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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4414

Chapter 4414 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anjana Jajoo; Sudhakar Bharti, 2005:
Decay kinetics of tyrosine radical anion (Yz) as studied by time-resolved EPR in formate-treated and chloride-depleted PS II membranes

Miric, M., 2005:
Decay of oak wood provoked by fungus Stereum hirsutum (Wild. ex Fr.) S.F. Gray. and its' essential physiological requirements

Keese, J.R.; Argudo, M.F., 2006:
Decentralisation and NGO-municipal government collaboration in Ecuador

Drabo, K.M.; Dauby, C.; Coste, T.; Dembelé, M.; Hien, C.; Ouedraogo, A.; Macq, J.; Ouedraogo, J.B.; Dujardin, B., 2006:
Decentralising tuberculosis case management in two districts of Burkina Faso

Lindemann, T., 2005:
Decentralization and local government development in rural areas of Latin America

Rottcher, K., 2005:
Decentralized and centralized support measures for flood protection - investigation of the example of the Erpe

Wiegland, S., 2005:
Decentralized biodiesel production in agriculture

Kurm, M.; Tamm, U., 2001:
Deciduous trees in Estonia

McKenzie, C.L.; Bausher, M.; Albano, J.P.; Shatters, R.G.J.; Sinisterra, X.H.; Powell, C.A., 2005:
Deciphering changes in plant physiological response to whitefly feeding using microarray technology

Tagu, D.; Sabater Munoz, B.; Simon, J.C.ristophe, 2005:
Deciphering reproductive polyphenism in aphids

Bae, H.; Kim, S.; Kim, Y.J., 2006:
Decision algorithm based on data mining for coagulant type and dosage in water treatment systems

Antwal, P.N.; Bellurkar, C.M.; Wakle, P.K., 2005:
Decision making pattern of rural women

Blennow, K.; Sallnas, O., 2005:
Decision support for active risk management in sustainable forestry

Hemm, M.; Bruchner, A.K., 2005:
Decision support in German forestry by using industrial simulation software

Yang ShiFeng; Wang JianXin; Zhou JianJun; Wang Xiu; Qian DongPing, 2005:
Decision support system based on variable irrigation mathematical model

Veerakcuddy Rajasekaram; Nandalal, K.D.W., 2005:
Decision support system for reservoir water management conflict resolution

Abebe, A.J.; Price, R.K., 2005:
Decision support system for urban flood management

Loucks, D.P., 2005:
Decision support systems for drought management

Fixen, P.E., 2005:
Decision support systems in integrated crop nutrient management

Tailliez, D.; Champroux, G., 2006:
Decision-making tools for fungicidal treatments of soft wheat: key stakes and benefits

Gordon, S.N.; Johnson, K.N.; Reynolds, K.M.; Crist, P.; Brown, N., 2005:
Decision-support systems for forest biodiversity: a review

Mosquera Losada, M.R.; Rigueiro Rodriguez, A.; McAdam, J., 2005:
Declaration for silvopastoralism

Sancho, M.; Arnal, J.M.; Villaescusa, J.I.; Campayo, J.M.; Verdu, G., 2005:
Declassification of radioactive liquid wastes generated in radio immune assay (RIA) laboratories

Riedner, G.; Hoffmann, O.; Rusizoka, M.; Mmbando, D.; Maboko, L.; Grosskurth, H.; Todd, J.; Hayes, R.; Hoelscher, M., 2006:
Decline in sexually transmitted infection prevalence and HIV incidence in female barworkers attending prevention and care services in Mbeya Region, Tanzania

Milsom, T.P., 2005:
Decline of Northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus breeding on arable farmland in relation to loss of spring tillage: capsule A decrease in the area of spring tillage was not the primary cause of a decline to extinction of a local breeding population of Lapwing

Eko, P.; Rou ChonMei; Nakane, K., 2004:
Decline of Prunus mume and change in tree ring width and heavy metal concentration

Jurskis, V., 2005:
Decline of eucalypt forests as a consequence of unnatural fire regimes

Watanabe, S., 2005 :
Decline of ultrabasicosaxicolous flora from 1954 to 2003 on Mt. Apoi, Hidaka Province, Hokkaido, Japan

Weht, S.; Seleme, F.; Fernandez, M.I.; Gonzalez Vera, C.A.; Abel, M., 2005:
Decline of walnut caused by Ceratocystis sp. (Cephalosporium sp.) in the Province of Catamarca, Argentina

Li, M.; Waite, K.V.; Ma, G.; Eastman, C.J., 2006:
Declining iodine content of milk and re-emergence of iodine deficiency in Australia

Harper, J.F.; Breton, G.; Harmon, A., 2004:
Decoding Ca(2+) signals through plant protein kinases

Pitarch, A.; Jiménez, A.; Nombela, César.; Gil, C., 2005:
Decoding serological response to Candida cell wall immunome into novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic candidates for systemic candidiasis by proteomic and bioinformatic analyses

Chang DeLong;; Dong RuZhen, 2005:
Decoloring stain of Populus wet wood

Guo JianBo; Zhou JiTi; Wang Dong; Wang Jing; Y.H.i; Song ZhiYong, 2005:
Decolorization of azo dyes with high salt concentration by salt-tolerant mixed cultures under anaerobic conditions

