathogens of apple and the anthracnose pathogen of lupins
, Phytochemistry 67(3): 255-263 (2006)

Apple procyanidin oligomers absorption in rats after oral administration: analysis of procyanidins in plasma using the porter method and high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 54(3): 884-892 (2006)

Apple production in China. Part 1: China and fruit production
, Fruitteelt nieuws 18(17/18): 20-21 (2005)

Apple proteins that interact with DspA/E, a pathogenicity effector of Erwinia amylovora, the fire blight pathogen
, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions: Mpmi 19(1): 53-61 (2006)

Apple scab: a survey on the 2004 attacks in French orchards
, Infos Ctifl 218: 31-35 (2006)

Apple shape and rolling orientation
, Applied engineering in agriculture 22(1): 87-94 (2006)

Apple trees in Siberian orchards
, Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo 4: 6-7 (2005)

Apple varieties in Belgium
, Fruit Belge 73(517): 145-152 (2005)

Apple varieties: what do consumers want?
, Obst und Weinbau 141(19): 6-9 (2005)

Apple- and hop-polyphenols protect periodontal ligament cells stimulated with enamel matrix derivative from Porphyromonas gingivalis
, Journal of Periodontology 76(12): 2223-2229 (2005)

Apples prevent mammary tumors in rats
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(6): 2341-2343 (2005)

Applicability and feasibility of the interlocking nail technique for treatment of diaphyseal femoral fractures in dogs
, Revista de Educacao Continuada do CRMV SP 8(1): 19-25 (2005)

Applicability of NIR spectroscopy to determine oil and other physicochemical parameters in Rosa mosqueta and Chilean hazelnut
, European Food Research and Technology 222(3/4): 443-450 (2006)

Applicability of TLC in multiresidue methods for the determination of pesticides in wheat grain
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 75(6): 1143-1149 (2005)

Applicability of a new analysis method on the detection of oil quantity in dipping solution for process of the raisin
, Ege Universitesi Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi 42(3): 13-19 (2005)

Applicability of a rapid method based on immunomagnetic capture-fluorescent PCR assay for Campylobacter jejuni
, Food Control 17(7): 527-532 (2006)

Applicability of alkaline hydrolysis for remediation of TNT-contaminated water
, Water Research 39(18): 4503-4511 (2005)

Applicability of an extant batch respirometric assay in describing dynamics of ammonia and nitrite oxidation in a nitrifying bioreactor
, Water Science and Technology 52(10/11): 503-508 (2005)

Applicability of nisin and tumbling to improve the microbiological quality of marinated chicken drumsticks
, Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 19(2): 292-296 (2006)

Applicability of simplified inspection methods for pigs. Epidemiological research in an abbatoir as an instrument for verification
, Obiettivi e Documenti Veterinari 27(1): 11-17 (2006)

Applicability of soil quality classification on former farmland assigned for afforestation: an example from the Niedzwiady Forest District
, Prace z Zakresu Nauk Lesnych 96: 97-101 (2004)

Applicability of the Transient Storage Model to the hyporheic exchange of metals
, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 84(1-2): 21-35 (2006)

Applicability of the chip compaction model in the controlling of the digester
, Pulp and Paper Canada 106(9): 40-43 (2005)

Applicability of the long- and short-term runoff model in a small mountainous basin
, Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 60(2): 165-172 (2005)

Applicability of the n-alkane technique to estimate intake, digestibility and diet composition in sheep consuming mixed lucerne:rye grass diets
, XI Jornadas sobre Produccion Animal, Zaragoza, Spain, 11-12 Mayo, 2005 Volumenes I and II: 515-517 (2005)

Applicability of the quantification of genetically modified organisms to foods processed from maize and soy
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(6): 2052-2059 (2005)

Applicability of traditional ceramic for water treatment in small communities
, Scientific Journal of School of Public Health and Institute of Public Health Research 3(3): 27-36 (2004)

Applicability of uni- and bimodal retention functions for water flow modeling in a tropical Acrisol
, Vadose Zone Journal 5(1): 48-58 (2005)

Applicable background minimum night flow for leakage management of small district metered areas in Korea
, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 5(3/4): 181-188 (2005)

Application and colonization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ZJ1999 for biocontrol of Rhizoctonia solani, pathogen of rice sheath blight
, Chinese Journal of Biological Control 22(1): 54-57 (2006)

Application and developing trend of computer version technology in detection and classification of agricultural products
, Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Jiangxiensis 27(5): 796-800 (2005)

