Cultivation and chemical injection: influence on soil physical and chemical properties

Shim SangRyul; Carrow, R.N.

International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 8: 533-540


Accession: 004412201

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In a field study on a compacted sandy clay loam of high soil strength and acidic subsoil in Georgia, USA, seven cultivation programmes were evaluated under 'Arizona' common Cynodon dactylon for influence on soil physical and chemical properties. Verti-Drain (VD) cultivation applied at two passes per application with or without core aeration reduced penetration resistance within the 0 to 20 cm zone by 20 to 40% on four out of seven dates at 7.7 weeks to 8 months after the previous cultivation. On most occasions, VD treatments improved saturated hydraulic conductivity by 117 to 300% in magnitude at 3.4 to 14 weeks after cultivation. Turf conditioner (TC) alone or with injected gypsum and lime had minor to no influence on soil physical parameters. TC + lime increased subsoil pH and percent base saturation of the bulk soil.