Reddy, S.S.; Kotaiah, B., 2005:
Decolorization of simulated spent reactive dye bath using solar/TiO2/H2O2

Munguia, R.; Beer, J.; Harmand, J.M.; Haggar, J., 2004:
Decomposition and nutrient release rates of Eucalyptus deglupta and Coffea arabica litter and Erythrina poeppigiana green leaves, alone or mixed

Turetsky, M.; Ripley, S., 2005:
Decomposition in extreme-rich fens of boreal Alberta, Canada

Blair, N.; Faulkner, R.D.; Till, A.R.; Sanchez, P., 2005:
Decomposition of 13C and 15N labelled plant residue materials in two different soil types and its impact on soil carbon, nitrogen, aggregate stability, and aggregate formation

Lussier, R., 2005:
Deconstructing herbicide residue problems

Roy, A.; Matzuk, M.M., 2006:
Deconstructing mammalian reproduction: using knockouts to define fertility pathways

Mohamed, K.A., 2005:
Decontamination of certain pesticides from water by natural adsorbents

Huneau Salaun, A.; Bouquin, S. le; Petetin, I.; Balaine, L.; Eono, F., 2005:
Decontamination of ground-laying poultry farms: study of the cleaning practices and disinfection

Andrade, S.R.M. de; Pinto, A.C. de Q.; Faleiro, F.G.; Cordeiro, M.C.R.; Ramos, V.H.V., 2004:
Decontamination of lateral buds of mango (Mangifera indica L.) with a view to micropropagation

Gómez-López, V.M.; Devlieghere, F.; Debevere, J., 2005:
Decontamination of minimally processed vegetables by chlorine dioxide gas

Dhiman, N.; Jyot, G.; Bakhshi, A.K.; Singh, B., 2006:
Decontamination of various insecticides in cauliflower and tomato by different processing methods

Satomi, L.C.; Soriani, R.R.; Pinto, T. de J.A., 2005:
Decontamination of vegetal drugs using gamma irradiation and ethylene oxide: microbial and chemical aspects

Sudo, M.; Nishino, M.; Okubo, T., 2006 :
Decrease in herbicide concentrations and affected factors in lagoons located around Lake Biwa

Blache, D.; Celi, P.; Blackberry, M.A.; Dynes, R.A.; Martin, G.B., 2000:
Decrease in voluntary feed intake and pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion after intracerebroventricular infusion of recombinant bovine leptin in mature male sheep

Salazar, M.R.; Carbajal, H.A.; Aizpurua, M.; Riondet, B.; Rodrigo, H.F.; Rechifort, V.; Quaini, S.M.; Echeverria, R.F., 2005:
Decrease of blood pressure by community-based strategies

Gorbunov, N.T.; Raspopov, S.V., 2005:
Decrease of losses of work time - an important reserve of increase of labour productivity at harvesting of mother root crops

Stellingwerff, T.; Spriet, L.L.; Watt, M.J.; Kimber, N.E.; Hargreaves, M.; Hawley, J.A.; Burke, L.M., 2005:
Decreased PDH activation and glycogenolysis during exercise following fat adaptation with carbohydrate restoration

Mochammad Istiadjid, E.S.; Mohammad Saifur Rohman, 2006:
Decreased TGF- beta 1 and IGF-1 protein expression in rat embryo skull bone in folic acid-restricted diet

Li, J.; Melanson, V.R.; Mirza, A.M.; Iorio, R.M., 2004:
Decreased dependence on receptor recognition for the fusion promotion activity of L289A-mutated newcastle disease virus fusion protein correlates with a monoclonal antibody-detected conformational change

Somm, E.; Henrichot, E.; Pernin, Aès.; Juge-Aubry, C.E.; Muzzin, P.; Dayer, J-Michel.; Nicklin, M.J.H.; Meier, C.A., 2005:
Decreased fat mass in interleukin-1 receptor antagonist-deficient mice: impact on adipogenesis, food intake, and energy expenditure

Laugesen, M., 2005:
Decreased red meat fat consumption in New Zealand: 1995-2002

Colbert, D.C.; McGarry, M.P.; O'neill, K.; Lee, N.A.; Lee, J.J., 2005:
Decreased size and survival of weanling mice in litters of IL-5-/ -mice are a consequence of the IL-5 deficiency in nursing dams

West, A.R.; Oates, P.S., 2005:
Decreased sucrase and lactase activity in iron deficiency is accompanied by reduced gene expression and upregulation of the transcriptional repressor PDX-1

Yamamoto, F.; Kaneshiro, T.; Kato, H.; Mukai, T.; Kuwabara, Y.; Honda, H.; Maeda, M., 2005:
Decreased tissue accumulation of 6-deoxy-6-[18F]fluoro-L-ascorbic acid in glutathione-deficient rats induced by administration of diethyl maleate

Kongchum, M.; Bollich, P.K.; Hudnall, W.H.; DeLaune, R.D.; Lindau, C.W., 2006:
Decreasing methane emission of rice by better crop management

Gersuk, G.M.; Underhill, D.M.; Zhu, L.; Marr, K.A., 2006:
Dectin-1 and TLRs permit macrophages to distinguish between different Aspergillus fumigatus cellular states

Bruyas, J.F., 2005:
Deep insemination of frozen semen by transrectal guidance with a Minitub probe