Application and development of oil-adjuvant inactivated vaccine against pigeons with Newcastle Disease
, Xinjiang Agricultural Sciences 42(5): 359-362 (2005)

Application and evaluation of morphological, phenological and molecular techniques for the characterization of Castanea sativa Mill. cultivars
, Acta Horticulturae 693: 453-457 (2005)

Application and evaluation of the SWAP model for simulating water and solute transport in a cracking clay soil
, Soil Science Society of America journal - 69(6): 1943-1954 (2005)

Application and prospect of computer vision technology in aquaculture
, Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 21(8): 174-178 (2005)

Application and research development of ectomycorrhizae on forest disease resistance
, Chinese Forestry Science and Technology 3(2): 88-95 (2004)

Application and validation of approaches for the predictive hazard assessment of realistic pesticide mixtures
, Aquatic Toxicology 76(2): 93-110 (2006)

Application impact of maturate effluent of cassava industry on soil and sorghum culture (Sorghum bicolor)
, Acta Scientiarum Agronomy 26(4): 421-427 (2004)

Application of 137Cs to quantitative evaluation of soil erosion in northeast Songnen plain
, Grassland of China 27(3): 11-14, 20 (2005)

Application of 3' untranslated region (UTR) sequence-based amplified polymorphism analysis in the rapid authentication of Radix astragali
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(22): 8551-8556 (2005)

Application of AM fungi to produce quality seedlings of teak
, Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity 12(1/2): 39-42 (2004)

Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in agriculture
, Agriculture Scientific and Professional Review 11(2): 67-73 (2005)

Application of BP (back propagation) neutral network to prediction of tobacco virus diseases transmitted by aphids
, Acta Tobacaria Sinica 10(4): 23-26 (2004)

Application of Beddingia siricidicola for Sirex woodwasp control
, Nematodes as biocontrol agents: 385-399 (2005)

Application of CCME procedures for deriving site-specific water quality guidelines for the CCME water quality index
, Water Quality Research Journal of Canada 40(4): 448-456 (2005)

Application of CERES-rice model to develop agro techniques for newly released varieties of rice in North Western Himalayas
, Oryza 42(4): 283-286 (2005)

Application of Chelest Fiber Iry (aminopolycarboxylic acid-type cellulose) to the extraction of cadmium ions from aqueous solution
, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 14(8): 732-736 (2005)

Application of Chitin and Zeolite adsorbents for treatment of low level radioactive liquid wastes
, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 1(1): 45-50 (2004)

Application of DIGFA, ELISA and IHA for the parallel detection of serum antibodies to Schistosoma japonicum of population in epidemic area of schistosomiasis
, Chinese Journal of Zoonoses 21(9): 776-778 (2005)

Application of DNA marker for identifying resistant genes to bacterial leaf blight of rice
, Bulletin of the Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Kyushu University 28(1): 15-24 (2005)

Application of DNA markers in animal industries
, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 46(2): 173-182 (2006)

Application of DNA parentage analyses for determining relative growth rates of Penaeus japonicus families reared in commercial ponds
, Aquaculture 254(1/4): 171-181 (2006)

Application of FZ-12 solid-liquid separator to the treatment of wastewater for large scale pig farm
, Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 21(10): 184-186 (2005)

Application of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the simulation of release of additives from multilayer polymeric packaging structures
, Food Additives and Contaminants 22(10): 945-955 (2005)

Application of Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR) to thermally modified wood
, Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 62(6): 483-485 (2004)

Application of GIS spatial analyst technology to measuring leaf area of Medicago sativa
, Acta Prataculturae Sinica 15(2): 119-123 (2006)

Application of GMOs in the U.S.: EPA research & regulatory considerations related to soil systems
, Plant and Soil 275(1/2): 77-91 (2005)

Application of Gaussian error propagation principles for theoretical assessment of model uncertainty in simulated soil processes caused by thermal and hydraulic parameters
, Journal of Hydrometeorology 6(6): 1045-1062 (2005)

Application of Gluconobacter oxydans for biotechnologically relevant reactions
, Microorganisms for industrial enzymes and biocontrol: 163-180 (2005)

Application of Granier's sap flow system in water use of Acacia mangium forest
, Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Botany 13(6): 457-468 (2005)

Application of HACCP model in production of marinated anchovy
, Pendik Veteriner Mikrobiyoloji Dergisi 35(1/2): 55-60 (2004)

Application of Huaxinling in reproduction of Japonica cytoplasm male sterile line
, Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 18(3): 256-259 (2005)

