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Cloning of phloem specific promoter and construction of new plant expression vector containing green fluorescence protein reporter gene

Hu GuiBing; Zhang ShangLong; Xu ChangJie; Lin ShunQuan

Journal of South China Agricultural University 26(4): 118-120


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-411X
Accession: 004407875

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A 966-bp fragment of phloem protein 2 (PP2) gene in the promoter region of Cucurbita maxima was amplified by PCR. The fragment was cloned into pUCm-T vector, and a new recombined vector named pUCm-PSP was obtained. A new plant expression vector named pHZ03, in which the green fluorescent protein reporter gene is droved by PSP, was constructed after cutting vectors pUCm-PSP and pCAMBIA1302 with restriction enzymes, subsequent recovering, ligation, transformation and identification.

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