Crimella, C.; Barbieri, S.; Chiesa, F.; Zecchini, M., 2005:
Deep intrauterine insemination in sow: results of a field trial

Georgopoulou, I.; Bougiouklis, P.; Iordanidis, P.; Lekkas, S., 2005:
Deep pectoral myopathy (DPM) in broiler chickens

Cisternas Mandujano, J.C., 2005:
Deep silviculture, a proposition for discussion

Buxbaum, C.; Nowak, C.; White, E., 2005:
Deep subsoil nutrient uptake in potassium-deficient, aggrading Pinus resinosa plantation

Reddy, K.N., 2005:
Deep tillage and glyphosate-reduced redvine (Brunnichia ovata) and trumpetcreeper (Campsis radicans) populations in glyphosate-resistant soybean

Dybas, J.M.; Andresen, C.J.; Schelegle, E.S.; McCue, R.W.; Callender, N.N.; Jackson, A.C., 2006:
Deep-breath frequency in bronchoconstricted monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

Oliver, Y.M.; Lefroy, E.C.; Stirzaker, R.; Davies, C.L., 2005:
Deep-drainage control and yield: the trade-off between trees and crops in agroforestry systems in the medium- to low-rainfall areas of Australia

Jahromi, S.B.; Khaksar, A.A., 2005:
Deep-seated fungal infections in immunocompromised patients in Iran

Kalen, C., 2005:
Deer browsing and impact on forest development

Ren YanLing, 2005:
Deer chronic wasting disease in North America Region

Raven, A., 2004:
Deer management in the uplands: the approach of the Deer Commission for Scotland

Aldana, E.; Lizano, E., 2004:
Defecation index and reproductive success of Triatoma maculata (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) under laboratory conditions

Havelda, Zán.; Hornyik, C.; Válóczi, A.; Burgyán, József., 2004:
Defective interfering RNA hinders the activity of a tombusvirus-encoded posttranscriptional gene silencing suppressor

Wyszynska, Z.; Cywinska, A.; Niemiatowski, M.G., 2005:
Defence mechanisms in bovine mammary gland in protection against infections

Pereira, A.R.; Machado, P.F.; Sarries, G.A., 2000:
Defence mechanisms of bovine mammary gland

Soliman, A.H.; Sobczak, M.; Golinowski, W., 2005:
Defence responses of white mustard, Sinapis alba, to infection with the cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii

Ennajeh, M.; Vadel, A.M.; Khemira, H.; Mimoun, M.B.; Hellali, R., 2006:
Defense mechanisms against water deficit in two olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars 'Meski' and 'Chemlali'

Qiu, W.P.; Kovacs, L.G.; Hou HeSheng, 2005:
Defense-related candidate genes in Vitis species

Nakahira, K.; Arakawa, R., 2006:
Defensive functions of the trash-package of a green lacewing, Mallada desjardinsi (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), against a ladybird, Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Pankaj Kumar; Sharma, M.C.; Chinmay Joshi; Saxena, N., 2005:
Deficiencies of micro-mineral in buffaloes and its effect on the serum vitamins A and E

Reina, R.; Andres, X. de; Perez de la Lastra, J.M.; Benavides, J.; Perez, V.; Biescas, E.; Lujan, L.; Mick, V.; Perez de Villarreal, M.; Crespo, H.; Harkiss, G.D.; Rosati, S.; Andres, D. de; Amorena, B., 2005:
Deficiency in specific lymphoproliferative response against gag proteins in the clinical forms of sheep Maedi Visna

Villa, T.C.C.; Maxted, N.; Scholten, M.; Ford Lloyd, B., 2005:
Defining and identifying crop landraces

Garosi, P.; D.F.lippo, C.; van Erk, M.; Rocca-Serra, P.; Sansone, S-Assunta.; Elliott, R., 2005:
Defining best practice for microarray analyses in nutrigenomic studies

Samman, S.; McCarthur, J.O.; Peat, M., 2006:
Defining core elements and outstanding practice in Nutritional Science through collaborative benchmarking

Evans, D.L.; Foa, E.B.; Gur, R.E.; Hendin, H.; O.B.ien, C.P.; Seligman, M.E.P.; Walsh, B.T., 2005:
Defining eating disorders

Froend, R.H.; Drake, P.L., 2006:
Defining phreatophyte response to reduced water availability: preliminary investigations on the use of xylem cavitation vulnerability in Banksia woodland species

Hughes, S.; Shank, M., 2005:
Defining scandal in sports: media and corporate sponsor perspectives

Close, D.C.; Bail, I.; Hunter, S.; Beadle, C.L., 2006:
Defining seedling specifications for Eucalyptus globulus: effects of seedling size and container type on early after-planting performance

Burns, R.G.; Nannipieri, P.; Benedetti, A.; Hopkins, D.W., 2005:
Defining soil quality

Vega, A.-De-La; Chapman, S., 2006:
Defining sunflower selection strategies for a highly heterogeneous target population of environments

Ask, B.; van der Waaij, E.H.; van Eck, J.H.H.; van Arendonk, J.A.M.; Stegeman, J.A., 2006:
Defining susceptibility of broiler chicks to colibacillosis

Chopin, T.; Robinson, S.M.C., 2004 :
Defining the appropriate regulatory and policy framework for the development of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture practices: introduction to the workshop and positioning of the issues