Application of IFAS and PCR for Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus detection in potato plants during the growing season
, Phytopathologia Polonica 35: 95-102 (2005)

Application of INA and BABA control pre and postharvest diseases of melons through induction of systemic acquired resistance
, Acta Horticulturae 694: 417-419 (2005)

Application of LC-ESI-MS-MS for detection of synthetic adulterants in herbal remedies
, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 41(2): 554-564 (2006)

Application of Lineweaver-Burk data transformation to explain animal and plant performance as a function of nutrient supply
, Livestock production Science 98(3): 219-224 (2005)

Application of MS Access in the management of forest information
, Dasike Ereuna 18: 43-54 (2005)

Application of Mg-fertilizers to prevent and to decrease Norway spruce yellowing
, Journal of Forest Science 51(Special issue): 43-48 (2005)

Application of Multi Locus Sequence Typing to the analysis of the biodiversity of indigenous Saccharomyces cerevisiae wine yeasts from Lebanon
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 100(4): 699-711 (2006)

Application of N management strategies in vegetable production
, China Vegetables (Suppl): 57-63 (2005)

Application of NMR spectroscopy and LC-NMR/MS to the identification of carbohydrates in beer
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(17): 4847-4852 (2003)

Application of NaI(Tl) detector for measurement of natural radionuclides and (137)Cs in environmental samples: new approach by decomposition of measured spectrum
, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 84(3): 321-331 (2005)

Application of National Monitoring database of Croatian Water to cases of accidental pollution as exemplified by the Kupica and Mala Belica springs
, Hrvatske Vode 13(53): 377-386 (2005)

Application of PCR for species identification in raw minced meat
, Medycyna Weterynaryjna 61(11): 1274-1276 (2005)

Application of PCR-RFLP and simplified AFLP for differentiation of bacteria from the Pseudomonas species
, Phytopathologia Polonica 35: 85-93 (2005)

Application of PMI/mannose selective system in plant genetic transformation
, Scientia Silvae Sinicae 41(3): 137-141 (2005)

Application of PRISM spatial interpolation to the precipitation distribution in the Songhuajiang River Basin
, Journal of Nanjing Institute of Meteorology 29(1): 56-61 (2006)

Application of Peleg model to study mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of sardine sheets
, Journal of food engineering 75(4): 535-541 (2006)

Application of RAPD and AFLP to detect genetic variation in fishes
, Fish genetics and aquaculture biotechnology: 29-36 (2005)

Application of RAPD markers in identification of homokaryon isolates in white button mushroom Agaricus bisporus
, Agricultural Sciences and Technology 19(2): Pe35-Pe46 (2005)

Application of Relaxed Eddy Accumulation technique to quantify Hg0 fluxes over modified soil surfaces
, Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 167(1/4): 331-352 (2005)

Application of SSCP-PCR fingerprinting to profile the yeast community in raw milk Salers cheeses
, Systematic and Applied Microbiology 29(2): 172-180 (2006)

Application of SSR markers for the evaluation of the purity of hybrid melon seeds
, Acta Horticulturae Sinica 32(5): 902-904 (2005)

Application of Thin-Layer Chromatography in food analysis - methodology and instrumentation
, Deutsche Lebensmittel Rundschau 101(12): 539-543 (2005)

Application of Trichoderma species against pigeonpea wilt
, JNKVV Research Journal 38(2): 99-100 (2004)

Application of tristimulus colorimetry to estimate the carotenoids content in ultrafrozen orange juices
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(25): 7266-7270 (2003)

Application of VERMICAL (Vermiculite swollen by chemical treatments)
, Nendo Kagaku = Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan 44(1): 19-30 (2004)

Application of a DNA analysis method for the cultivar identification of grape musts and experimental and commercial wines of Vitis vinifera L. using microsatellite markers
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 50(21): 6090-6096 (2002)

Application of a PCR-luminex system for molecular diagnosis of Magnaporthe grisea isolates resistant to dehydratase inhibitors in melanin biosynthesis (MBI-D)
, Modern fungicides and antifungal compounds IV: 14th International Reinhardsbrunn Symposium, Friedrichroda, Thuringia, Germany, April 25-29, 2004: 31-34 (2005)

Application of a bayesian approach to stochastic delineation of capture zones
, Ground Water 42(4): 542-551 (2004)

Application of a comprehensive procedure to measure the body dimensions of large African predators
, Game and Wildlife Science 21(4): 797-810 (2004)

