Correlation and path analysis in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Mothilal, A.

Environment and Ecology 23S(Special 3): 478-480


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-0420
Accession: 004411546

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The association of seed yield with other yield components was studied among 24 sesame hybrids. The study comprised three females (TMV 3, TMV 4 and TMV 6) and 8 males (TNAU 72, Si 1577, Si 1671, Si 102, Si 97, Si 1160, Vinayak and Si 0535). Crosses were made following the L x T mating design during the 1998 kharif season. The 11 parents and their 24 hybrids were raised during the 1998/99 rabi season in the Regional Research Station, Vriddhachalam, Tamil Nadu, India. The results showed that plant height and number of capsules exhibited significant positive association with seed yield indicating its true relationship. Other characters such as number of branches, fruiting stem length, number of seed per capsule and 1000-seed weight showed positive association with seed yield. A positive direct effect with seed yield was observed via 1000-seed weight, plant height, number of branches, fruiting stem length and number of capsules per plant.