Robinson, S.M.C.; Chopin, T., 2004:
Defining the appropriate regulatory and policy framework for the development of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture practices: summary of the workshop and issues for the future

Taylor, J., 2004:
Defining the appropriate regulatory and policy framework for the development of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture practices: the Department of Fisheries and Oceans perspective

Levin, E.; Carlin, M.; Maddaus, W.O.; Sandkulla, N., 2005:
Defining the conservation potential for San Francisco's 28 wholesale customers

Gering, L.R.; Eddins, T.S.; Marek, M.W., 2005:
Defining the urban/rural interface of the South Carolina Piedmont using a GIS-based model

S.Ren, 2005:
Definition of Thermopsis lupinoides (L.) Link (Leguminosae)

Cilas, C.; Bar-Hen, A.; Montagnon, C.; Godin, C., 2006:
Definition of architectural ideotypes for good yield capacity in Coffea canephora

Ghirardi, J.J.; Caja, G.; Garin, D.; Casellas, J., 2005:
Definition of characteristics for designing ruminal boluses for the electronic identification of sheep

Stajic, B., 2004:
Definition of optimal structure of white ash juvenile stands

Carbonara, S., 2005:
Definition of rurality: considerations of regional Leader+ programmes in Italy

Reisin, E.; Alpert, M.A., 2005:
Definition of the metabolic syndrome: current proposals and controversies

Devereux, G., 2006:
Definition, epidemiology, and risk factors

Gilman, E.F., 2006:
Deflecting roots near sidewalks

Kurkela, T.; Aalto, T.; Varama, M.; Jalkanen, R., 2005:
Defoliation by the common pine sawfly (Diprion pini) and subsequent growth reduction in Scots pine: a retrospective approach

Vanclay, J.K., 2005:
Deforestation: correlations, possible causes and some implications

Kling, K.H., 2006:
Deformation surveys of the Ennepe Dam

Li, X-Qing.; Sarmento, L.; Fu, Z.F., 2005:
Degeneration of neuronal processes after infection with pathogenic, but not attenuated, rabies viruses

Wojciechowski, M., 2005:
Degenerative joint disease in dogs. Part III. Diagnosis and treatment

Olmos, G.; Keli, A.; Vega, A. de; Guada, J.A., 2005:
Degradation and transit of heads, leaves and stems from barley grazed at the milk-dough stage by sheep

L.X.eSheng; L.Z.iXin; Lin MingZhen; Huang HuiYe, 2005:
Degradation dynamics of triazophos residues in lychee and soil

Choi, J.K.; Son, H.S.; Kim, T.S.; Stenstrom, M.K.; Zoh, K.D., 2006:
Degradation kinetics and mechanism of RDX and HMX in TiO2 photocatalysis

Lin KunDe; Yuan DongXing, 2005:
Degradation kinetics and products of triazophos in intertidal sediment

McDonald, J.A.; Gaston, L.A.; Jackson, S.H.; Locke, M.A.; Zablotowicz, R.M., 2006:
Degradation kinetics assessment for the fungicide BAS 505 in intact soil cores versus batch soils

Zhang, L.; Angle, J.Scott.; Delorme, T.; Chaney, R.L., 2005:
Degradation of Alyssum murale biomass in soil

Liu, J-zhen.; Chen, Y-ning.; Chen, Y-jin.; Zhang, N.; Li, W-hong., 2005:
Degradation of Populus euphratica community in the lower reaches of the Tarim River, Xinjiang, China

Liu Na; Zhao Yongsheng; Zhang Lanying; Liu Hong; Liu Peng, 2006:
Degradation of atrazine in groundwater by zero-valent zinc

Mimura, H.; Maeda, K., 2005:
Degradation of biodegradable textile buried in bean curd refuse composting by Bacillus subtilis HR6

Olfat, A.M.; Karimi, A.N., 2005:
Degradation of crude oil and beech wood by Coriolus versicolor

Lei, P.; Chen, C.; Yang, J.; Wanhong, M.; Zhao, J.; Zang, L., 2005:
Degradation of dye pollutants by immobilized polyoxometalate with H2O2 under visible-light irradiation

Wang, J.; Wen, F-yu.; Zhang, Z-hong.; Zhang, X-dong.; Pan, Z-jun.; Zhang, L.; Wang, L.; Xu, L.; Kang, P-li.; Zhang, P., 2005 :
Degradation of dyestuff wastewater using visible light in the presence of a novel nano TiO2 catalyst doped with upconversion luminescence agent

Coral, G.; Karagoz, S., 2006:
Degradation of m-toluate by bacteria isolated from crude oil-polluted soils in petroleum refinery, Mersin-Turkey

Zhang, Y.; Spokas, K.; Wang, D., 2005:
Degradation of methyl isothiocyanate and chloropicrin in forest nursery soils

Sun, Z-Zhong.; Ma, J.; Wang, L-bo.; Zhao, L., 2005:
Degradation of nitrobenzene in aqueous solution by ozone-ceramic honeycomb

Zoh, K.D.; Kim, T.S.; Kim, J.G.; Choi, K.H., 2005:
Degradation of parathion and the reduction of acute toxicity in TiO2 photocatalysis

Macedo, M.C.M., 2005:
Degradation of pastures: concepts, alternatives and recuperation methods