Application of a counting technique to determine certain and uncertain geographic regions of emission sources
, Ecological Modelling 192(3/4): 627-636 (2006)

Application of a dialysis sampler to monitor phytoremediation processes
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 107(1-3): 155-171 (2005)

Application of a dynamic model to estimate beef growth in Parda de Montana feedlot cattle: preliminary results
, XI Jornadas sobre Produccion Animal, Zaragoza, Spain, 11-12 Mayo, 2005 Volumenes I and II: 219-221 (2005)

Application of a fast high-performance liquid chromatography method for simultaneous determination of furanic compounds and glucosylisomaltol in breakfast cereals
, Journal of Aoac International 89(1): 161-165 (2006)

Application of a genetic algorithm to minimize agricultural nitrogen deposition in nature reserves
, Agricultural Systems 88(2/3): 360-375 (2006)

Application of a high resolution sonar system - first experiences
, WasserWirtschaft Hydrologie, Wasserbau, Boden, Okologie 96(1/2): 42-46 (2006)

Application of a leakage model to assess exfiltration from sewers
, Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 52(5): 225-231 (2005)

Application of a mass transfer model for simulation and prediction of moisture distribution in stored corn grains
, Scientific Journal of King Faisal University Basic and Applied Sciences 5(2): 197-213 (2004)

Application of a membrane-gel procedure to determine the effects of root exudates on the growth of the extraradical hyphae of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus etunicatum
, Symbiosis Rehovot 40(1): 41-47 (2005)

Application of a model-based optimisation methodology for nutrient removing SBRs leads to falsification of the model
, Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 53(4-5): 95-103 (2006)

Application of a modified triple pelvic osteotomy for treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs
, Journal of Veterinary Clinics 22(4): 328-335 (2005)

Application of a multi-channel system for continuous monitoring and an early warning system
, Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 53(4-5): 341-346 (2006)

Application of a multi-sulfonamide biosensor immunoassay for the detection of sulfadiazine and sulfamethoxazole residues in broiler serum and its use as a predictor of the levels in edible tissue
, Analytica Chimica Acta 552(1/2): 87-95 (2005)

Application of a neural observer to phenols ozonation in water: simulation and kinetic parameters identification
, Water Research 39(12): 2611-2620 (2005)

Application of a new method to evaluate crop water stress index
, Irrigation science 24(1): 49-54 (2005)

Application of a new type of moving bio-film in aerobic sequencing batch reactor (aerobic-SBR)
, Journal of Environmental Management 78(2): 149-156 (2006)

Application of a scaling model to establish and validate an interval level pain scale for assessment of acute pain in dogs
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 66(12): 2154-2166 (2005)

Application of a simple ecological sustainability simulator (SESS) as a management tool in the semi-arid rangelands of northeastern Mexico
, Agricultural Systems 88(2/3): 514-527 (2006)

Application of a spotting sample preparation technique for the detection of pathogens in woody plants by RT-PCR and real-time PCR (TaqMan)
, Journal of Virological Methods 133(2): 130-136 (2006)

Application of a temporary palatal prosthesis in a puppy suffering from cleft palate
, Journal of Veterinary Science 7(1): 93-95 (2006)

Application of a tidal circulation model for fish health management of salmon farms in the Grand Manan Island area, Bay of Fundy
, Bulletin of the Aquaculture Association of Canada 105(1): 22-33 (2005)

Application of a variance decomposition method to compare satellite and aerial inventory data: a tool for evaluating wildlife-habitat relationships
, Journal of Applied Ecology 43(1): 173-184 (2006)

Application of a virological tracer method for the assessment of pathogen removal by physicochemical treatment and chemical disinfection
, Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 52(8): 205-212 (2005)

Application of activated carbon (AC) in tissue cultures of Aloe vera L
, Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 18(1): 105-107 (2005)

Application of active packaging to improve the shelf life of fresh white cheeses
, Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 15(Suppl1): 165-168 (2006)

Application of aerobic granular sludge in polishing the UASB effluent
, Environmental Technology 26(12): 1327-1334 (2005)

Application of agglomerative hierarchical clustering to identify consumer tomato preferences: influence of physicochemical and sensory characteristics on consumer response
, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 86(4): 493-499 (2006)

Application of an automation system and a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for the optimal operation of a membrane adsorption hybrid system
, Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 53(4-5): 179-184 (2006)

Application of an electrometric method for measurement of in vitro inhibition of blood cholinesterases from sheep, goats and cattle by dichlorvos and carbaryl
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