Hellstén, P.P.; Kivimäki, A-Liisa.; Miettinen, I.T.; Mäkinen, R.P.; Salminen, J.M.; Nystén, T.H., 2005:
Degradation of potassium formate in the unsaturated zone of a sandy aquifer

Prenaven Reddy; Pillay, V.L.; Adinarayana Kunamneni; Suren Singh, 2005:
Degradation of pulp and paper-mill effluent by thermophilic micro-organisms using batch systems

Tuukkanen, K.; Loponen, J.; Mikola, M.; Sontag Strohm, T.; Salovaara, H., 2005:
Degradation of secalins during rye sourdough fermentation

Yamada, C.; Izumi, H.; Hirano, J.; Mizukuchi, A.; Kise, M.; Matsuda, T.; Kato, Y., 2005:
Degradation of soluble proteins including some allergens in brown rice grains by endogenous proteolytic activity during germination and heat-processing

Clark, C.J.I.I.; Chen, X.S.; Babu, S., 2005:
Degradation of toxaphene by zero-valent iron and bimetallic substrates

Encinas, O.; Mora, N., 2003:
Degradation pathway in Caribbean pine, curarire and drago woods by Gloeophyllum trabeum, Trametes versicolor and Pycnoporus sanguineus

Mahmood Hossain; Othman, S., 2005:
Degradation rate of leaf litter of Bruguiera parviflora of mangrove forest of Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Macías, F.A.; Oliveros-Bastidas, A.; Marín, D.; Castellano, D.; Simonet, A.M.; Molinillo, Jé.M.G., 2004:
Degradation studies on benzoxazinoids. Soil degradation dynamics of 2,4-dihydroxy-7-methoxy-(2H)-1,4-benzoxazin-3(4H)-one (DIMBOA) and its degradation products, phytotoxic allelochemicals from gramineae

Maoz, M.S.intoyant, B.M.rrell, J., 2005:
Degree of discoloration by two Ophiostoma species in wounds in Douglas-fir trees

Walton, D.; Wallace, H., 2005:
Dehusker effects on macadamia kernel quality

Luca, G. de, 2005:
Dehydrated forage is the true passion of the Carli family

Kojima, S., 2005:
Dehydrated kitchen waste as a feedstuff for laying hens

Suresh Chandra; Samsher, 2006:
Dehydration and sensory quality evaluation of edible mushrooms: a critical review

Keeley, S.J.; Koski, A.J., 2001:
Dehydration avoidance of diverse Poa pratensis cultivars and cultivar groups in a semiarid climate

Koster, K.L.; Bryant, G., 2005:
Dehydration in model membranes and protoplasts: contrasting effects at low, intermediate and high hydrations

Jadhav, M.S.; Gawade, B.J.; Nimbalkar, C.A., 2005:
Dehydration kinetics of cauliflower cv. Snowball-16

Maestrelli, A.; Pani, P.; Avitabile Leva, A.; Bertolo, G.; Torreggiani, D., 2006:
Dehydrofrozen tomato: an innovative ingredient for oven baked products

Gonzalez, L.; Ferret, A.; Manteca, X.; Torre, J.L. de la; Calsamiglia, S., 2005:
Delay in feed delivery time. Effects on: intake, ruminal pH and stress response of beef heifers on high concentrate diets

Edmond, K.M.; Zandoh, C.; Quigley, M.A.; Amenga-Etego, S.; Owusu-Agyei, S.; Kirkwood, B.R., 2006:
Delayed breastfeeding initiation increases risk of neonatal mortality

Dabul, A.N.G.; Ayub, R.A., 2005:
Delayed cv. Gala apple (Malus pumila) harvest with ReTainTM application

Francesco, V. di; Zamboni, M.; Dioli, A.; Zoico, E.; Mazzali, G.; Omizzolo, F.; Bissoli, L.; Solerte, S.B.; Benini, L.; Bosello, O., 2005:
Delayed postprandial gastric emptying and impaired gallbladder contraction together with elevated cholecystokinin and peptide YY serum levels sustain satiety and inhibit hunger in healthy elderly persons

Kurz, K.M.; Barua, A.; Manisha Khale; Jasmin Prasad, 2006:
Delaying age of marriage and meeting reproductive health needs of married adolescent women: findings from India

Moghadam, E.G.; Mokhtarian, A., 2006:
Delaying apricot (cv. Shahroudi) flower induction by growth regulators application

Mesfin, M.M.; Tasew, T.W.; Tareke, I.G.; Kifle, Y.T.; Karen, W.H.; Richard, M.J., 2005:
Delays and care seeking behavior among tuberculosis patients in Tigray of northern Ethiopia

Sen, A.; Kanani, S.J., 2006:
Deleterious functional impact of anemia on young adolescent school girls

Galiba, G.; Kerepesi, I.; Snape, J.W.; Vagujfalvi, A., 2005:
Deletion analysis of genes regulating cold- and peg-induced carbohydrate accumulation in hydroponically raised wheat seedlings

Annamalai, P.; Apte, S.; Wilkens, S.; Rao, A.L.N., 2005:
Deletion of highly conserved arginine-rich RNA binding motif in cowpea chlorotic mottle virus capsid protein results in virion structural alterations and RNA packaging constraints

Bjorland, J.; Steinum, T.; Sunde, M.; Waage, S.; Sviland, Såle.; Oppegaard, H.; Heir, E., 2005:
Deletion of pT181-like sequence in an smr-encoding mosaic plasmid harboured by a persistent bovine Staphylococcus warneri strain

Jones, D.C.; Mehlert, A.; Güther, M.Lucia.S.; Ferguson, M.A.J., 2005:
Deletion of the glucosidase II gene in Trypanosoma brucei reveals novel N-glycosylation mechanisms in the biosynthesis of variant surface glycoprotein

Galbraith, S.E.; Sheahan, B.J.; Atkins, G.J., 2006:
Deletions in the hypervariable domain of the nsP3 gene attenuate Semliki Forest virus virulence

Markula, P., 2006:
Deleuze and the body without organs: disreading the fit feminine identity

Conceicao, A.A.; Pirani, J.R., 2005:
Delimitation of habitats in 'campos rupestres' in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia: substrates, floristic composition and structural aspects

Surina, B.; Dakskobler, I., 2005:
Delimitation of the alliances Caricion firmae (Seslerietalia albicantis) and Seslerion juncifoliae (Seslerietalia juncifoliae) in the southeastern Alps and Dinaric mountains

Ji, Q.; Lu, J.; Chao, Q.; Gu, M.; Xu, M., 2005:
Delimiting a rice wide-compatibility gene S5n to a 50 kb region

Franzen, D.W., 2004:
Delineating nitrogen management zones in a sugarbeet rotation using remote sensing - a review

L.X.Ang; Pan YuChun; Zhao ChunJiang; Wang JiHua; Bao YanSong; Liu LiangYun; Wang JinDi, 2005:
Delineating precision agriculture management zones based on spatial contiguous clustering algorithm

Thomas, M.T., 2005:
Delineating the discipline of natural resource management: domain and approaches

Jyoti, S.A.; Griffin, R.W., 2005:
Delineation costs associated with three wetland types on the Texas Gulf Coast Prairie

Sankaran, S.; Rangarajan, R.; Dhar, R.L., 2005:
Delineation of hydraulic connectivity across a dolerite dyke through hydrogeological, geophysical and tracer studies - a case study

Capacci, D.; Conway, B.J., 2005:
Delineation of precipitation areas from MODIS visible and infrared imagery with artificial neural networks

Jaivir Singh; Mahesh Kothari; Jain, S.K.; Vivak Kumar, 2006:
Delineation of salt affected areas of Muktsar District, South-West Punjab using Landsat-TM and IRS-ID LISS-III data

Raina, A.K.; Tanawade, S.K., 2005:
Delineation of sulphur deficient areas of Maharashtra and crop responses to sulphur application

Bagriansky, J.; Turner, E.; Fucile, A., 2005:
Delivering better nutrition with iron-fortified foods

Farrell, R.A.; Edmondston, V.J.; Bertram, J.D.; Venamore, P.; Hudson, S., 2005:
Delivering new CRC technologies to the northern beef industry

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Dendroctonus adjunctus.

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Dendroctonus brevicomis.

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Dendroctonus frontalis.

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Dendroctonus ponderosae.

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Dendroctonus pseudotsugae.

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Dendroctonus rufipennis.

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Design and construction of a tractor mounted penetrometer

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Design and development of a threshing chamber and pneumatic conveying and cleaning units for soybean harvesting

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Design and evaluation of a low-volume total suspended particulate sampler

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Design and evaluation of a new device for measuring scattering light distribution of leaf

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Design and evaluation of the fox rabies control strategy in France: help of modelling

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Design and experiments on residential heating furnace with biomass smoldering

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Design and implementation of agricultural mechanization information management system based on Web GIS

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Design and management concepts for high care food processing

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Design and operating criteria for maximising the benefit of continuous vacuum pans

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Design and parameter test of the low volume air assistant rice boom sprayer

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Design and performance evaluation of a solar heated dehumidifying dry kiln

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Design and realization of GIS model for hydrological cycle of a small watershed on the Loess Plateau

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Design and realization of Internet-based decision support system for the management of vegetable insect pests in Jiangsu Province

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Design and realization of background database for investigation of main agricultural product safety in Zhejiang province

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Design and realization of solution to precision feeding of dairy cattle based on single body status

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Design and synthesis of novel antimicrobial peptides on the basis of alpha helical domain of Tenecin 1, an insect defensin protein, and structure-activity relationship study

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Design and test of auxiliary heating cluster case type biogas system for animal dejecta

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Design and test of cold rectifying fin tubular radiator for tractor

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Design and testing of a low-cost, pilot-scale batch gasifier for food processing byproducts

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Design considerations and operational management of greenhouse for tomato production in semi-arid region

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Design criteria for ultraviolet disinfection of water and wastewater

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Design deviations to blame at Tampa

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Design method for consolidation of heap and vacuum preloading

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Design of a base cutter for sugar cane harvester using mathematical optimization

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Design of a computer program for diagnosing silkworm (Bombyx mori) diseases

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Design of a distributed data acquisition and spatial decision making system for precision agriculture

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Design of a new kind of curved groove on geneva mechanism

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Design of a sampling plan to detect ochratoxin A in green coffee

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Design of a sophisticated foreign fiber separator

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Design of automatic cold storage with wall-hanging refrigeration units and its application; Mao EnRong; Yang BangJie; Jiao XianFeng; Wang SuXia, 2005:
Design of categorized crop acreage onboard estimation system based on image identification

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Design of cooling system for sterile males of Ceratitis capitata by means of carbonic ice for the mechanization of their aerial liberation

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Design of driving apparatus for manual multifunctional machinery

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Design of information system of change in arable-land area in China

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Design of long-distance measuring-controlling system based on topological structure for agricultural facilities

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Design of non-destructive methodologies to assess skeletal integrity in laying hens

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Design of simple corn shellers for farmer house

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Design of traceability system for broiler secure production monitoring

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Design of water allocation model: efficiency and risk aspects

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Design on 9GSCC-1.4H type submerged plants harvesting boat

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Design options for sample-based mortality surveillance

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Design storm prediction and hydrologic modeling using a web-GIS approach on a free-software platform

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Design strategy for a simultaneous nitrification/denitrification of a slaughterhouse wastewater in a Sequencing Batch Reactor: ASM2d modeling and verification

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Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of phosphinopeptides against Trypanosoma cruzi targeting trypanothione biosynthesis

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Designing a case on plant physiology for the real world

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Designing and implementing utility line arboreta

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Designing and performing experiments for model calibration using an automated iterative procedure

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Designing of soil classification expert system based on Geographical Information System

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Destabilization of aggregates in some Typic Fragiudalfs

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Detection of Norovirus in environmental samples. Results of a ring trial for method development

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Detection of Orientia tsutsugamushi by quantitative real-time PCR assay

Wang MaoHua; H.B.iShi;; Liu FengQuan; X.Z.iGang; Chen JianDong, 2005:
Detection of Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii by nested-PCR

McIntosh, K.A.; Harding, J.C.S.; Ellis, J.A.; Appleyard, G.D., 2006:
Detection of Porcine circovirus type 2 viremia and seroconversion in naturally infected pigs in a farrow-to-finish barn

Sala Rejczak, K.; Paduch Cichal, E., 2005:
Detection of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV) in different parts of four field-grown rose cultivars, by DAS-ELISA test

Guedes, E.; Leite, R.C.; Prata, M.C.; Pacheco, R.C.; Walker, D.H.; Labruna, M.B., 2005:
Detection of Rickettsia rickettsii in the tick Amblyomma cajennense in a new Brazilian spotted fever-endemic area in the state of Minas Gerais

Sommerhäuser, Jürgen.; Failing, K., 2006:
Detection of Salmonella in faecal, tissue, and feed samples by conventional culture methods and VIDAS Salmonella Test

Thompson, D.E.; Rajal, V.B.;, S.; Wuertz, S., 2006:
Detection of Salmonella spp. in water using magnetic capture hybridization combined with PCR or real-time PCR

Khaniki, G.R.J.; Kia, E.B., 2006:
Detection of Sarcocystis cysts from meat supplied for hamburger in Iran by histological method

H.L.Fang; X.L.Hong; Cao YuXi; Wang LiHua; Liu WeiBin; F.S.iHong; Liang GuoDong, 2005:
Detection of Sindbis virus-specific nucleic acid with SYBR GREEN I real time PCR assay

Turutoglu, H.; Tasc, F.; Ercelk, S., 2005:
Detection of Staphylococcus aureus in milk by tube coagulase test

Qian YuMei; Wang FengLong; Chen DeXin; Zhang LianTao; Zhao; Zhou XianSheng, 2004:
Detection of TMV (tobacco mosaic virus) in cigarette

Chen XiaoHan; Zeng DiGang; Peng Min; Lei AiYing; L.Y.ngMei; Jiang WeiMing, 2005:
Detection of Taura syndrome virus in Litopenaeus vannamei by one-step and two-temperature reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)

Zitikaite, I.; Staniulis, J.; Navalinskiene, M.; Kaseta, V., 2005:
Detection of Tobacco necrosis virus (TNV) in Phaseolus vulgaris plants

Radhika, N.S.; Umamaheswaran, K.; Balakrishnan, S.; Pant, R.P., 2006:
Detection of a Potyvirus causing severe mosaic of cowpea in Kerala

Wang JunWei; Zhang GaiSheng; Liu HongWei; Song YaZhen; Niu Na, 2005:
Detection of a RAPD marker linked to dominant multi-ovary gene in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Ileleji, K.E.; Maier, D.E.; Bhat, C.; Woloshuk, C.P., 2006:
Detection of a developing hot spot in stored corn with a CO2 sensor

Frölich, K.; Jung, S.; Ludwig, A.; Lieckfeldt, D.; Gibert, P.; Gauthier, D.; Hars, J., 2005:
Detection of a newly described pestivirus of Pyrenean chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica pyrenaica) in France

Wills, T.B.; Wardrop, K.Jane.; Meyers, K.M., 2006:
Detection of activated platelets in canine blood by use of flow cytometry

Chatli, M.K.; Sahoo, J.; Devatkal, S.K., 2005:
Detection of adulterated meat

Ajithkumar, K.; Naik, M.K., 2006 :
Detection of aflatoxin producing Aspergillus flavus isolates from chilli and their management by post-harvest treatments

Chen Feng; H.Z.ongHu; Lillemo, M.; Xia XianChun, 2005:
Detection of allelic variation for grain hardness in CIMMYT common wheats

Betakova, T.; Marcin, J.; Kollerova, E.; Molcanyi, T.; Dravecky, M.; Nemeth, J.; Mizakova, A., 2005:
Detection of an influenza virus in wild waterbirds migrating through Slovakia in autumn 2004

Suaib Luqman; Suchi Srivastava; Darokar, M.P.; Khanuja, S.P.S., 2005:
Detection of antibacterial activity in spent roots of two genotypes of aromatic grass Vetiveria zizanioides

A.Brahim, J.S., 2005:
Detection of antibacterial activity in the extracts of Eugenia aromatica and Rosmarinus officinalis

Dellaglio, F.; Rizzotti, L., 2005:
Detection of antibiotic resistance genes in food-associated bacteria

Cao Lin; L.Y.ngShuan; Yan RuiJing, 2005:
Detection of antibodies of serum transparent cingulum and anti-ovary in rabbits

Shimahara, Y.; Yasuda, H.; Nakamura, A.; Itami, T.; Yoshida, T., 2005:
Detection of antibody response against Nocardia seriolae by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and a preliminary vaccine trial in yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiata

Cernea, M.; Cozma, V.; Cernea, L., 2005:
Detection of antihelmintic benzimidazole resistance in horse strongyles from North-West of Romania

Strasser, A.; Zaadhof, K.J.; Eberlein, V.; Wernery, U.; Martlbauer, E., 2006:
Detection of antimicrobial residues in camel milk - suitability of various commercial microbial inhibitor tests as screening tests

Schmilovitch, Z.M.zrach, A.A.chanatis, V.K.itzman, G.K.rotic, R.I.udayaraj, J.D.broy, C., 2005:
Detection of bacteria with low-resolution Raman spectroscopy

Soweha, H.E., 2005:
Detection of banana bunchy top nanovirus using polymerase chain reaction in different Egyptian banana cultivars

Shahnejat Bushehri, A.A.; Jamaledin Adel; Dehkordi, M.K.H., 2006:
Detection of beet necrotic yellow vein virus with reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction

Sundaram, A.M.; Laliitha John; Sundar, N., 2005:
Detection of benzimidazole resistance in Haemonchus contortus of sheep in Tamil Nadu, using faecal egg count reduction test

Sundaram, A.M.; Lalitha John; Sundar, N., 2005:
Detection of benzimidazole resistance in sheep of Tamil Nadu using in vitro egg hatch assay

Sezginturk, M.K.; Goktug, T.; Dinckaya, E., 2005:
Detection of benzoic acid by an amperometric inhibitor biosensor based on mushroom tissue homogenate

Engel, G.; Rosch, N.; Heller, K.J., 2005:
Detection of bifidobacteria in feces of infants with the amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA)

Akalin, A.S.; Tokusoglu, O.; Gonc, S.; Okten, S., 2005:
Detection of biologically active isomers of conjugated linoleic acid in kaymak

Deka, D.; Ramneek ; Maiti, N.K.; Oberoi, M.S., 2005:
Detection of bovine herpesvirus-1 infection in breeding bull semen by virus isolation and polymerase chain reaction

Guillermin, P.; Camps, C.; Bertrand, D., 2005:
Detection of bruises on apples by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Mahzounieh, M.; Moghtadaei, E.; Salehi, T.Z., 2006:
Detection of calicivirus genome in calves using Ni/E3 primers in Shahrekord area, Iran

Søgaard, M.; Hjort, U.; Højbjerg, T.; Schønheyder, H.Carl., 2006:
Detection of candidaemia in high risk patients: can yield of blood cultures be improved by blind subculture?

Xiao DingFu; Zhang HuiDong; L.W.nPing; Wen Hai; Zhu Qian, 2005:
Detection of canine distemper virus in pet dog with RT-PCR method

Demeter, Z.; Palade, E.A.; Forgach, P.; Tapaszti, Z.; Rusvai, M., 2005:
Detection of canine distemper virus strains by polymerase chain reaction technique and their phylogenetic analysis

Biswas, S.; Das, P.J.; Ghosh, S.K.; Pradhan, N.R., 2006:
Detection of canine parvovirus (CPV) DNA by polymerase chain reaction assay and its prevalence in dogs in and around Kolkata, West Bengal

Cho, H-Seong.; Kang, J-Il.; Park, N-Yong., 2006:
Detection of canine parvovirus in fecal samples using loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Turkylmaz, S.; Msrloglu, O.Z., 2004:
Detection of chicken infectious anemia virus antibodies using ELISA in Izmir and Bandrma regions

Boydron le Garrec, R.; Benoit, E.; Sauviat, M.P.; Laurent, D., 2005:
Detection of ciguatoxins: advantages and drawbacks of different biological methods

Komarov, A.A.; Vylegzhanina, E.S.; Latyshev, O.E.; Panin, A.N., 2005:
Detection of clenbuterol and diethylstilbestrol in feed by the ELISA screening method

Charmillot, P.J.; Pasquier, D.; Briand, F., 2005:
Detection of codling moth (Cydia pomonella) resistance by topical application of insecticides and validation on a laboratory resistant strain by dipping of apples and incorporating products into artificial diets

Sunita Singh; Sobit Simon, 2005:
Detection of coliform bacteria and faecal Streptococci for monitoring the quality of water

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